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We are going to talk about how to monetize a site. Since we are talking about a money site and not a blog that allows us to vent on our hobby every weekend, we have to think about what our future source of income will be.

Monetizing a blog is not as easy as some people think. In many cases it comes unintentionally, you have a quality project and a company is interested in you …

Why is monetization important?

  • Costs of maintaining a blog such as hosting, domain, payment plugins, images…
  • Hours of work of the blogger. Training, writing, content promotion, creation of images…
  • Copywriters or professionals who collaborate sporadically.
  • Costs of external services, such as SEO or web design, digital marketing, advertising…

For these reasons and especially because everyone who works deserves a reward for their work, it will be necessary to monetize a blog. It is important to be clear about the difference between “monetizing a blog” and “getting rich with a blog”, they are very different things.

Can all the blogs be monetized?


The first thing to know is that a blog always starts with losses (without visits there is no advertising but costs). To know that the time has come to monetize your blog you have to get a monthly number of visits between 30,000 and 50,000. Afterwards, manage to maintain it. An objective that belongs to the digital marketing team in many marketing agencies.

Symptoms that tell us about when a blog can be monetized

1. Traffic to the website. Let it be enough and continued in time.

2. Ensure the update of the page in the medium term.

3. Have a series of loyal followers, who read us always, no matter what happens.

4. Have a good organic position (SEO) for the keywords that interest us (which give money go).

5. THAT IT IS A USEFUL BLOG. The most important without a doubt.

How To Monetize A Site?

There are many ways to monetize a blog. Let’s see some examples of how to sell or monetize a blog:

Google Adsense

It is the best known way to monetize a blog. Part of the basis that a greater number of visits higher income. To me the experience tells me that for a personal blog it is not the best formula.

Sale of products or services

Selling a product or service on a relevant and already positioned website is a great way to get money. However, this is one of the most complex options to achieve in the short term. To get to sell something on our site we need more than time and dedication. Here we could talk about:

1- Drop Shipping: It is a type of sale in which the retailer does not store the orders, simply acts as an intermediary with the wholesaler. Let’s say you “pass the order”. Very interesting today.

2- Training courses.

3- Events.

4- Webinars: In short, it is something like offering online conferences.

Affiliation with brands

We recommend certain products to visitors to the site, and if they buy the product through a link on our website or through a cookie that has been inserted into your computer, we will obtain a percentage on the purchase. Here the interesting thing is to know which keywords offer the most money …


System that allows inserting advertising links in some keywords of the page.

Payment content

With tools like Shoplocket to sell your products.

1- Templates

2- WhitePapers

3- E-Books

4- Podcast

Advertising banners

That we locate in the “hot” places of the web or the blog.

Consulting sale

Professionals that offer their low cost services and online.

Agreements with advertising platforms for bloggers

As for example E-Buzzing, Adlemons, Bloguzz, …

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18 thoughts on “How To Monetize A Site

        1. You’re very welcome I’m always happy to help. I’ve been blogging for a little over 3 years now and it took me about an year before I had my first thousand followers.

  1. I have the exact opposite mentality. What makes the Internet great is that it teaches us the value of gifts, of doing something because we enjoy it and want to share ourselves with others. But, there is also the potential to monetize everything, from our talent to social connections and everything in between.

    A personal WordPress blog isn’t expensive for anyone in a position to use one. Trying to make money off it, while possibly providing some income, just turns the whole thing into a bad job that doesn’t pay well. But, YMMV.

    1. I think a lot of people do use it to enjoy themselves and share their interests but a lot of people use it to make money too because not everyone has the ability to use it only for fun. A lot of times it’s very hard to make enough money especially if you’re still studying or have a minimum wage job and making some extra income on your blog is always helpful. Thanks for sharing your opinion on the topic!

  2. I pay for a ‘personal’ plan but I don’t think I could commit to it so much as I have schoolwork and other things I need to commit to very much. A very informative post! Thank you c

    1. Thank you! Yeah I totally understand how you feel because to have a successful blog you need to be very active which is hard to do when you’re studying/working.

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