Update On Owls!

Omg you guys, I have some very interesting and probably quite weird news to share with everyone here. In fact, it has something to do with a post I shared earlier that a lot of you found interesting or amusing. So, a while ago (just a few days ago) I shared a post about how I was shocked by the ways that owl legs look. Well, today I have an update on owls to follow up from that post.

Apparently, not only do owls have oddly or surprisingly long legs for a bird they can also sit cross legged. That’s right people. I’m sharing another update on owls and it turns out owls like to sit cross legged sometimes. Just like humans!
owls sitting cross legged

I’ve literally been staring at this owl picture for ages because how cute is that?? I mean, I had no idea owls could site like that. And the expression on the owls face is even cuter. Honestly, it looks like a little child waiting for its candy.

I know that owls can be dangerous and are actually really fierce predators but the thing is they’re also insanely adorable and I want like a million of them please and thank you! I mean seriously, doesn’t that picture make you want to adopt an owl. Because now I really want one.

Did you know that owls can sit crosslegged just like humans? Or did you just find out about that like I did? Do you know any other weird animal facts? Let me know in the comments located below or simply stop by and say hi!

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46 responses to “Update On Owls!”

  1. Lol oh my goodness!

  2. I saw a TikTok of an owl running the other day. That’s a whole other level of crazy owl leg media!

    1. Omg I need to check that out!

  3. Lol, I’ve never seen that before! Too cute 🦉

    1. I know it’s adorable!!

  4. Wow, I never would’ve imagined that! It’s super cute, though lol 😊

    1. I know it’s weird but adorable!

      1. Yes, it’s super adorable! And who knew owls could do that? Animals are truly amazing! 😊

  5. Neat. Keep these owl posts coming. Very important information here.

    1. Haha agreed very important information!

  6. oooh its look cute, like it’s being attentive.

    1. I know it’s sooo cute!

  7. Owls are just the coolest creatures. And the cutest!

    1. I know they’re adorable!!

  8. This is too cute!

    1. I know it’s adorable!

  9. So happy I saw this lol

    1. Lol owls are the best!

  10. Lmao!! This is so cute!! 🤣😂. You’re really sharing some interesting information lately lol.

    1. Lol glad you’re enjoying it!

  11. Did you share a video of an owl running, too? I remember watching one recently! I couldn’t see it in your other Owl post, though. Just confused!

    1. Nope not me but some people told me about it and now I gotta see it!

      1. I can’t believe that wasn’t you! It’s so weird, I remember seeing it clearly from someone’s blog! :\
        Or hell maybe I just googled “owl legs” 🤣😂:
        Owl running!

        Warning, vibes of Jurassic Park!! 😨

        1. Lol I found this and shared it and now half my audience is creeped out and the other half love it!

          1. Hahahaha! That’s really weird how many people find it creepy, and have now been put off owls! Unbelievable. I bet they’re the sort of people who don’t mind spiders.
            I thought that running owl video was perfect! He/she even does a super cute stare into the camera at the end!

            1. Lol spiders don’t bother me at all so I’m definitely one of those people. Yeah I thought it did a good job running!!

              1. Urgh!!!
                Haha, for sure! Owls are excellent at running! I’m not surprised with those legs!

  12. That’s too cute! 😍

    1. I know so cute!!

  13. Check it homie

  14. I’ve always found owls to be beautiful creatures—especially the snow owl. But an owl that meditates. That is soooo cute. Keep them coming. Blessings.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post and yes owls are beautiful!

  15. something about owls creep me out – and these picture don’t help!

    1. Haha they can be a little creepy I’ll admit it lol!

  16. Have you seen them running? I think it was Bustle who posted a video of an owl running on IG the other day. It was fascinating, and almost terrying!

    1. No but I need to check that out!

  17. I recently saw a picture (on Instagram, I think?) of an owl’s legs! I had no idea they were soooo long 😂 The cross-legged pose is especially adorable! ❤

    1. I know it’s crazy how long they are and that they can sit like that!!

  18. That’s so cute!

    1. I know owls are just adorable!!

  19. […] you guys so I did a post on how owls have long legs and then did another post on how they can sit cross legged and a bunch of people commented about how owls run so I needed to share it with you guys! I also […]

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