Six Word Story #141

Six Word Story #141

Boyfriend now needed. Scions are preferred... Just kidding 😂😜 Today's Word: Scion 1: descendant of a notable family. 2:a young shoot or twig of a plant, especially one cut for grafting or rooting. More about the word. Don't forget to leave your six word reply in the comments because I always love reading them or [...]

Six Word Story #67

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I’m Sick… Urghhhh

So I had a perfect post planned out today but unfortunately I got food poisoning 🤢 so I'm going to do that post next week now. It sucks and I have no idea what happened because I didn't even eat out yesterday but I just woke up feeling horrible and nauseous. On a lighter note here [...]

How To Irritate People

For some unknown reason I find it weirdly satisfying to make people feel extremely uncomfortable in my presence. At first I did it unintentionally but watching people squirm was just way too much fun. Here are a few ways I found will instantly make people cringe: Pretend you don’t understand what they’re saying- when someone [...]