Quote Of The Day #34

Quote Of The Day

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33 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #34

  1. We cannot go back to the beginning of our life and start over, but we can began to look and see things differently, and do things differently in our life. Everyday is new, so we have a chance to start over with the new day given to us, because God’s mercy is new every morning. Stay safe and stay blessed.

    1. Yes, I absolutely agree. Every day we have the chance to improve ourselves and our lives in some way or the other. Stay safe and blessed too.

  2. Yes, sometimes letting go is the hardest thing to do. Some people just won’t be able to do it even when the bitter ends arrives. I sometimes wonder if one should have an “exit strategy” for one’s emotional life. Often we don’t and end up feeling trapped.

    1. Yeah I absolutely agree. I think having an exit strategy isn’t always possible especially with people you hope will always be in your life. We like to hold on to them longer than we should.

  3. I say about my guitar playing that I am a better player than I was yesterday but I’m not as good as I will be tomorrow

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