Blogger Interview With Olivia

Blogger Interview With Olivia

Super excited to share this interview with Olivia– I have really enjoyed her blog for a while now so I am happy that we could do this interview. Feel free to check out her blog which will be linked below

1. Thanks so much for being a part of this interview. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your blog is about.

Hi there, my names Olivia and I am a Lifestyle blogger.  I really write about everything and anything. My blog covers topics such as body positivity, interior design, self-care, mental health, blogging tips and so much more.

2. When did you start your blog and what made you decide to start blogging?

My blog originally started as a beauty blog back in 2015. I really wanted a platform to share all things hair and makeup. I blogged for about a year and then decided to stop. I had a 4-year break from blogging and came back in July 2020, mid pandemic. I completely re-branded my blog into what it is today. My original reason for starting the beauty blog was to raise awareness of the lack of diversity in the beauty world. We constantly see the same skin tones and complexions from brands. And so, I wanted to create a space for people who didn’t fit the ‘normal’ standard that the beauty world has.

I decided to re-brand and come back to blogging in 2020 because I needed a focus in life. Life as we knew it stopped and I really needed something to focus on besides work.

3. You sort of recreated your blog/brand- what inspired you to do this and what advice would you give bloggers looking to redesign their blog?

​I knew that sticking with the beauty blog I had created would have only gotten me so far. The content I was creating was far too niche and it really excluded a lot of other people. I want to create content for everyone, and although I know beauty and makeup is for everyone. I still knew there was a large chunk of potential audience that I wasn’t reaching.

The advice I would give is, if you feel like you want to re-brand your blog don’t wait until the perfect moment. Do it there and then. You don’t want to wait too long into your blogging journey to do it as it could have negative impacts. I’m glad I did it, but there were so many steps I had to do afterwards to sort of, clean up the mess. Like removing broken links with my old domain name. That was annoying to say the least!

4. How has blogging changed your life?

​Blogging really gave me a purpose. It really ignited my love for content creation. It also lead me to other avenues too. I recently created a small business selling digital illustrations. And I don’t think I would have ever done that if it wasn’t for blogging. It’s probably one of the best things I have done in life so far.

5. How do you find the time to blog while doing so many other things too and what advice would you give other bloggers looking to manage their time better?

​It’s funny because some days I feel like I’m killing it with blogging and managing everything else. And then I have other days where I feel like I am not doing well at all. Being organised and scheduling things in advance really helps me to keep on top of everything. I like to bulk write my blog posts and this helps to keep me on top of things. I put aside an hour or two and write about 2-3 posts at a time.

6. What are some of your long term blogging goals?

I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands already, but I would love to continue to work with more. I also look forward to increasing my following and hopefully hit 5k this year! Which would be crazy, but amazing too! One of my biggest goals is finding ways to help other bloggers. I know how it feels to be pretty clueless when it comes to blogging, so I want to help and support as many people as I can.

7. What is your favourite food?

​I don’t think I have a specific food, but type of food would be Mexican or Italian. Give me all the carbs.

8. What is one of your favourite childhood memories?

Being able to spend so much time outside playing games with my friends or family. Some of my most fond memories are being active and outside of the house.

9. What are some of your favourite hobbies other than blogging?

​I really love digital illustrations and calligraphy. Its a new love of mine but one I have really grown fond of over the last few months.

10. Thanks again and please feel free to add anything you would like to share with the readers.

Thanks Pooja for having me on your blog for this interview. I have been such a big fan of your work for so long. You’re an inspiration to a blogger like me.

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Owning Property In Dubai’s Luxury Golf Estates

Dubai’s luxury accommodations have always made a mark on world’s real estate market and they have been advertised to be among the best ones around. Many new developments and communities have been built over the years and they all have their own exclusivity and special features that grab the attention of most discerning of home buyers.

There are many developments across Dubai that exploit the exclusivity of golf and the aspiration value it has to offer being a status symbol. With many golf courses in the city, there has been an increase in the golfing properties across the town. As golf estates in Dubai offer a perfect mix of landscaped greens and privacy combined with high ROI, investors are ever ready to grab every opportunity they get to spend here.

Some of the top Golf communities in Dubai include Emirates Hills, Arabian Ranches, The Lakes, Jumeirah Golf Estate and Victory Heights and they all present some of the top-selling luxury accommodations with all premium features and amenities on offer that you could have asked for. In fact, the best among the lot is the lush scenery and landscaping that adds to the value of luxury accommodations in these communities giving them a perfect golfers’ touch. Due to the luxury features and prime golf course location of these properties, more and more investors are planning to throw their money at these residences. And, with high demand, the developers themselves are focusing more on developing similar establishments.

So, if you want to own an investment property in Dubai, you should definitely buy one with connection to a golf course. The reports suggest that estimated premiums for such integrated properties are 20% higher compared to the properties that don’t have any golf connection. This means golf courses are only the second most-favorite attraction after waterfronts when it comes to desirable locations in Dubai. In fact, that shouldn’t be restricted to investors only. And, even if you are looking for a second home in
Dubai, these stats should be encouraging for you to buy a property in one of the luxury golf estates in Dubai.

If you talk about Jumeirah Golf Estates, it extends a world-class lifestyle not just for the investors but also for the residents where the recently opened Clubhouse is the latest luxury on offer and is also the reason behind its increasing popularity. The property also houses a couple of championship golf courses that have been designed by the experts to offer an impeccable golfing experience.

Image result for Jumeirah Golf Estates

The latest district being released at the Jumeirah Golf Estates was Al Andalus. It combines some of the most amazing Mediterranean apartments and townhouses to redefine luxury living for the residents of Dubai. The residents of Al Andalus enjoy exactly the same lifestyle and quality that is on offer for everyone else residing in the Jumeirah Golf Estates.

So, if you are planning to buy a property here at the Jumeirah Golf Estates to taste the kind of lifestyle people enjoy here, you can expect to pay Dh5 million for semi-detached, entry-level villas. However, if you have the luxury of a massive budget, spend Dh30 million to put your hands at a 12000 sq. ft. property. Obviously, the amenities on offer and the size, landscape and location of these properties would vary accordingly. And, believe it or not, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’re sure to explore much more when you’ll actively start looking for a property here and see what kind of masterpieces are available for sale.

Image result for Jumeirah Golf Estates

So, what are you waiting for then? Take the plunge and invest in one of the luxurious properties out there in Dubai’s Golf Estates. You’d surely experience a lifestyle you haven’t imagined ever before.

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Tips for Dry Skin

As you guys know I have dry skin and I think these tips are super helpful especially with winter around the corner!


Hello my loves! As December rolls upon us i thought i would delight you guys with some tips and tricks for dry skin. As i have mentioned before in previous blogs, i have suffered from dry hair, oily hair and dry and oily skin throughout my life. So i understand how hard the struggle is.

Here are some things that i did to help my dry skin feel less bothersome.

I found that after taking showers often times made my skin feel worse afterwards. You would think that all you have to do is put on some lotion. FALSE! There are times when not even lotion would help.

Don’t take long showers:

I know how relaxing a good long 30min shower can feel after a long day, but having your skin in the water for that long really isnt good for your skin. Try and limit your showers to 5-10…

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Best 2018 Black Friday Deals For Makeup!

Hope you get some good stuff this Blackfriday!

hope and highlighter

Hey y’all! Black Friday is coming up soon, and though I usually don’t leave my house for this event, I love to online shop and take advantage of all the sweet deals. I’ve had a few people ask me what the best deals are, so I thought I’d compile a few good ones and share them with you! I definitely won’t be buying things from all of these sites, but I might pick a few items up here and there 😉 Also, I definitely haven’t captured every single sale out there, but these are a few from the most popular beauty brands at the moment. Hope you enjoy!



Ulta has soooo many good deals happening in the next week! I will link their website here: . Not only do they have deals for actual Black Friday, but things are on sale before then too! This applies to…

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Getting A Job At Uni: My Top Tips!

Working while at university is harder then it seems so here are a few very helpful tips to help you find a job!

Abi Louise Allen

A longer post today focusing on what so many students worry about…

design desk display eyewear Photo by on

I think we all know university can be a huge financial struggle for a lot of people, some people only get a small loan that doesn’t cover their rent, some get no loan and others are not in a position to borrow money when needed. So, for many people getting a job is a necessity while studying.

For me, my loan unfortunately only covers half my annual rent total and all the money I saved working over summer just wouldn’t be enough to cover 6 months rent, food money, social money and transport and therefore, I had to find a job.

Whilst most universities are based in cities, and you’d think finding a job because of this would be easy, for students this just isn’t the case, for many businesses aren’t willing to…

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