My Birthday Experience

My Birthday Experience

As you guys know, I am now officially 25 years old! I mentioned on my last post that I have a weird thing with birthdays. I know some people love their birthdays and celebrate a lot but I just am not a huge birthday person. I mean I still like going out and doing stuff [...]

No Post Today?

Unfortunately, I'm still a little tuckered out from the birthday celebrations so I don't really have anything to post today but hope everyone had a great day! PS: I'm going to shut off my comments for this post since I still have too many comments to catch up with lol! If you enjoyed this post [...]

5 Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

Do your research- I think this is the most important one of all. Google is your best friend when you're shopping online. Before you buy anything make sure to check on multiple sites to find the best price you can. You should also reviews to make sure the product your getting is worth the price. [...]