Blogger Interview With Olivia

Blogger Interview With Olivia

Super excited to share this interview with Olivia- I have really enjoyed her blog for a while now so I am happy that we could do this interview. Feel free to check out her blog which will be linked below 1. Thanks so much for being a part of this interview. Tell us a little [...]

Owning Property In Dubai’s Luxury Golf Estates

Dubai’s luxury accommodations have always made a mark on world’s real estate market and they have been advertised to be among the best ones around. Many new developments and communities have been built over the years and they all have their own exclusivity and special features that grab the attention of most discerning of home [...]

Eating Vegan/Vegetarian When Traveling

As a vegan who loves to travel I know just how hard it is to find places that offer vegan options. And that is why when triptipedia asked if I wanted to share my tip about eating vegan/vegetarian when traveling I was quick to say yes and share this tip! I have been vegan/vegetarian my [...]

A Graphic About Artificial Intelligence In Movies

As you guys know Star Wars is my favourite movie. And so I was super excited to share this graphic about artificial intelligence in movies with you guys! When I saw this graphic site about Artificial Intelligence in movies I was really pleasantly surprised and knew that it would be something I was both interested [...]

Things To Always Have In Your Carry-On

Things To Always Have In Your Carry-On I've been travelling a lot lately and I've noticed that there are some things that you just absolutely need to carry with you- and no I learned the hard way that these do not include all 7 Harry Potter books... Anyway, I thought I would write a post [...]

Tumblr Posts About History

I don't know about you guys, but I love reading those little Tumblr posts you see everywhere. There are some really interesting ones out there. Some are quite funny. But some are also really educational. As someone who loves history, I love seeing the Tumblr posts about history. I find them so fascinating and many [...]