Our Utopia- A Poem

My Safe Haven

Our utopia quickly turned sour

The moment your lips touched hers

You’re still under the impression that you hold the power

But our baby is actually your brothers

You messed with the wrong woman

Because now I plan your death every night

One day I’ll be holding your gun

And you won’t be able to even put up a fight

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42 thoughts on “Our Utopia- A Poem

  1. I think I’d say someone really needs to get out and find a new relationship, because that’s totally going to create a lot of confusion down the road. Murder is totally a bad idea. I mean, where do you stop at…we found with the Nova Scotia Mass Murder thing…it gets messy, there is a big inquest. People point fingers and blame each other…and it ends up in a big argument and no one wins. Just my take on that stuff. https://masscasualtycommission.ca/ Just a thought 😉 I cannot even consider what kind of family drama that would create. 😉

  2. I definitely enjoyed it. This shows how versatile you are. You work really well with multiple genre/niche.
    If I talk about a week, then you give a variety of content. Sometimes your blogs are humourous. Sometimes they are informative. Sometimes motivating. Sometimes horrifying. Sometimes thought Provoking. I really enjoy reading your content and I learn a lot from you and your work.

    1. Thank you so much. I do enjoy writing horror more than anything when it comes to poetry or short stories. Glad you’re enjoying my posts.

  3. Haha, that is so funny and dramatic and horrific. I’ve seen relationships like that. Unfortunately it is not as rare as we tend to think. Family is supposed to be the place to offer comfort and love, but it can very well be the exact opposite.

    1. Lol thank you. Yes, family can be the source of our happiness but sometimes it can also be the source of all our problems.

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