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So if you’re on Instagram you’ve probably seen people do the “ask me something” on their story and it’s super fun so I thought we could try it out on WordPress too! To explain it a little better, basically you leave a question in the comments that you would like me to answer- it can be about me, about the blog or pretty much anything and I’ll answer it in a few days in a post with all the questions answered and of course I’ll tag the person who asked the question along with the question and answer! I thought it would be more fun to do on here instead of Instagram because I have a larger following here so there would be more questions and also everyone here isn’t creepy the way people are on Instagram if I’m keeping it real about why I don’t like doing it on Instagram. I also think it’s a fun way to interact with you guys as well which I always enjoy doing!

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44 thoughts on “Ask Me Something!

  1. Hi Pooj – well I have a head full of questions. It would be interesting to hear what you think.
    Is there a god?
    Is overpopulation the cause of all the present problems?
    How do we solve global warming?
    Can the rapid extinction rate be reversed?
    Is Jimi Hendrix the best guitarist ever?
    Has anybody topped Bob Dylan as a poet/songwriter?
    What do you think?

  2. Sounds like a fun game.
    What are you studying to become?
    I can’t agree with you mire about the beauty of this social forum. People come here in a different space then on other social media platforms. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. Hope it does well for you.

  3. Pie or Cake? (and no you cant pick both, one has to be a favorite).
    Im betting you say cupcakes and we get into an elaborate discussion on if cupcakes are their own classification or an offshoot of cake.

  4. Am not Pooj but yes there’s a God! How would you explain the existence of eight billion people (a big bang really?), do you came as a result of an explosion? Of course there’s a God!

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