My Birthday Experience

As you guys know, I am now officially 25 years old! I mentioned on my last post that I have a weird thing with birthdays. I know some people love their birthdays and celebrate a lot but I just am not a huge birthday person. I mean I still like going out and doing stuff but I just feel like I don’t really wake up super excited expecting a huge thing and feeling one year older. That’s why I wanted to do something super chill and not very birthday like for this years birthday and I am happy to report that was exactly what I did! I was also happy that my friend, that’s always on my posts lol, had a week off from med school so we were able to hang out!

First we headed to lunch and of course forgot to take pictures but we had fun chatting a lot so that was awesome. Next, we went to a place called NOIR Gallery which is a gallery and restaurant/cafe. It was really pretty but unfortunately the gallery part of it was closed for renovations so we were not able to view it.

We started at Wapi Shop which is a little shop at the entrance. It was so cute and had a lot of cool stuff.

They had a cute little pond area before you go the cafe/restaurant:

However, there was a reserved gazebo we were able to sit at since the people who had reserved it weren’t coming till later on. It was really pretty:

Unfortunately, we were also being eaten alive by mosquitos so we ended up moving to a different table.

We also took some pictures at the bar because why not lol.

And of course some behind the scenes:

Overall, it was so amazing and we had such a fun time. It was very beautiful too and the staff were really nice and even offered to help take pictures for us. I would definitely recommend it although don’t wear a dress unless you want to attract every mosquito in Nairobi. Just want to give a special shoutout to my sister and Mistry for a wonderful and unforgettable birthday!

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63 thoughts on “My Birthday Experience

  1. Sounds like you had the chill birthday you wanted. I think you have the right attitude about birthdays, just nice to be remembered and not expect too much. The greenery of that restaurant looks nice but mosquitos are not. No zappers?

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  2. Happy belated birthday! It seems like you had a great day too 😊 I am also not a huge fan of birthdays and I usually don’t plan big things for it, but I like turning them into “favourite things days”, where I get to just enjoy the day with people that I love, doing things that I love, guilt-free 😊

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  3. I loveeeeeee your nails 😍😍😍😍💖💖💖

    Now that I got that out the way, so glad you enjoyed your birthday and it was exactly how you wanted it! I wish you were able to actually view the gallery though.

    I am so not excited for mosquitoes. Ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you!

      Yes it was such a perfect birthday! I was happy to do something low-key!

      Mosquitoes are the worst and I’m always terrified to get malaria again lol 😫


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