What I Eat In A Day #4

What I Eat In A Day #4


I really love doing what I Eat In A Day posts so I was excited when I got a couple of requests for them! I have done a couple of these posts last year because I thought they would be a fun new addition to the blog and since I do talk about food and recipes a lot I thought it would be fun for you guys to see what I eat in a day. I also thought it would be fun for people trying out veganism or going plant based this year since apparently a lot of people are trying that. All the food below is vegan/plant based and the recipes for two of them are hopefully coming soon depending on how busy I am next week and the week after. Even if you may just want to add a few vegan/plantbased options to your diet some of these may be fun for you to try out.

I also wanted to add that this is not how I generally eat but to be honest my meals these days have been a bit boring because I’m trying to eat healthier so I try to make everything from scratch except I don’t have a lot of time because of university so I usually end up eating the same pretty simple meal for lunch and dinner. I feel like you guys don’t want a What I Eat In A Day post where it’s just me eating rice and veggies (as much as I love eating that) for most of my meals. I do have cheat days sometimes where I eat stuff I want which may not be super healthy for me because it’s okay to eat like that once in a while and I had one of those a while back and I was like perfect I can finally do a What I Eat In A Day post now! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post!


As you may know if you’ve read my previous What I Eat In A Day posts you know that I generally don’t eat breakfast but I have been waking up super early these days because I have early morning classes so I have started eating breakfast because otherwise I get too hungry during my class. I usually eat like fruits and yogurt but today I was like I’m going to eat a what I feel like. So, I ended up making some waffles- they are frozen and from a brand called Nature’s Path. If you haven’t tried these you absolutely have to they’re so delicious! They’re nice and crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. I love them.

I also had some tofu that I needed to use up so I decided to make some tofu scramble. I made two types and they both turned out delicious. I’m a huge fan of tofu scramble and I make it all the time but for some reason I wanted to switch things up so I decided to make it differently and I’m glad I did because I found a new favourite way to make tofu scramble. Also my phone keeps autocorrecting scramble to scrabble for some reason so if you read tofu scrabble instead of scramble at some point just ignore it…

I really wanted hashbrowns too but unfortunately I didn’t have any but I did have some frozen fries so I made those instead. That’s basically the same thing right lol?



I was extremely excited for lunch because this was something I had been wanting to make for a while now! I was going to make the Gardein sweet and sour porkless bites. I’ve made these before so I know they’re delicious but last time I didn’t have bell peppers or pineapple so I couldn’t make them the way they are supposed to be made. This time I had all the ingredients so I was finally able to make them properly and I honestly can not even describe how good they tasted. Like seriously they were amazing. If you haven’t tried these I would highly recommend them even if you aren’t vegan because the flavour is in the sauce that comes with it.

I generally try to avoid alternatives like Gardein because they can be quite expensive and I don’t think they are very healthy but they are super convenient and they taste amazing so they can be great as a treat once in a while. I ate the porkless bites with some rice that I had made because I love rice and it’s just so delicious with everything and so easy to make.



I had some leftover rice from lunch and some leftover tofu from breakfast so I decided to make some Korean style tofu for dinner. I like using my leftover as soon as possible because our fridge is not very big so I usually just end up using leftovers the same day or at least in a day or two.

As I mentioned I love rice and I really love Korean food so this tofu has been my go-to these days. It’s so simple to make, it’s super filling since it’s tofu and it just tastes so good. I never used to be a huge fan of tofu because I always thought it was kind of blend and gross but I think I just was not cooking it correctly. Now that I know how I like my tofu I make it all the time and it turns out amazing. The recipe for this tofu side dish is coming very soon so be on the lookout for that. I ate this with some Mother In Laws vegan kimchi I had in the fridge because you can’t have Korean food without kimchi. It just makes it so much better.

So that was what I ate all day. I know I usually add some snacks or something but I didn’t have any snacks on this day so it was pretty much just this. I also didn’t have anything special to drink because these days all I drink is water or Bubly. 

Your Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. What did you eat today? Do you have cheat meals or cheat days? Do you usually make things from scratch? Have you been trying to incorporate more vegan meals in your diet? What are some of your favourite dishes? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your thoughts or simply stop by and say hi!

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What I Eat In A Day #3

What I Eat In A Day

I have been wanting to make another What I Eat In A Day post for a while now and someone also suggested it on the survey/poll I took a few weeks back but I have not had the time recently and to be honest I had not been eating anything that exciting so I wanted to wait till I ate somethings that were new and fun. That way I can do mini reviews along with the what I ate in a day post. This is from a while back but looking at the pictures now makes me want to go get a snack lol! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post!


As those of you who have read my previous What I Eat In A Day will know I am not a breakfast person. I rarely eat breakfast and when I do it’s usually some granola or something like that. I tend to prefer to drink a smoothie or protein milk for breakfast rather than eat because eating in the morning makes me feel a bit gross.
On this day we decided to eat breakfast for once and made some vegan waffles with vegan whipped cream, vegan marshmallows and some fruits.
The waffles we made were the Dark Chocolate Chip Waffles from Nature’s Path. This was our first time trying them and they were super delicious and we ended up getting some more after this. For anyone looking for dairy-free and egg free waffles I would highly recommend these although they do have soy so if you are soy-free these may not be for you. They are also gluten free for those of you who are looking for gluten free alternatives.
The whipped cream we decided to use was the Coco Whip Topping from So Delicious. So Delicious is probably one of my favourite vegan brands when it comes to anything sweet like ice cream or whipped cream. Their products are honestly so good and if you have not tried them yet I would highly recommend them even if you are not vegan/dairy-free. The taste was really good although it got melted which was out fault because we should have waited before we put it on the waffles. It still tasted awesome though so we didn’t really care. The coco whip is vegan, gluten free and non-GMO.
The marshmallows are from Dandies. They are honestly so delicious and they taste just like non-vegan marshmallows which is great. I love eating marshmallows as snacks sometimes so we usually have some at home and since we were having a pretty unhealthy breakfast we decided to add the marshmallows on top! They are vegan, gluten free and non-GMO.
This was one of the best breakfasts ever and I have breakfast a lot more now thanks to these waffles- I usually have them with syrup though not like this. And I’ve also been having them with Gardien’s breakfast patties which are nice and savoury so they balance out the sweetness of the waffles.


Since I had a big breakfast I wanted to eat a simple lunch and preferably something rice based because that isn’t too heavy. I had been meaning to make Korean style wings for a while and decided this would be a good time to make them. I also had a bunch of veggies I wanted to use up so I decided to stir fry those to eat as a side too. All I added to the veggies was a bit of soy sauce and a bit of crushed red pepper.
For the wings I used cauliflower wings from a brand called Wholly Veggie. In general, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this brand simply because I had literally never tried any of their products before the wings. The wings come with their own sauce but since I wanted to make mine Korean style I didn’t use those. I baked the wings, made the Korean style sauce and it turned out absolutely amazing. I would DEFINITELY recommend these. The wings were also quite a lot but I shared them with my sister so the amount in the picture is a bit less than half.


I got a little peckish before dinner so I decided to make a snack. I had eaten kind of an unhealthy breakfast and lunch so instead of having an unhealthy snack too I decided to make some stir fried plantain. I absolutely love plantain especially when it’s fried/stir fried like this. It turned out amazing and I was definitely very satisfied with the snack.


After having so many new things to eat in the morning and for lunch I decided to make something very simple for dinner. I already had some left over stir fried vegetables and rice so I decided to make a Korean dish called Bibimbap which is a mix of rice, vegetables and gochujang. I ate it with some GimMe seaweed and some Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi. I talk about both of those all the time and you know I absolutely love them both.


I think this was such a great day for food because I got to try a bunch of stuff I had been meaning to try for a long time and I also got to eat a lot of my favourite foods! I also wanted to say that I don’t usually eat this much processed/frozen food in general since I try to eat as many homemade meals as possible but I think it’s nice to take a break once in a while and enjoy something like this.


Do you guys prefer waffles or pancakes? Do you like Korean food? Have you tried any of the products I mentioned on this post? Are you guys as obsessed with plantains as I am? What are some vegan foods you would recommend for me to try out because I’m always looking for something new to try? Let me know in the comments below and also let me know if you want any recipes for the foods I mentioned above!

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Replying To Your Assumptions!

So a few days back I asked you guys to leave some assumptions in the comments and so many of you did which was awesome. Here are the replies to the assumptions you guys left. Oh and I’ve linked the blogs of everyone that commented so feel free to check out their blogs! I can guarantee they’re all awesome!
From trE:
Nope I’m actually the opposite! It’s been years since I wore heels!
From Tangie T. Woods:
It’s actually the opposite! I love reading the material and learning but I feel like papers and exams with time limits aren’t the best way to teach.
From Kelli:
When it comes to lipstick definitely yes red is my go to! It’s the one colour that I feel like always looks good!
From Tamara Kulish:
Omg I love candles too! I am not a fan of home improvement shows- I don’t think I’ve watched any in years. I absolutely cherish my time spent online talking with all you amazing people! You should definitely try this out too it’s so fun!
From Aisha Urooj:
I do!!! 🍕
From Matt Kohrell
Yes that would be epic!!
From Amandeep
Yeah I definitely want to travel a lot more!
From Gail
Yup you hit that one on the head! I am pretty shy and introverted in real life and I feel like that’s why I love blogging so much. It’s the perfect outlet for me.
From Roy
Nope I actually have a horrible sense of direction! Like honestly just the worst…
From Priya
I do and I’m sad I haven’t been able to read any lately!
From Haroon Mirza
Yes I love it!
From Iqra Amer
Yeah I wouldn’t mind having a snake as a pet but my mum would have a stroke if she ever found out 😂
From Mahima Jalan
I think right now it’s actually the opposite just because I have more in common with my dad since we like the same books/movies/tv shows/food. Although when it comes to spiritual stuff my mum is my go to.
From Delialah
Omg I wish but unfortunately I don’t 😭 I actually found this picture that I was going to post on Instagram but ended up not posting!
From Jirah Merizz
I really like yellow! I think it has a really good energy.
From Ngoza May
Yup I love reading!
From Opher
I do! I know all components of a song are important but personally I’m one of those listeners that really concentrates on the lyrics.
From cas9.tech
I LOVE instant noodles! My favourite are the vegan Nongshim ones and in case anyone is interested in vegan ramen you can check them out by clicking here. I also have some pictures of it I couldn’t resist!
From V
I do!! My favorite is chai but I also love chamomile.
From Bunmi
I do! I truly cherish my alone time.
From Mare
Omg yes that’s so true! I hate baths and the toilet paper being under irritates me so much!
From Eromonsele Emmanuel
Yup! Not judging anyone who dresses otherwise (you do you!) but I prefer a more covered up look and I don’t think I can pull of a bikini lol…
From Susan
Yeah that’s true! It took me a long time to find the perfect balance between being caring and not being a pushover but I think I finally found it.
From Jim Borden
You like country music and curb and you’re vegan so of course you are!!
From Agozirim Onuigbo
I do!! My mum actually loves astronomy and would take my sister and I outside to look at the sky every night and those moments are some of my favorite memories and thanks to her I still love looking at the night sky. It just brings me so much joy!
From Carol Hannah:
I do! I think they bring a lot of positive energy to my life so I love surrounding myself with bright colors. My mum actually made me a beautiful tie dye tshirt with all those colours!
From Robin:
Nope I actually hate it! 😭🍷
From liveterspoejst:
No but I’ve gotten that a few times. I’m actually Indo-Kenyan!
From Elli:
I do! But only because dogs are too much work where as cats just kind of live with you and grudgingly glance at you a couple of times a day.
Thank you so much for the assumptions everyone I had so much fun replying to them and I can’t wait to do this again!
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What I Eat In A Day #2

I had a lot of fun with the last What I Eat In A Day Post that I did and decided to do another one! Plus since I’m stuck at home all day I can cook more which is fun and I want to share that experience with you guys.
I started the day out with a smoothie from Naked. I’m not a breakfast person and rarely eat in the morning so I prefer alternatives like smoothies or protein vegan milk because they keep me full till lunch time or at least for a few hours.
Image result for naked smoothies
I got a little peckish so I decided to have a Clif bar which are my favourite snack at the moment.
For lunch I wanted something light and healthy because I was planning a kind of heavy dinner so I made an eggplant curry which I ate with rice, seaweed and kimchi. You can check out the eggplant curry recipe by clicking here. The seaweed I eat is from the brand GimMe and the kimchi is Mother-In-Laws vegan cabbage kimchi. It turned out really good!
For dinner I decided to try something new! I made a beyond burger (which isn’t new I have those all the time lol) with something called the slutty vegan sauce. I got the recipe from a YouTube channel that I am obsessed with called GhettoVegans– they have amazing recipes and you should totally check them out even if you’re not vegan! The burger turned out more amazing then anything I could have imagined and I am definitely going to be making it again! Click here for the recipe.
For dessert (because you have to have desert right!) I had this Enjoy Life chocolate bar.
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A Successful Veganuary

I know a lot of people decided to do Veganuary this month and try out going vegan for the month of January. So since January is almost coming to an end here are some amazing vegan foods I had this veganuary (although technically I eat vegan all the time not just in January😂)
Remember to do some exercising  after eating all that good food!
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Amazing Food I’ve Had In Kenya #1 Fries


^These two are from “Ashiana. “


^These were the best because they were made by my mum!


^These were from “Nirvana” 


^These were from “Chowpaty

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5 Ideas for a Very Vegan Valentine’s Day

These are awesome ideas especially the cat cafe one!

Tessa Altman

As soon as February hits, we all know what to expect. Flowers. Red hearts. Balloons. Dinners by candlelight. Large teddy bears. Generic gift baskets filled with lotions, perfumes, candy. They’re all simple and, sometimes, classic ways to commemorate February 14, but, depending on your Valentine, you might want to try something a bit different. 

Do you have a special vegan in your life that you’re looking to woo this Valentine’s Day? Not sure where to start? With the holiday rapidly approaching, you might be (tofu) scrambling to come up with some ways to knock your partner off feet. Well, don’t fret! Here are some fun ways you can celebrate with your vegan Valentine this year.

Head to a Cat Cafe

Is there a more fun outing than sipping on coffee while petting cute kitties? Probably not! Cat cafes are about what you would expect: themed coffee shops where the main…

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Tips For Making Your Transition To Veganism Easier

Here are some tips to make your transition to veganism easier whether you’re doing Veganuary or thinking of a permanent lifestyle/diet change. Hope they help!

Image result for good luck gif

Wait a while before trying substitutes- Your taste buds get really used to the taste of non-vegan food if you have, like most people, been eating them your whole life. However, your taste buds slowly change over time and if you start introducing vegan substitutes slowly into your meals you’ll begin to enjoy them more. If you just randomly start using substitutes you’re more likely to not enjoy them because they won’t be the exact same as what you’re used to. Personally, I hated cheese substitutes when I first tried them but now after about a year I love them!

Image result for give it time gif

Try substitutes- I would suggest start add vegan substitutes to your food before you even go fully vegan. And don’t be afraid of substitutes. They’re a great way to eat what you love just that these will be plant based. I’m going to be honest and tell you that not all substitutes are great but keep looking and of course do your research. Don’t give up because you can’t find great substitutes instead read what other vegans have to say and what substitutes they love.

Image result for substitutes gif

Appreciate that vegan foods taste different- Like I said substitutes aren’t always great and even though some of them are really close to the non-plant based foods they are not always the exact same. I’ve noticed a lot of people like to compare vegan foods to non-vegan foods by making them look, smell and taste like non-vegan food (which is great if you’re into that!) but instead of always trying to eat substitutes I would recommend trying to enjoy vegan food for what it is. It tastes unique and wonderful and a vegan diet can open up your taste buds to a whole variety of new tastes and flavours so try to enjoy them for what they are.

Image result for appreciate gif

Do a lot of research- Before going fully vegan (and even after!) make sure to do a lot of research so you don’t end up lacking vitamins or negatively effecting your health. Veganism is not always easy and it takes a while to get it perfectly right.

Image result for research gif

Don’t give up- A lot of people give up on veganism after a while. Some think it’s too hard while some have health issues. My advice would be that instead of giving up try doing more research. If you’re lacking something do research on how to get that on a vegan diet and try that first. If you absolutely feel like it’s not working for you though don’t force yourself to keep eating vegan.

Image result for don't give up gif

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Top Tips for Veganuary 2019

Good luck to everyone trying out veganuary I hope these tips help!

That Vegan Polerina

This new year is set to be the biggest for participation in Veganuary (a challenge to try the vegan lifestyle for the month of January). Living a vegan lifestyle has become and is becoming increasingly easier, with a wide range of products landing in shops around the world, but as with any lifestyle and diet change, it is not without its challenges.

As a “new” vegan (I transitioned late September 2018), I thought I’d share my favourite tips, tricks, and words of advice regarding the journey into veganism. Best of luck to everyone participating in Veganuary, or otherwise beginning their vegan transition in 2019!

  1. Educate yo’self!!!  There are a number of reasons why people participate in Veganuary/are interested in trying veganism, but three main reasons people stay vegan are 1) for the animals, 2) for the planet, and 3) for their own health (or any combination of these reasons). Whether you…

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