Things I Learnt While Blogging

I’ve been blogging for a bit over 3 years and over the years these are the things I’ve picked up so far. Let me know in the comments if they’re relatable!

It’s harder then it looks- I know a lot of people thinking blogging is easy or “not a real job” but if you’re a blogger yourself you know just how much work actually goes into making even just one blog post let alone starting a blog from scratch. It’s super difficult to come up with new ideas to post about every day/other day/week and to actually keep your audience engaged with the content. It’s also much more difficult these days to get a good amount of traffic/following considering how many blogs there are out there making similar content. Blogging can be very time consuming as I have learnt over the years.

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It’s super fun- Even though it is a lot of work it’s also a lot of fun at the same time especially if blogging isn’t your full time job (and even if it is!) because there are so many perks of blogging. You get to meet all these amazing bloggers from all over the world and you get to interact with like-minded people you otherwise would probably have never been able to talk to. Plus, you get to share your opinions, thoughts or even just life experiences with others.

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It’s a great way to start writing- If you want to do something to do with writing at some point in your life blogging is a great way to start out and gain some experience. I think especially if you are under 18 (or not!) it’s a great start because it teaches you so much about writing and helps you figure out your style/niche/genre and it helps you figure out what people like reading. It’s great practice for free!

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It’s fun for introverts- As an introvert myself I’m not a big fan of socializing in person (or getting out of my bed…) but blogging allows you to meet people and socialize with people without having to actually meet or socialize with them! It’s great for introverts or people with social anxiety as it gives them a chance to learn to be more social and meet more people with being overwhelmed because sometimes we want to socialize too but we don’t want to leave our beds (I have a staying in bed problem!).

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