Update On Owls!

Omg you guys so remember how I did a post on how owls have weirdly long legs? Well apparently they can also sit cross legged!!
Image result for owls sitting cross legged

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46 thoughts on “Update On Owls!

      1. I can’t believe that wasn’t you! It’s so weird, I remember seeing it clearly from someone’s blog! :\
        Or hell maybe I just googled “owl legs” 🤣😂:
        Owl running!

        Warning, vibes of Jurassic Park!! 😨

          1. Hahahaha! That’s really weird how many people find it creepy, and have now been put off owls! Unbelievable. I bet they’re the sort of people who don’t mind spiders.
            I thought that running owl video was perfect! He/she even does a super cute stare into the camera at the end!

  1. I’ve always found owls to be beautiful creatures—especially the snow owl. But an owl that meditates. That is soooo cute. Keep them coming. Blessings.

  2. I recently saw a picture (on Instagram, I think?) of an owl’s legs! I had no idea they were soooo long 😂 The cross-legged pose is especially adorable! ❤

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