Guess Who’s Back-ish (Blog Update)

Guess Who’s Back-ish (Blog Update)

Thank You Again!

As promised I will tell you the whole story of everything that happened with my blog since I left. But before that I want to thank everyone for the amazing and supportive comments I have received so far- it’s taking me a while to reply and follow everyone back but I will get it done reply to everyone and follow all the blogs I used to I swear!


Honestly, everything went fine with moving to self-hosted. I ended up using WPXHosting which I personally think is the best hosting site because it has everything other sites have and one more very important thing- a 24hr chat room. The reason I picked them was actually because of this. When you go self-hosted it’s quite different from what it is like on WP- what I mean by that is you get a lot more features and stuff but you also face new problems and since you can’t talk to the Hapiness Engineers anymore you kind of have to fix everything yourself which is super difficult if like me you know very little about technology. The chat room has been super helpful for me so far although to be fair I have only had two minor issues.

The problem arose however when I connected my self-hosted site to my WP account. Just to remind you guys I left because they wrongfully blocked my WP account and I was not able to like and follow other blogs. When I contacted them they told me going self-hosted would solve the issue.

It did not. I still could not like or follow other blogs and when I talked to them about it they basically told me I would have to create and use another WP account because nothing could be done about the block. So at first I was super pissed and then I thought about it and decided if I was going to have to move to a different account anyway I may as well stay on WP and not be self-hosted because self-hosting is a lot of work and I am way to busy with university to deal with it at the moment.

Now I’m working on moving back but the issue is that since I just moved my domain from WP I have to wait for a certain number of days to move my domain back. Of course no one on WP told me about this so I had moved all my content and followers on this account and then could not move my domain- I still can’t till like the end of February. I thought maybe I’ll just stop using WP till I can move my domain but I missed you guys so much and I wanted to post again so I decided to create this backup site and post here till I can move my domain back. It’s not an ideal situation but it’s the best I can do for now.

I still love the idea of self-hosted though and maybe when I have more time I will try self-hosting again but I feel like now is just not the right time.

On A Side Note

My Twitter account got hacked a while back and I have only been able to log back in a few days ago so if you tried to contact me and I didn’t respond or responded weirdly that is why. I apologise for any inconvenience and please feel free to contact me again via Twitter as the issue has been solved.

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Why I Prefer WordPress Vs Social Media

WordPress Vs Social Media

I have been on WordPress for over four years now and I’ve been using social media for quite a while as well. Over the years I have found that I much rather prefer my time on WordPress and that social media can be quite toxic in some ways. I think Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms are fun but blogging has been the only way for me to truly express myself and actually form genuine connections with people. Here are all the reasons why I prefer WordPress over social media:

It’s more personal

From what I’ve seen on social media it seems that it’s ironically a lot less social than WordPress. The connections just feel very fake. Like people only comment very basic and non-specific comments on your posts just to get you to check out their page. One thing I absolutely love about WordPress is how it feels like a community and you’re able to have real conversations and connections with people. I feel like I’ve actually made friends here and have connected with people in a way that doesn’t really happen on social media.

The follow/unfollow game

I think this is what I hate most about social media and it’s pissing me off that people have started this on WordPress too although luckily it’s not too bad on here yet. It’s basically when someone follows you for a follow back and when you do follow them back they unfollow you after a while. It’s sad and pathetic and super unethical- also there are apps that help you find unfollowers so you can unfollow them back so like what is the point of it even? Anyway I’m very glad that the majority of bloggers don’t do that on WordPress.

I can express myself better

Since I can post much longer posts on WordPress compared to social media it’s just easier for me to express myself better here. With social media you can’t really post in the same way that you would post on WordPress. I love that I can fully express myself here and that when I do I have so many people responding with genuine comments. There’s also a lot of negativity on social media when you do express yourself which is something I don’t like. It makes me feel uncomfortable and anxious. I have had hate on WordPress but much less compared to social media.

Social media is kind of creepy and superficial 

So like I mentioned Instagram and Twitter are the only social media pages I have for the blog at the moment and I’ve had some creepy encounters on there especially on Instagram. For the most part WordPress is a lot more wholesome. I also don’t like how Instagram in particular can be pretty superficial and puts too much emphasis on outer appearance. WordPress on the other hand feels like an actual community and people actually want to connect with one another. People want to actually talk about stuff, get to know one another and connect.

Your thoughts?

Are you on social media and if you are what are your thoughts on the topic? Do you prefer social media or WordPress and why? I would love to hear your opinion on this so be sure to let me know in the comments below!
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The Greatest Gift You Can Give Someone

By Ben Peters
Imagine you are at a fancy restaurant and the person sitting across from you is none other than your childhood hero. That individual starred in your favorite movies. You had a poster of them on your wall growing up. And today you follow them on Twitter and Instagram. I can guarantee your mind would be riveted on that encounter. You might feel nervous, but you wouldn’t be on your phone. You wouldn’t be daydreaming or twiddling your thumbs. And you wouldn’t be thinking about the things you have to do once you finish eating dinner.
Mindlessness happens when the body is somewhere physically but the mind is in a different place altogether—when the lights are on but nobody is home. Mindlessness has reached epidemic proportions in the age of smart phones and omnipresent technology. You’ve all seen the laughable photos of families sitting together with every individual buried in their device. That’s been all of us at some point in the past. As a world, we’re more connected than ever but ironically we feel increasingly alone. Every expert in social sciences will tell you that human beings have a primitive psychological need for love and belonging, neither of which can be felt without the vulnerability present in face-to-face interactions. This is why the controlled, sanitized, often disingenuous connections we form on social media ultimately leave us dissatisfied. Brene Brown said it best in The Gifts of Imperfection:
A deep sense of love and belonging is an irreducible need of all women, men, and children. . . Fitting in is about assessing a situation and becoming who you need to be accepted. Belonging, on the other hand, doesn’t require us to change who we are; it require us to be who we are. . . [T] rue belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world. . .  
When we decide to put our phones away and be mindful in the presence of another human being, we are showing them that they are worthy of our time. Worthy of our time spent with them that we can’t spend doing anything else or ever get back. Presence is the ultimate respect, and it costs us something.
What we we’re also doing is making it possible for a genuine connection to take place. The kind of quality connection that authors like Brene Brown love to hail. But it can’t happen without mindfulness. And everybody can tell the difference.
If you are having trouble being present, ask yourself how you would behave if you were in the company of your childhood hero. Mindfulness is always possible, even if it takes some creativity on our part. What’s best of all is that when we give others our presence, they tend to return the favor. And it’s when everyone is fully present that genuine human connections can be made.
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Creepy Messages I’ve Received

So last week I did a post about things not to comment on a blog post and put up screenshots of creepy comments I’ve gotten. I also talked about some creepy messages I’ve received from bloggers on social media and I asked if you guys wanted to see those and some people were interested so I decided to share this creepy convo with you guys.



Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more messages and maybe I can make this a weekly segment!

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How To Gain Followers Without Posting Pictures on Instagram

New Lune

We all know how hard it is to gain followers on Instagram with the algorithm and people constantly doing the follow/unfollow game. It can be even harder if you stop posting regularly on Instagram, you pretty much can’t see your account grow. In today’s post, I want to show you ways to gain followers without posting on Instagram regularly. These are the methods I use, if you are like me and can’t post on Instagram consistently then keep on reading!

Nous savons tous à quel point il est difficile de gagner des adeptes sur Instagram avec l’algorithme et les gens qui jouent constamment au jeu follow/unfollow. Cela peut être encore plus difficile si vous arrêtez de poster régulièrement sur Instagram, vous ne pouvez pratiquement pas voir votre compte grandir. Dans le post d’aujourd’hui, je veux vous montrer comment gagner des suiveurs sans publier régulièrement sur Instagram. Ce sont les méthodes…

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5 Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts from a freelance Social Media Consultant

Really great tips!


5 Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts, THISTHINGCALLEDFASHIONIt’s about time I wrote about this, not just from a social media consultants perspective but also as a blogger/influencer who has been disgusted by ill-mannered marketing approaches and blown away by well thought out messages.


Don’t be spammy.

Just don’t do it. Do not send DMs/comments requesting for a follow back or create a group and share a link to your new product/post without permission.

Don’t ignore comments: Engaging with your customers is vital for business. They feel heard & more relevant but with no engagement they may feel as if you don’t care about their question, comment or concern. It all comes back to customer service. Don’t ignore relevant comments. Use them as an opportunity to interact with your followers.

Don’t rely on automation: This aspect is still very new to Nigerian business which is a good thing on this case because the brands still maintain…

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So Much Undone – A Poem

Life is so short it’s important to live it to the fullest!

Opher's World

So Much Undone


So short a time to get everything done.

So much undone.

No matter how hard we try

There’s always more.

We leave it unseen,

Unfinished and unknown.


Life is so frustrating.

Even the things we tasted

Will be forgotten.

It is so utterly

Pointlessly crucial.


Could it be that

To know one thing

Is to know it all?

And could that

Be enough?


To not know anything

Is the greatest sin.

An unforgiveable waste

Of the most precious

Thing of all –

A glimpse of infinity.


Opher 29.11.2018



Life is so full and passes so quickly. There is always so much more to do, see and experience. It is never enough.

Yet to experience it is what life is about; to know it is there and to relish it with all your heart.

Life rages.

We have to do, be…

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My Scary Experience

So today I had this presentation for my piracy class which was super scary!

Image result for scared gif

I really like the class but I just really hate presentations because I have anxiety as it is I don’t need it to be made worse with worrying about talking in front of a bunch of people.

Image result for anxious gif

Also for some reason (probably because it’s such a fun class) everyone always shows up so there are at least like fifteen to twenty people there.

Image result for full class gif

And I am really not a fan of speaking in front of people especially if there are more then ten people. Plus, two of the people who were supposed to present with us could not make it.

Image result for nooo gif

It was a pretty scary experience and I stuttered and stammered and rambled A LOT.

Image result for RAMBLING gif

But it was also kind of fun and I think it went pretty well for a first presentation. I learnt a lot from the experience and hope to do better the next time I have to present (which I’m hoping is never!)… maybe next time I’ll be less freaked out I hope…

Image result for freaking out gif

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my little experience and let me know in the comments below how your first presentation went!!

Image result for tell me everything gif

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Tips for Dry Skin

As you guys know I have dry skin and I think these tips are super helpful especially with winter around the corner!


Hello my loves! As December rolls upon us i thought i would delight you guys with some tips and tricks for dry skin. As i have mentioned before in previous blogs, i have suffered from dry hair, oily hair and dry and oily skin throughout my life. So i understand how hard the struggle is.

Here are some things that i did to help my dry skin feel less bothersome.

I found that after taking showers often times made my skin feel worse afterwards. You would think that all you have to do is put on some lotion. FALSE! There are times when not even lotion would help.

Don’t take long showers:

I know how relaxing a good long 30min shower can feel after a long day, but having your skin in the water for that long really isnt good for your skin. Try and limit your showers to 5-10…

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