Six Word Story #109

Six Word Story #109

Life loves to deep-six my plans.

Today’s Word:

Deep-six- destroy or dispose of (something) irretrievably.

More about the word.

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Why Retail Stores Are Using Branded Face Masks?

Face masks have not remained useful only as protective gear but have become an important part of our wardrobe with other apparel. New and unique designs of masks are finding their way in the stores and people are demanding branded logo face masks matching with their main outfits.
Face masks have become an effective way to advertise your brands and products. With everyone wearing the mask it is a very simple and easy way to promote your brand by using your logo over them.

Big Brands Designing Branded Logo Face Masks

As more and more states are making it mandatory to wear the face mask, many big brands have started designing masks in their signature style. Many brand owners have developed masks with their logos printed over them.
The big brands like the NBA and WNBA were the first ones to use face masks for their brand promotion. Many other companies follow the trend. For instance, Disney has come out with masks featuring its popular Mickey and Minnie Mouse character. The masks have also made their way in the sports circles. The National Football and Hockey Leagues, NFL, and NHL along with Major League Soccer have designed masks featuring their respective teams. Many other institutions and marketers including Universal Music Group, Alice+Oliva, and Atoms have also released their masks for promotional or marketing activities.

Why are Retail stores using branded logo Face masks?

With the spread of COVID19 across the nation, the cloth industry was helplessly witnessing a quick collapse. However, during the tough times, some of the more aware retail store owners were closely watching the actions taken in China during and after the lockdown phases.
They observed that China had made it mandatory to wear masks to all its citizens after the reopening. The retailers anticipated that the same trend will be followed in the USA as well and therefore they started designing and using branded logo face masks in their retail stores. The decision paid off to many retail stores and now the demand for these masks is growing day by day. It has prevented many retail stores from a possible close down.

Final Words

Every business owner is trying to find out new ways to survive during the current pandemic. Retail stores have found a unique way of sustaining their businesses at the time when the cloth industry was witnessing a complete collapse. They could survive the brunt of the pandemic by using the branded logo face masks and now they are searching for new ways to design the face masks to grow in the market.

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Reasons To Start A Blog During Lockdown

By Sartaj Govind Singh
Do you feel like the days are starting to blur together? Perhaps an acute sense of fatigue is starting to creep in? Lockdown does not have to be this way. While this new sense of normal can seemingly shackle us- just by tempting us to leave things to tomorrow or our usual pastimes losing their novelty. You can rise up and keep going. This can take many forms from indulging in a favourite piece of media (book, TV show, film etc) to getting into something new. One excellent new hobby that you could take up is blogging and below are three reasons why you should.
3) Improving Your Writing

Love it or hate it, a lot of jobs rely on our ability to communicate through the written word. From short emails to presentations, we’re writing far more to another then we used to. With this in mind, blogging is a simple way to improve your writing ability While it certainly differs from writing in a business context, think of blog writing as a potential new string to add to your bow. The benefits of this are immeasurable. You could improve how you communicate with people, articulate ideas with more clarity or find that blogging is a new home for expressing yourself. There are plenty of transferable skills that come from blog writing that you could add to your resume.
2) A Crash Course in Social Media  

Once you’ve finished a post, you can’t just instantly hit send. You have to think of the best time to publish it and when you should advertise it on various social media channels. Blogging needs social media like a plant requires sunlight. It’s vital and requires just as much attention as your posts. Think of starting a blog as much a crash course in using social media as much as a new hobby to invest in. From personal experience: the stuff I’ve learnt from social media advertising has been invaluable. It’s allowed me to become a social media consultant to help with my company’s channels. And it opened up a new way of thinking about my writing insofar as how and who to market it to.
1) A Sense of Accomplishment

The best reason to start a blog during lockdown is that you will eventually feel a great sense of accomplishment from it. You will have a virtual diary that speaks to who you are as a person. You will have created a digital footprint that hopefully others will be inspired by and look to during hard times. In the process, you will gain a new-found confidence and a new habit that will become so deeply ingrained, so it becomes second nature. Blogging has afforded me other writing projects, a brief dip into podcasting waters and an extension to my day job.
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Caring For The Mental Health Of The Nurses

I wrote a guest post for Law Matheson’s blog about nurses and mental health that you can check out by clicking the link below. I want to thank Law for letting me post on his blog and I hope you guys go over and check out the rest of his posts too- they are really great.

Nurses are so important especially during these times however they also have to deal with death and sickness every day which can really take a toll on ones mental health. These are ways to help them deal with everything that’s going on at the moment.

My Courses Reviewed

I had such an amazing time at university this semester but I was quite sad that we could not properly finish any of the courses the way we should have due to everything that happened in March/April which forced the university to stop in class lessons. However, I definitely understand that the decision the university made to shut down all in class stuff was for the best. Even though we could not properly finish the courses properly at university this semester I decided to still do a review for my courses since they have all been so great. I feel like I have really enjoyed almost all the courses I’ve taken at university so far but this year may be the best ones so far. Last semester I was able to take some really unique courses like a course on country music, archaeology and more. For more on that click here. And this semester I was again able to take some unique and interesting courses at university. I’m super thankful that my university offers such unique and interesting courses because I know not all universities do this and a lot of universities do tend to have a much more rigid syllabus. However, our university is pretty liberal about what courses it offers and what courses you can take and I am truly lucky to be able to take such interesting and fun ones. I always like to take courses about topics I don’t know a lot about or that I have not studied earlier because I think that helps me broaden my knowledge and teaches me new things which in my opinion is what university should be all about. Oh and all the courses I took this semester were history courses because my university only allows you to take two electives every year and I used up my electives last semester. Anyway here is my review of the courses I took this semester:

The Sixties- This was my favourite course that I have taken at university so far! It was such a phenomenal course and I learnt so much from it. The professor was really good- she was super nice and understanding and definitely knew what she was talking about- and the content was something I was already interested in so I found it absolutely fascinating. I have always been interested in the counterculture, 60’s music and the New Left so it was really interesting to learn more about it especially through primary sources I had never read before. One of my favourite sources was the letter by Janis Joplin sent to her mother where she is fangirling over George Harrison from The Beatles because honestly I get it- he was gorgeous! It was also really interesting to see how it wasn’t just mindless rebellious behaviour, it was so much more than that and it was also the foundation to the 70’s and the groups that emerged in the 70’s. I am definitely really happy my university offers a class on the Sixties because it is so specific and so interesting.

Middle Eastern Culture- I really enjoyed this course too! I had never taken a course about the Middle East before and to be honest I did not know too much about their culture and history so this was really fascinating and eyeopening. The only thing is that because of the whole Corona situation we couldn’t finish the course the way we were supposed to and I was really sad because there were some really interesting topics I ended up not being able to learn about properly. One thing that I really appreciated about this course apart from the stuff I mentioned earlier was that it was taught by someone who was Middle Eastern and therefore had experienced a lot of what she was teaching first hand. And she also tried to mainly use primary sources that were unbiased and more descriptive rather than opinion based which was really great. We were able to see the Middle East more realistically and draw our own conclusions based on the information she provided. We also spent approximately half of each class watching a video about the topic we were discussing which was very helpful as no one in the class had been to the Middle East and the videos allowed us to experience their culture more accurately.
The American Revolution- I have taken like every single course this professor has taught and as you guys know I really enjoy learning American history because I have never learnt American history before university. I really loved learning about the Revolution in detail even though I had learn about it in previous American History courses. I thought it was particularly interesting because my professor taught us a lot about not just the more famous figures but also regular people. I think we tend to forget to underestimate the role of “ordinary” people in battles and revolutions and it was fascinating to see their point of view for a change.
Women In China- This was another one of my favourite courses! I haven’t learnt much Chinese history before but I did take one other class with the same professor and really loved it so I decided to take this one. I’m also very interested in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies so since this was like a cross between those I thought it would be perfect. I particularly enjoyed this course because of how the professor taught it. I’ve said this before but this professor focuses on making sure we learn and understand the content instead of focusing on research paper or assignments and I truly appreciate that. Plus, his content is always fascinating and so well researched.
Hope you guys enjoyed that little review! I know I couldn’t review them fully due to our university not having in-class stuff anymore but I tried my best to review the course as much as I could depending on how much I had learnt before the quarantine. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite courses were at university/college or if you would take any of the courses I took!
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How to Reduce Anxiety in These Trying Times

Check out this guest post I did on reducing anxiety in these trying times and a very special thanks to Onome for having me on as a guest writer!

Premium Copywriting for B2B Content

I am so excited to be featuring Pooja as a guest writer on my blog. Pooja writes on lifestyle, travel, mental health, beauty, blogging advice, six word stories, and inspirational posts along with other occassional posts. Click on the link at the end of this post to check out her blog.

Hope you enjoy this post.

How To Reduce Your Anxiety In These Trying Times

Anxiety is something that a lot of people are forced to live with and the situation we are faced with currently has given a lot of people symptoms of anxiety. It is obviously no surprise that people are anxious at the moment but there are some ways that can help reduce your anxiety:

One step at a time- I think it’s important to take everything one step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself whether it’s with the news, changing…

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I Don’t Think We’re Ever Going Back

By Xandria 
I’m writing this from my bedroom in my parents’ house. I’m working on a small desk in the corner of the room, and there’s a cool breeze coming in from the window in front of me. Sounds pretty great, right? This is day 35 of quarantine for me, I only leave the house to get groceries for my family once or twice every two weeks and maybe, sometimes I go for a walk to get some fresh air and clear my head. I’ve been working from home for the last 6 weeks, and I might be the only person in the world that doesn’t completely hate this situation.
It’s a strange world we’re living in, we’re stuck in our homes as a means to stop the spread of a virus we can’t seem to slow down. Stuck is also a weird word to be using at a time like this, when having a home, a job to work from home, full cupboards and fridge are immense blessings – it’s the farthest thing from being stuck. There’s many without homes, many who’s jobs don’t allow the flexibility to work from the safety of a house. There’s also those who have no jobs, those who don’t have any idea when they can do their next round of groceries. I don’t take that lightly. I find myself being deeply thankful for every little thing I have. In a time that some might argue is so easy to focus on the bad, I find myself searching for the good. The world before the virus is gone, it’s something I don’t think we are ever going to get back. Not because we won’t ever bounce back – but because each of us, every single person on this planet, will forever be changed by this.
Since this whole ordeal started, since the virus made its way to Italy it dawned on me that there might be a much larger reason for why this is all happening. For the first time it’s like the whole world is on pause, people have no choice but to be present in the moment and take everything day by day. Isn’t that the way we should have been living all along? This is thought that has crossed my mind many many times. Shouldn’t we be living a life that is full of gratitude, a life that is in no rush whatsoever, a life that’s not bound by a schedule, a life with no fear. Maybe this is the Universe’s way – God’s way – of telling us to go back to basics, maybe this is His way of showing us that we really are all in this together. That in a world separated by race, politics and religion, maybe just maybe, this is His way of showing us that there really isn’t anything separating each of us. That when you really look at life for what it is, we are all the same. We crave that human connection, we have always been all in this together. I don’t know when or how this will all end, but when it does we’re going to have to begin again, together. The way we should have all along.
Stay strong my friends. Stay positive and choose joy every day, search for joy every single moment you can. When we finally get out of this, we’ll hug a little harder, love a lot further. We’ll cherish every trip to the grocery store, and every family gathering a hell of a lot more. I promise you that. And from now, until the day this is all over; stay present, take deep breaths and take comfort in knowing that time will heal, time will pass and soon this will be over.
Stay safe.
Xo, Xandria
Instagram: @xandriadsilva
Twitter: @xandriadsilva

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Death, Trauma, And The Pandemic: A Personal Look

By Law Matheson
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional; This is not medical advice or scientific fact; the following article is simply my personal findings on studying Covid-19 via the Internet. The following article is not intended for anything more than a personal opinion piece.)

To those that do not know me-

My name is Law Matheson.

I am a resigned academic high school teacher gone, rogue amateur historian.

I say ‘resigned’ because I was placed into an impossible decision. Keep doing what I loved (teaching), but I had to pass off erroneous, and downright harmful school curriculum- or I could do the hardest thing that I have had to decide- to walk away from my passion consciously.

I camped out on the prairies of North Dakota from November 2016- February 2017 protesting DAPL and their evil practices- until I was arrested for “Obstruction Of Government Function.”

In January of the same year, before getting arrested, other protestors and I traveled from North Dakota to Washington D.C., where we protested Trump’s ‘Inauguration.’ Occupy Inauguration, after we were done with the security gates, we had a (huge) round dance just blocks from the Capitol. Traffic stopped be damned.

I would do everything I did- again.

2019 and I had settled down in my home state of Maine once again. I found a job in a new career that I quickly fell for. I had found my dream job.

Upper-Management quickly dashed those dreams.

My Former Employers were not properly educating or preparing my former Students- so I started a Creative Collective – Renaissance Rising – where my former students, new students, individuals across the globe, and myself can all learn and grow together!

RenRising is a growing Collective- Consider Collaborating Your Skills And Passions With Ours?

I start all my blog posts with a Lesson Outline (as if this was class)- I decided to leave it here for y’all to experience.

I am incredibly grateful to Pooja for the opportunity to reach more like-minded individuals. IF you like this blog post please ‘Like’ this page and Subscribe to Pooja’s page (if you haven’t already- it’s amazing the diversity of guest bloggers on this blog!)- but also please stop on over at Renaissance Rising today to experience a Creative Collective like no other!

I am going to start this blog post rather abruptly. Originally for Easter weekend, I had a comparative and contrasting blog series planned to re-examine the spring equinox holiday.

However, a friend of mine died yesterday. Unrelated to the coronavirus- as of what is coming out right now. Little is reported at this time.

Rather than continuing as planned- the class will be adjusted.


-Trauma Detour

SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

is already causing mass panic and global economic downfall, but now I have to figure out how I am going to manage through not being able to bury my friend because of extreme social distancing regulations and strict laws with harsh consequences.

No Funeral service.

I have buried a few friends, more than I care to count. I have even had a few friends that I was unable to attend the burial- which is almost harder than the funeral service- at least then you are around mutually grieving individuals. Alone you are so- isolated.
Grieving alone blows.
And not in a good way.
Call me crude, call me crass, we all mourn differently.
Burying a friend never gets easier.
But it shouldn’t.
Consider the alternative- you get used to burying friends?!
I have buried over 10 close friends and family; I have mourned over 20 loved ones and relatives all said and done; I have attended a handful or more funerals, memorials, or celebrations of life beyond that.

The sad truth is, once your first friend dies- it never stops after that.
It doesn’t get easier.
I am thankful for that.

Life and death go hand in hand.
For death can only happen to one who has lived- this it does so indiscriminately.
To live is to know that it ends in death, yet that’s not a limit, but the goal- be the best, love the hardest, and do the most you can before that day.
This is real success.
This is where happiness is found-
In the pursuit.
Simply showing up for the day is more than half the battle.

Do Not Get The Wrong Idea- I am Not Promoting Social Gatherings- Take It For What It Is Meant To Be- Uplifting. Photo by fauxels on

How often do we put something off-

only to finally do it, and then realize it wasn’t as hard as previously assumed.
If you have children, younger siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandchildren, grandparents, or the neighbor’s child- and you are their primary source of essential day to day needs- then you understand this.
Shit gets hard.
The world is fucking brutal.
You call it quits, and it kicks you in the nuts and then kills your dog just to make a point.
The very first day that you don’t show up for your loved ones like you always had makes the second, then the third, and eventually the fourteenth day of not showing up that much easier.

Soon you are thinking of suicide.
Let me be blunt here- suicide is a selfish answer.

Is that the politically correct answer?
Hell no.
Do I stand by it?
Hell yes.
You know why?
I contemplated suicide myself more than once when I was a teenager, did not follow through, but have survived countless other friends that have.
It was a struggle for a long time.
Growing up gay in a small community with predominately Christian beliefs made being different and standing out a social death wish.
Sure, you would be alive on the outside, but you were dead on the inside.
Yet, I could never go through with the act of committing suicide.

When I was only ten years old, I became an uncle.

The honorific of ‘Uncle’ did not mean much to me at the time- but what did matter was my niece’s affection towards me.
She was innocent.
She was as close to ‘holy’ as I could conceive of as a ten-year-old.

If something so sacred could love me- maybe I was worth love.

Shortly after I was blessed with another niece, and another, and a nephew, and another nephew, then another niece! I am thrilled to say that it hasn’t stopped there- I now have 10 nieces and nephews- not all family is blood.
Being an Uncle has gotten me through the hardest things I have ever had to face-
Being molested by a respected male in the community who was sexually assaulted by his father before him.
Left with no choice but to call off the wedding with my best friend because she is a woman and I love men.

Even Standing Rock.

Stand Up To Your Fears.

My fellow protesters

and I were called ‘Snowflakes’ for our efforts.

To this day, I do not understand that.

I was sprayed across the face with complex bear mace, I endured sound cannons, bean bag guns, water cannons in 14-degree weather. When the winter set in and weekend warriors were nowhere to be seen, I starved for the cause; I went days with dehydration: I sacrificed everything for what I believed.

No ‘snowflake’ endures and survives that.

My nieces and nephews showed me the other side- even when they did not know what they were doing.
After I was arrested, I was next to homeless in Oregon, and then unable to return to my former life in the suburbs of Las Vegas- a dear friend bought me a plane ticket from Nevada back to Maine.
By this time, I had not only struggled to survive through camping out in the winter on the planes of North Dakota for my beliefs, but I also strapped myself to the security fence surrounding Donald Trump’s “Inauguration” to prevent middle-aged white men from attending his parade. My friends and I risked arrest, police brutality, and at one point, almost having a cop cut my thumb off with a power saw.

Recovering from that was difficult.

I was not sure I was going to make it once or twice.
Yet my dear friend bought me a ticket home, and my nieces and nephews became the end goal. I was in no state to see them regularly. I was a hairy, bearded, mess; I was traumatized and paranoid; I was angry, scared, confused, and I felt isolated.

I did not feel worthy of my nieces and nephews’ innocence.
Rather than give up-
I fought to earn that right back.
They saved me again.

I was back in Maine for 4/20/2017.

I had just turned 27, and I had seen war for the first time.

Some will argue that point with me- they do not get to. They were not there.

I know others were younger when they first saw war- but it is never easy.
No amount of studying can prepare you for personal trauma.
It isn’t even the trauma itself that is the worst.

All trauma varies and is not equal- yet no matter what caused it- living through the aftermath is far worse.

That is my personal opinion only, but a single moment can be forgotten- day-to-day has to be struggled through.

Thankfully I had anchors to keep me tethered to this life (and it is only expanding!)- but not everyone has that.

Photo by Pixabay on

I have lost at least five friends to suicide at a young age.

They had so much to live for- but it was cut short.
I will repeat my earlier statement- it was selfish.
That burns to read and is harder to swallow.
Suicide may “solve” one problem, but it creates a world more.
As a survivor of multiple friends’ suicides- please think of us (your friends); we will have to carry the burden after you are gone.
Reach out to us, Friend- if any decent human being knew their friend was seriously on the edge, they would drop everything and be there any way they could (safe social distancing or not)- allow us that chance.
We are isolated physically more than at any time in global history.

Yet we are the least ‘alone’ as we could be.

How can we with Big Brother on both sides of our phones, laptops, doorbells, and nanny cams?
Jokes aside, we have the internet.


The very thing you can credit for allowing access to my blog post.
Never before in history have we had access to knowledge at our fingertips, the ability to learn or connect from anyone, anywhere, or as many accommodating applications that allow us to talk with friends and family as we do now.
That is the reason you should not feel alone.
More and more people across the planet are reevaluating what is most meaningful to them- and seeking it out.

This is a cause for celebration.

Isolation got you down?

Unpack that hobby you have been putting off.
Get out a blank notebook page and start researching something that has always eaten away at you.
Get lost in the great stories written by brilliant minds you always told yourself you would.
Put your phone down and pick up your child.

Now is the time.

Do not waste it.
Do not wish it away.

Treat this as any lesson you ever had to learn in life- do that- learn from it.

I do not believe death is an end,

but a goal- live the most, be the most, learn the most before – that time.

That’s how you win this game.

I will be honest- when I am hurting, it is hard for me not to become aware of all the other hurt and sadness around me. 
I am generally in control of this sense, but when I am hurt, I get weak; when I am weak, I stumble and fall. The end never seems far away.
Yet every time my foot scrapes the ground and threatens to take me down- I pick my foot up higher next time, I square my shoulders a little more. I learn what I can, and I move on. Soon I am not stumbling or falling- as much. To not stumble and fall is unnatural in this life.
Dracula may not seem like the story to turn to for inspirational words, yet this sentence has stuck with me as much as a curse from the undead-

Bram Stocker

Let that sink in.

Failure is not an end- it is a lesson to take away from to succeed next time.
Death is not an end- energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed. What is your Soul but energy and matter? Therefore, I believe that when we die, our energy and matter are recycled back into Mother Earth.
The Sacred Cycle Of Life.

I have been more honest and raw in this post than I ever intended. I can thank my partner for this blessed post. I do not know how it will be received, but I know that mental illness has been stigmatized and looked down upon far too long- but no more!

Trauma affects everyone differently.

To assume or enforce a formula for such is evil.
Grief and mourning are natural.
There is no joy without sadness- no mountain peak without a valley floor.
Keep in mind, Students. I am not a doctor. I do not hold any medical or psychological degree. This is not advice on how to live your life or what to do in any given circumstance. This is simply a retelling of my life with personal (hindsight) comments.
Never forget you are not alone.
None of us are alone.
Should the power go out, the internet stop running, and darkness descends upon humans, animals and plants alike-
Even then, you would not be alone.
The human spirit is power; it is connectedness.
Just as bees and birds navigate life on instinct- humans could do the same if we were only to turn back to basics- nature.
This has been a heavy and unexpected post. I would rather be focusing on research and writing for Easter Weekend- but this was far more important, any other posts can wait.

STUDENTS– if you or a loved one is struggling with suicidal thoughts– reach out to someone. A trained medical professional is best– however, do not let long lines and phone trees keep you from connecting with another human. Reach out to whoever you have- give them the chance to help you– something I wish I could have done for my dead friends.

If you have no one else,

I am not a trained professional- but I am an ear that will listen.
Do not allow more tragedy to befall the world.
We are all in this together.
If we all do our own small part- soon, large parts are better.

We are all in this together. Just don't touch each other.
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The Vincent Ehindero Award

I want to thank Tangie T. Woods for nominating me for this award and I’m so sorry it took me forever to get to it! She was actually the first ever recipient for this award and honestly I can not think of someone who deserves that honour more than her. She has a really amazing blog with posts about Christianity, lifestyle, awards and so much more and is such an inspiring person so be sure to check out her blog by clicking here.
1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog:
2. Post the award nomination photo
nominees logo
3. Post the rules
4. Nominate 20-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.
5. is Vincent’s blog site, and he would appreciate you checking out his blog and consider following and supporting him too.
6. Notify Vincent of your nomination, via comment and send an email to for faster replies.
7. After notifying Vincent, he will check out your blog, follow and give you your unique award for the good work on your blog.
1. How long have you been blogging?
Almost five whole years now!
rian johnson gifs | WiffleGif
2. How were you inspired to blog?
I was looking for a way to express myself and get my writing out there and a friend encouraged me to start a blog.
3. What country do you live in and how is the weather there now?
I’m living in Canada at the moment and it’s spring so it’s a mix of sunny and rainy right now.
Spring GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
4. What are your thoughts (opinions) on the COVID-19 virus?
I think it’s just so sad and I truly wish that anyone suffering from it does get better and I hope we are able to fight it and get back to normal soon. I also think as horrible as the whole situation is that it’s also brought out the best in a lot of people and it has helped us to appreciate everyone out there doing their part in helping others like the doctors and nurses.
5. What are some of your happiest moments?
I think watching cartoons as a child.
Tom And Jerry GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
My Nominees
Since this is a pretty new award I want to nominate everyone reading this and use the same questions I did!
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Ways To Remain Calm

It can be difficult to stay calm with everything going on and it’s natural to be worried. But remaining calm and doing your best will be much more helpful to you and everyone around you and these techniques can help you to remain calm:
Yoga/meditation- Yoga and meditation can be very relaxing especially when you do it after waking up because it helps you throughout the day. Try taking some time- even if it’s fifteen minutes- to do some yoga and meditation at the beginning of the day. Over time you end up learning how to stay relaxed and calm in stressful situations which can be very helpful.
Breathing techniques- Breathing techniques can really help you stay calm and relaxed. Learning breathing techniques that work for you can really help you out.
Online meditation apps- It can be difficult for people to meditate on their own especially when they’re starting out and that’s totally okay. Since this isn’t the best time to go to meditation classes in person meditation apps can be a great substitute. To find  the perfect meditation app for you click here.
Surround yourself with positivity- Even though it’s not the easiest thing to be surrounded by positive news right now it can help to take a break from reading the news and read something positive for a while even if it’s just some positive quotes or a pictures of cute animals.
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