Things I Learnt While Blogging

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Things I Learnt While Blogging

I’ve been blogging for a bit over 3 years and over the years these are the things I learnt by blogging so far. Let me know in the comments if they’re relatable!

It’s harder then it looks

I know a lot of people thinking blogging is easy or “not a real job” but if you’re a blogger yourself you know just how much work actually goes into making even just one blog post let alone starting a blog from scratch. It’s super difficult to come up with new ideas to post about every day/other day/week and to actually keep your audience engaged with the content. It’s also much more difficult these days to get a good amount of traffic/following considering how many blogs there are out there making similar content. Blogging can be very time consuming as I have learnt over the years.

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It’s super fun

Even though it is a lot of work it’s also a lot of fun at the same time especially if blogging isn’t your full time job (and even if it is!) because there are so many perks of blogging. You get to meet all these amazing bloggers from all over the world and you get to interact with like-minded people you otherwise would probably have never been able to talk to. Plus, you get to share your opinions, thoughts or even just life experiences with others.

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It’s a great way to start writing

If you want to do something to do with writing at some point in your life blogging is a great way to start out and gain some experience. I think especially if you are under 18 (or not!) it’s a great start because it teaches you so much about writing and helps you figure out your style/niche/genre and it helps you figure out what people like reading. It is great practice for free!

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It’s fun for introverts

As an introvert myself I’m not a big fan of socializing in person (or getting out of my bed…) but blogging allows you to meet people and socialize with people without having to actually meet or socialize with them! It’s great for introverts or people with social anxiety as it gives them a chance to learn to be more social and meet more people with being overwhelmed because sometimes we want to socialize too but we don’t want to leave our beds (I have a staying in bed problem!).

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125 thoughts on “Things I Learnt While Blogging

  1. I agree. I am 45 yrs old and things just became clearer for me after 40. It’s like Eureka! I get it! But to get new ideas to write about, you need to read a lot. Which is my point in advocating for literacy. It’s like: what comes first the chicken or the egg? Reading comes before writing. The better you are at reading, the better you will be at writing. 😉 I love your blog. keep up the good work.

    1. Lol getting out of bed is the worst! Yeah I think you usually just realise after you start blogging how much work actually goes into it!

  2. All of that! It is hard work yet really fun especially when you connect with other bloggers or readers. As an introvert, it allows me to be social but by myself at the same time. I love it! Great post!

  3. Perfect timing. I really enjoy Your Blog and I’ve been thing King about all the reasons why I love blogging so much, and why I should make Writing full time a big part of My goals for 2019. Thanks for the inspiration, looking forward to more. Love and Blessings!

  4. This is a great post and considering I’m an introvert I thought it would be a really big problem for me. Now you gave me some hope. Really motivational, thank you!
    Best wishes, xx

  5. That’s all true. I had no idea how time consuming blogging would be. I can’t keep up. Look, I’m four days behind.

    I’m an introvert. I often sequester myself to write. Now, I talk to people all day. Simple comments turn into all-day conversations.

    1. Yeah I was so behind on my blogging last year I had to come up with a whole schedule for this year.

      It is a really great way to have conversations with so many different people all over!

      1. I’m trying to work blogging into my schedule. Write in the morning. Blog in the afternoon. I haven’t perfected it, yet.

        Yes. That’s my favorite part of the blogging experience, so far.

  6. I can relate to this completely .. I’m an introverted /extrovert and writing and blogging really help me to let things out that I can’t really express and it’s amazing to interact with people who get it . Blogging and writing help me cope with my anxiety in more ways than one . It also keeps me in practice of my favorite hobbies :writing/ photography / blogging 🙂

  7. Hey! Can’t us extroverts get in on the blogging fun too? Hell, I need as many outlets as I can to be social and involved. Very light and fun attitude, great little read here. I just started this blogging thing in the new year. I promised to do things that scare me more often, and well, writing a blog is a little scary. I’ll be reading more articles like these for sure.

  8. Amazing post. Just started blogging and i must say i initially thought it was easy but it’s not. But that doesn’t really matter because I’ve grown to love blogging. Thanks for this post 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and I often see a lot of people saying they enjoy it more after a while because they’ve gotten used to it and have gotten the hang of blogging.

  9. I never thought I would blog a day in my life. I hated writing and I always hated how I write. But I decided to use my blog to improve my writing and also to put my voice out there. I have so many great amazing thoughts that just get my blood going and I need to way to release it. Today I finally found my niche personal development/self improvement. Something I never thought it would be but it fits right along with my passion. So I’m super excited to keep moving with blogging. 😋

    1. Sometimes we end up doing things we least expect and it ends up working out perfectly for us. I’m so happy to hear that blogging gave you a way to express yourself as it has done for many others. All the best with blogging!

  10. Hi PoojaG. Enjoyed your blog. I agree, this is something mostly introverts like to do, I think. When you write about something you love and are passionate about, it’s work, but it’s very enjoyable. Thanks for liking my article on “Dealing with Fear and Anxiety”.

  11. Introvert here too! I enjoy reading others blogs and it’s great to discover I have many things in common with so many people. I’m having a certain level of fun in finding subjects to write about and surprise myself once I have a post finished which reads well.

  12. I like the tone and the message on your post! How long have you been blogging now? I just started in July of last year – I’m getting more into it now! I’d love it if you took a look at mine! I look forward to reading more of your work.

    1. I really enjoyed your blog! I have been blogging for almost 4 years now. Glad to hear your getting the hang of it! It takes a while to figure out what works best for you but once you do blogging becomes so much more fun!

  13. Running my blog is very time-consuming with photo processing, working the comments, visiting other blogs, and getting out for new photos. I’m sure that most people don’t have any idea how much time and effort running a blog can be.

  14. I agree! Blogging isn’t for everyone. It’s not as easy as it looks and you could kill yourself trying to make everyone happy with your blog. I would love to do this as my full-time job. However, I’m not there yet. I just try to be happy with my recipes and writings for me and keep going!

    Best wishes to all bloggers!

  15. Your thoughts about blogging making you a better writer are accurate. If you want to write well you to need to write a lot. And not only when you feel like it. Coming up with good ideas for more content and then putting these thoughts into a post can be a daunting task. Also, engaging with other bloggers takes time as well. Yes, blogging is fun, but it isn’t necessarily like a walk in the park.

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