True Beauty Review

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True Beauty

I am back with another K-drama review! As you may or may not know my family and I absolutely love K-dramas and watch them all the time. Recently, we watched “True Beauty” so I decided to review it on the blog. I also asked my parents and sister to give their review so I’ll add that at the end so make sure to read all the way till there!

Plot Synopsis

Im Ju-Kyung has had insecurities about her looks since she was young. She was treated differently by her school mates due to her appearances and was bullied by them. This left her with really low self-esteem and caused her to have trauma.

However, she got a fresh start when she transferred schools and learnt how to use makeup well. By using makeup she was able to transform herself and made friends at her new school. Lee Soo-Ho and Han Seo-Joon are both boys that went to school with her and eventually developed feelings for her. Soo-Ho was aware of what she looked like without make up by See-Joon was not.

Lee Soo-Ho and Han Seo-Joon were best friends until the suicide of a mutual friend that Set-Joon blamed Soo-Ho for. Soo-Ho was, however, not responsible for the suicide. Both Soo-Ho and Seo-Joon also have personal issues in their lives that they must deal with.

My Review

I really enjoyed the plot of this show. It touched on a number of very important topics. Firstly, I liked that they talked about the impact of bullying on high school students because most people do experience bullying in high school and it can cause a lot of trauma. From what I have heard this is particularly an issue in South Korea and it does lead to suicide in some cases.

The show also attempts to describe how impossible beauty standards especially for young women can lead to serious self-esteem issues amongst other things such as bullying. The majority of societies these days put a lot of importance in physical appearance and pretty privilege is definitely a thing. This show explores what it’s like not to have pretty privilege and to live in a society where looks are often equated to your worth.

I liked the characters too although I thought Ju-Kyung’s character made some really dumb decisions but I guess that’s just what people are like when they are teenagers. I liked both Soo-Ho and See-Joon’s characters and I felt bad for See-Joon because he ended up alone at the end. I wish they would have found someone for him as well because this felt like a loose end.

I enjoyed the side characters as well as they often provided the comedic relief needed in more emotional parts. I thought they did a great job with that. I also thought Kang Soo-Jin’s descent into becoming the villain was interesting due to her back story and the abuse she went through because of her father. It brought out the way in which kids are affected by abuse and how this trauma can lead to mental health problems. I appreciated that instead of just making her the villain they showed how she was able to get away from the abuse and work on her mental health to become a better person.

This drama discussed multiple mental health issues faced by people today such as OCD, depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD and more. Most shows don’t really go into too much detail about such issues so I’m glad this show discussed it.

The one thing I didn’t like about the show was that they kept going for too long. My guess is that they signed up for too many episodes. I felt that the last couple of episodes where Soo-Ho’s dad got ill and Soo-Ho was forced to leave Korea were unnecessary. They could have ended it with Ju-Kyung learning to love herself in high school and having a happy ending then.

Final Verdict

I decided I want to start giving the shows I watch and review a star rating. I asked my family to give the show a star rating too.

My rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


The reason it didn’t get five stars from me is because of the extra episodes at the end that I found a little unnecessary. I also thought at certain parts of the show the story was a little slow and not really moving forward.

My sisters rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


My sister specifically told me to say that she recommended this show because she really likes Hwang In-Yeop and thought it was “totally possible he reads this blog” 😒😂

My mum’s rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


She says: “good show with a good message.”

My dad’s rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.


He said: “it was good with a nice moral.”


I really enjoyed this show and I think it’s definitely worth a watch even if the last one or two episodes are a bit unnecessary. I thought the actors did a fantastic job and the writing/plot was great too.

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42 thoughts on “True Beauty Review

  1. I’m amazed to see that how you talk about so many things through your blogs!!
    There’s so much to learn from you and your work. I’m happy to he here. Best wishes ☺️

    1. Thanks so much. I think it’s good to have many topics since it keeps things interesting for readers.
      All the best to you too 😄

      1. Well so much to learn from you. Things will shake for me when you start writing health blogs. 🤭
        Well, actually I would like to learn how you stay healthy. You have shared your schedule, so I would like to know how you stay healthy with that schedule.

        1. Haha I don’t think I’m healthy enough to share any information on health. The only thing I do that I think is healthy is eat vegan and do yoga.

  2. I also watched true beauty recently as my friend recommended me to watch it.I really liked the concept and true the last few episodes were really not necessary..

  3. Endear Pooja, your blog is so full of Masterful. Magnificent and a real page Turner for readers. Your stories will stay with intellectuals for a long time and here as well. Very well written.👍😊

  4. Fortunately this K drama is not on my list to watch. I like that we both enjoy these shows and we are watching two series now because we have to wait each week for new episodes, only two new ones a week in one of the series. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it’s so difficult to wait till the next episodes come out. We had the same issue with Business Proposal.

  5. This sounds like an important show to watch, and it is terrible when people, often so young, feel the need to be “prettier” by wearing more makeup etc. I would say that it’s even worse now with the pressure online

    1. Thanks. Yes, it’s so sad that so many young girls and women have a difficult time with their appearance. Makeup doesn’t fix self-esteem issues and can sometimes do more damage than good.

  6. Haven’t watched this one yet but my granddaughter has been glued to the Marriage contract since she was about six months old. She will be two in August and we at one stage were watching it on repeat every day.

    1. Oh wow she’s already getting into it so young. I’m glad she likes that show. I’ve never seen it but will definitely check it out.

      1. We aren’t sure if it’s the music that goes with the series (which we had to trawll the web for) or the fact that their was a child in it. Whatever the reason we love both love it

  7. Damnnn I am so in love with Hwang In Youp, your sister is so right!! I have recommended this drama to so many of my friends just because of Hwang In Youp. And sometimes I feel so bad for him! He loved Jugeong just the same but never got anything! So mature of him to let her go ♡

    1. Haha I’ll tell me sister you agree with her! I felt so sad when he was alone in the end too. He was such a great guy and was really nice to her even when Soo-Ho wasn’t around.

      1. I know right! Usually in dramas the second lead has some faults why they are not chosen, but Seojun, he was the best!!!! If I’ve ever cried after watching any drama then that’s True Beauty! I just can’t get enough of Seojun being alone 😭

        1. I know I also felt so bad because he was so good to her. Even after he found out what she really looks like his feelings for her didn’t change at all. It was sad to see him alone! Oh and are you going to be watching his new show “Her”??

          1. I’m still watching Forecasting Love And Weather! But yes I do have plans! I was also looking forward to The Sound Of Magic which also stars him, but it was too much fantasy so I dropped the idea! But Why Her is a romance drama and I’ve been excited to watch it!!!

  8. You should also try watching What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and Strong Woman: Bong Soon!!! They are so lit! I watched them both with my mum and now she cannot resist watching Korean things! Secretary Kim is kinda like Business Proposal (if you’ve seen it) but Strong Woman Bong Soon is just the best drama ever! Comedy, Romance, Superhero, it covers all genres!

    1. I’ve seen Strong Woman: Bong Soon and loved it but I really want to wath Secretary Kim! My sis watched it already and said it’s good.

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