Six Word Story #140

You cozened me into loving you.

Today’s Word:


1to deceive, win over, or induce to do something by artful coaxing and wheedling or shrewd trickery
2to gain by cozening someone

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46 responses to “Six Word Story #140”

  1. The Artful Dodger… cream of cozen…

    1. Great addition!

  2. They cozened to gain her trust.

    1. Love that addition.

  3. This word is so close to “cozy” that I can mistake it for a form of coziness. It is said that everybody is a fool in love, but I think it is a simplification of a complex issue.

    1. Yeah when I read it for the first time I assumed it would mean something similar to cozy. Absolutely, love is a lot more complicated than that.

  4. The cozened love didn’t last long.

    1. It rarely does.

  5. Cozening by my kiddo, no words ❤️😉

    1. Love that!!

  6. The first thing that came to mind is Harry Potter ‘I can not tell a lie.’ 😆
    Great job, Pooja, I really like this one!

    1. Oh yeah I didn’t even think of that lol!!

      1. Have to love the direction your brain takes sometimes! 😉

        1. I know- our brain can be so amusing!

          1. That’s an understatement!

  7. This word reminds me of politics, and piliticians.

    1. Yeah it describes a lot of them very well.

  8. Sweetest deception by cozening hurts worst.

    1. Yup it hurts like hell.

      1. Sadly been there too many times.

  9. Your whispers cozen my heart away.

    1. Great addition!

  10. I will cozen the undeceivable tonight!

    1. Ooh great addition!

  11. That’s such a malicious thing – for some reason I want to see a whole book about this! 😂 Also thanks for sharing the word Cozen – learned a new word today 😂

    1. Lol I may just have to write one 😂😂 Glad you learnt a new word from this!

  12. I cozen to get blog readers… 🙂

    1. Lol now I know 😂

  13. Love’it¡
    Hate the implication!
    Tricked into having the best times or worse times. One never knos¿ A person’s reaction is more telling than a half day in communication.

    1. Yeah deception can be awful but it’s very common unfortunately. A lot of people aren’t who we assume they are.

      1. Start over everyday. Limit assumption.

  14. Your cozened love poisoned my heart.💔

    1. Aww 💔💔

  15. Ah… is that good or not?

    1. It could go either way 🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. Just like the friends you buy

  17. Deceived, my heart cozened my mind.

    1. Love that addition!

  18. Thanks for the vocabulary lessons!

    1. Always happy to share new words with you guys!

  19. Ill gained buns, a bakers cozen

    1. Love that!

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