Contact Lenses, The Greatest Poem Ever Written, WhatsApp And Tofu

I generally would never have a title this long because SEO hates long titles (and also short titles so yay?) but I haven’t done a life update or a lifestyle post in a little while so I thought I would share some things that have been happening in my life because for whatever reason posts about my life are somewhat more popular than my other posts. Wow, didn’t realise ya’ll were so nosy… Just kidding, of course πŸ˜‚

Contact Lenses

I talked about getting contact lenses some time ago in one of my other posts. Unfortunately, those contacts didn’t really work for me because I have kind of dry eyes and they were making my eyes even dryer which made me feel uncomfortable and made my eyes really itchy after a while. So, I decided not to get them again and try some other contact lenses and thus began some craziness in my life.

I decided to go to the optician my sister goes to even though they are awful. I’m not going to lie they seemed a bit unprofessional with the crappy job they did on my sisters glasses (her glasses lenses literally pop out occasionally lol) but I thought I would give it a go since I have bought contact lenses from them before and they were fine. So, we went to the shop and talked to them and asked them the prices and I asked them how much monthly contacts would cost since I just wanted to try a pair for a month before deciding to get them for longer. They told it would be the same price for a month and 3 months?? I decided to get them for three months obviously although I felt like that was weird and they were probably mistaken (spoiler alert: they were). I paid half the cost in advance and was supposed to pay the other half when the contacts arrive.

The next day, I get a message from them saying they can’t order the contacts for three months, the minimum they can order is for six months and the price would be double. I was obviously a little annoyed because they should have told me that before. I told them I was not willing to get the contacts for six months for such a high price just to try them so I would prefer it if they just give me a refund. Then they said they could get me contact lenses for a month (somehow??) for half the price so I was like okay… that’s what I wanted to begin with… They said the contacts should be there in about two weeks and I was okay with that.

Two weeks came and went. Another two weeks also came and went. It had been about a month and they hadn’t so much as contacted me once. I decided to contact them since it didn’t seem like they were going to contact me any time soon and I got a kind of rude response. I was told to “wait until they contact me.” Generally, I don’t get mad about things like this but I had paid in advance and instead of apologising for the delay and letting me know what the issue was that was causing the delay they just told me to wait as though I was annoying them by asking where my contacts were weeks after I was told they would arrive.

I called a couple more times and they were literally like “we told you to wait patiently till we contact you.” And then they said they would contact their suppliers to find out what the issue was (why didn’t they do that earlier like the first time I contacted them??). They said they would call back in half an hour after talking to the supplier and two days later they finally contacted me and said the supplier only sells for six months minimum so I would have to get the contacts for six months not one month as we originally discussed.Β I told them I didn’t want those and to give me a refund which took forever but at least I got my money back in the end. Still, no apologies for the delay, the horrible communication on their part etc.

If they had just called me after two weeks and talked to me about the situation it would have been resolved and I wouldn’t have really been mad or anything. What really irritated me was them acting like I was in the wrong for simply asking about what happened with the contacts. I thought it was ridiculous that I had to call them so many times just to get them to do their job.

I was telling MistryLand about this situation and she recommend the optician she goes to so a little while ago I went to him and got some contact lenses they had in store and I really like them so far. They are comfortable and don’t make my eyes dry at all.

The Greatest Poem Ever Written

I talked about this at the start of the year but I really want to finish my book this year. I had started writing it last year and it was going really well but I had been struggling with some writers block for the past few weeks. I had just left it alone and decided to wait until something comes to me and a couple of days ago it did! It was a poem and as the only person who has read it so far I can safely say that all the readers agree that it is the greatest poem ever written.


WordPress shows how many of your posts have been shared on social platforms like Twitter etc and I realised a lot of my posts were being shared on WhatsApp daily and I just wanted to ask- why? I see the ones on Twitter sometimes or on other stuff but since WhatsApp is private I don’t know who is sharing them and that weirded me out a little especially because I rarely write content that is useful enough to read let alone share, lol. Kidding, but I am very curious. Especially since my posts have been shared more than a thousand times on WhatsApp. Have you ever shared any of my posts on WhatsApp and if so why and with whom? Please do let me know!!!


After moving back to Kenya, I was having the hardest time finding good tofu. Some of them had a weird taste and one of them was just straight up spoilt. I had sort of learned to live without it but recently I found one I really liked and even my parents and sister liked it so yay! Very happy about this since tofu was a big part of my meals before and is a great source of protein for vegans and vegetarians.

So that’s what has been happening with my life so far, hope you enjoyed it because I didn’t did! What have you been up to? Anything new happening in your life? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you!

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50 thoughts on “Contact Lenses, The Greatest Poem Ever Written, WhatsApp And Tofu

  1. Sorry to hear about the contacts. Some people can’t handle them. I was told that with my eyes, if it was worse they would recommend them but my astigmatism made it that I should not have them. Such is life. Glad you found Tofu.

    1. Thanks but luckily the new contacts were good. A friend of mine (the one who recommended the optician) also has astigmatism.

  2. I’m glad you finally got some contact you are happy with and I wish you luck on your journey to find tofu. Why didn’t you post your poem? Now you have all of us wanting to read it!

    1. Thanks so much and luckily I found a wonderful tofu I can use now. I really wanted to post the poem but I need to save it for my book!

  3. Hi, I hope you are doing well!
    The experience you had was bad. They were clearly taking advantage of the situation and was very bad at customer handling. Honestly, such things doesn’t thrive. If they are doing it with everyone, no one will bother to come.
    I like the you have shared a tip in the starting about SEO. I will try to work on that.
    I wish you a pleasant time ahead. Keep shining

    1. Thanks.
      Yeah it was a horrible experience and they are definitely not getting a lot of customers because it’s always empty when I go. But I’m not surprised with their awful customer care.

  4. Hi pooja your contact lenses experience was bad it happens to my friend also.They take advantage of the situation.I like how shared your experience with everyone.

  5. I have never lived outside of the U.S., but I think if a company treated me as the first contacts company did you, I’d go up the chain of command until I was satisfied! Absolutely dreadful and unacceptable!

    We are in a transition season here. Child #1 is moving in with a friend for a bit before moving out of state. Children #’s 2, 3, & 4 are with me as we sell our house and move on. It is scary, but good too. We are almost done with the packing and storing. Yuck! If I never had to move again, I’d be happy!!! It stinks! However, I can see God’s hand in this and we will be fine in the end. Right now it’s rough, but it could always be worse! Prayers, please.

    1. The chain of command was useless lol! But I’m just glad I got the refund and got a better optician.

      Oh wow that’s a lot going on with you and all the best with it! I know good things are coming your way and sending prayers to you and your children πŸ™

  6. Yeah sounds familiar. Don’t order anything now is what I tell myself. I think I shared one of your posts on Twitter once. That is weird about WhatsApp. It wasn’t me. Tofu has been fine in California, but we have our own factories. Thank God our tofu isn’t weird. That’s one thing that hasn’t gone wonky here.

  7. The service of that optician is poorly at best. Customer experience doesn’t seem to matter much to them. I am glad in the end you got your refund and found better contacts.

  8. Dude. Wtf. I feel like I need a whiteboard to map out the contacts saga. It feels like a math equation. Or that conspiracy theory meme from always sunny with the chalkboard. No wonder you were mad! That’s madness! (Just blame it on the supply chain issues in their head πŸ€ͺπŸ™ƒ)

    Dry eyes? 🏝 πŸ‘€ 🀫

    Good thing Mistryland suggested the other optometrist!

    Glad you found good tofu. This post has made me appreciate the selection here and being lucky with a good eye doctor.

    Looking forward to reading the best poem in the world!

    As for WhatsApp… I didn’t know people shared articles there like that. I used it for texting. Had to stop because of catfishers. Is WhatsApp just catfish trying to convince each other that they blog?

    “So that’s what has been happening with my life so far, hope you enjoyed it because I didn’t did.” 🧐 I see what you did there… πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†

    1. I know! I swear I turned into Charlie trying to figure out what the hell was going on with the contacts. But at least I got my refund and the new optician is really great.

      Hehe you know how you get dry eyes sometimes due to certain things πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

      Lol glad you got that joke I was hoping it doesn’t go over people’s head πŸ˜…

  9. More than a thousand times on WhatsApp? Wow. That’s curious. I’ve on occasion shared your blogging tip posts with a friend or two.

    Okay – so the optician was just waiting your patience out to just keep the money and never give you the contacts. (This has happened with me before – I followed up with this small company 6-7 times and then eventually just forgot that I had ordered from them till I was going through my receipts.)

    1. Yeah it’s really odd that it’s shared so many times. Hoping it’s just cos people enjoy my content lol. And thanks for sharing some tips with friends I appreciate it!

      Yeah I’m pretty sure the optician was hoping I would give up and they can just keep the money but I’m Kenyan we don’t do that πŸ˜‚

  10. What a terrible experience with the optician! I’m glad you found another place to go to because the first ones seemed awful!
    It’s so weird that people have shared your blog posts on Whatsapp thousands of times ahahah, maybe they love your writing that much! You do post very useful tips too, so some shares are not that surprising though!

    Hope the month of June treats you well!

    1. Thanks and yeah I’m glad the new place is so much better and professional!

      Yeah I found the number odd because I would understand a couple of times but over a thousand is a lot. Lol I hope it’s because they like my writing and nothing weird!

      Thanks and happy June- hope you have a good one too!

  11. You are one fascinating person! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us, makes me feel like i’m not all alone when dealing with eyes, technology, and food sources! Hugs, C

  12. Thank you for sharing a slice of your life with us, Pooja.

    Oh man, the story with the contact lenses… I can relate as when I had problems with my old Laptop the expert messed everything up, announced a higher price than we had agreed upon and got cranky when I told him that he needs to get it fixed or he will lose my trust. He even tried to make me responsible for his mistakes. I’m glad you found a pair of contact lenses that seems to work for you, though. It’s not always easy to find the right ones (I know as they don’t make my favourite ones, anymore).

    The bit with the poem sounds intriguing. I’m curious and even more curious about your book.

    As I do not use What’s App (yes, it’s true), I’m the wrong target group for that question.

    It’s great that you found tofu that works for you. How could you do without?

    You already know what happened in my life, so, I think yours is more interesting!

    1. Thanks so much.

      Yeah I was so annoyed by the people I originally was supposed to get the contacts from. But I’m just happy to finally find contacts that work for me. That’s so annoying I can’t believe he tried to charge more after messing up your laptop. Some people are just not ethical with their business practices I guess.

      I just had to use other sources of protein till I found a good tofu which was a bit annoying because certain dishes just taste better with tofu. It was a hard 4 or 5 months but I’m glad I found this brand of tofu. Their products are really good.

      1. You are right. Some people are just not ethical with their practices. Good that each of us got it figured out, though. πŸ™‚

        It must be such a relief to have found a tofu brand that works. I would be lost without it – not so much because of the protein but because as you say, you need it for certain dishes.

        1. Yeah I’m glad that it worked out well for us in the end. πŸ˜„

          I think we always have protein replacements but tofu is just so yum haha. I made some today and it turned out amazing. Even my parents who are not vegan liked it.

    1. Yeah the new ones are much better so I’m good now. Yes, it can definitely damage your eyes so you need to be very careful πŸ’–

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