One Sentence Story #9

One Sentence Story #9

One Sentence Story: Grateful but not satisfied. About the one sentence story: Happy Women's Month to all women. This one sentence story is a more sad take on it I guess. I am so grateful for the amazing women who fought so hard so that I could be here writing this. So that women could [...]

Happy Women’s Day!

I am so grateful for all the amazing women out there and I hope we can spend everyday not just today appreciating them. We are all so lucky to have so many amazing, strong and phenomenal women in our life. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment! Enjoyed this [...]

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy international women's day everyone! Let's all be thankful for the amazing and phenomenal women around us and before us! Women have had to fight through so much to get to where we are today and we still don't have equality but as long as we keep fighting someday we are finally going to have equal rights. About [...]