The Jilted Lover

The Jilted Lover, Love Is Messy

The jilted lover

Oh, how I loved her

She was my everything

And that’s why I bought her that ring

I hid in her bedroom to surprise her

As she walked in with another

They were passionately kissing

And my heart was breaking

How could I have been so blind?

But in that rage I did find

A solution to my problems with her

And it was murder

I pulled out my gun

And proceeded to end their fun

She yelled, “who are you? How did you get in”

But all I could think of was her sin

I pulled the trigger

And her eyes grew bigger

As his body hit the floor

She ran for the door

But I caught her just in time

The spoils of my crime

Forever mine.

It’s the day of the week where I post poetry and it also happens to be Valentines Day. A day I absolutely loathe because of the way it has become commercialised. However, if you are celebrating it, have fun and don’t take offence. I just hate commercialism, it’s nothing personal.

I knew I wanted to write a poem like this since it’s Valentines Day and I love horror and twists. And that is what inspired “The Jilted Lover” and its darker themes. I’ve also been watching a lot of “You” over the last few days so that may have something to do with it too…

Do you celebrate Valentines Day? If so, how did you spend it? What did you think of the poem? Let me know in the comments!

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91 thoughts on “The Jilted Lover

  1. It’s good to see that you’re getting more bold and brave to write in first person. Depending on the subject it can be a problem. I used to write exclusively in first person and sometimes I got into trouble because people sometimes assumed I was the narrator of the poem. In extreme cases I’ve had to use a pseudonym. Some of the characters in my blog novel have written poems. It gets to be tricky and I’m not exactly sure about protocol. Sometimes I use a byline with quote marks for the author’s name. On the other hand, I sometimes want to stay in character because it’s more believable that way. At the same time I want credit for it as myself. Sometimes I’m jealous of myself when someone likes my pseudonym’s writing better than me.
        I enjoyed the poem. You should murder more often.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, writing in first person is quite fun sometimes. And using pseudonyms can be fun too until people prefer them over the real you…
      Maybe don’t type the words “murder more” you may be put on some sort of list lol πŸ˜‚

  2. I know you probably weren’t thinking of the response, but what in the world?πŸ˜³πŸ˜€ What is going on with man?! Is he a stalker? I-

    This is so well ridden that it had some stunned.

  3. Lol I saw the “You” inspiration from a mile away. I wish we could follow the character in your poem for a sequel or something haha πŸ˜€

  4. Wah PG, what a perfect day to share this poem 😝.
    I feel like you did it intentionally. Like obviously, you could have shared something else, but due to your annoyance with the day you choose to share this one. And, I love it πŸ˜….
    As you have said this day or anything other day is commercialized a lot, and that takes away the beauty of the day.
    First of all I don’t know why are we celebrating this stupid day anyway, like what’s a need to have a specific day?
    Does this mean, we cannot love others on other 364 days.
    Then to make it further commercialize, there are additional days like kiss day, hug day, teddy day. I believe it’s just a BS, to sell stuff. πŸ˜’
    Speaking about your poem, oh what a terrific poet you are PG. I really love your work and no-one knows what to expect from you, because you are like a water, your work can take any shape and form.

    1. Lol of course it was intentional. I hate commercialism and Valentine’s Day enough to do that πŸ˜‚
      We absolutely don’t need a day in particular to love people or show them that they are loved. Everyday should be that way.
      Haha thanks. I like making sure no one knows my next move πŸ˜‚

    1. Unlike classic romantic poetry where lovers suffer silently when they are jilted, the modern breed of lovers don’t heave sighs or suffer in silence. They believe in action and rush to settle scores with their rivals.
      Anyway, good poem on this highly commercializd day. Agree with you Pooja that commercialization has entered into every aspect of our lives, and has spoiled the beauty. Even your post on Self Care on the other day was also lamenting the same thing. But, unfortunately this is the sad reality of our times, and we seem to be helpless.

      1. Yes, so true. When you read classic romances, the jilted lovers just live with the pain. Now it’s all about taking action.
        Thanks and yes, it seems most things have become highly commercialised now.

  5. Love the poem! Who says Valentine’s day can’t have a little murderous fun?!!! It didn’t start out that way, though. It started with a priest who would marry people in secret because of a ban on marriages. Now it’s all candy hearts and schmaltz! 🀒

    1. Haha absolutely!

      Yes, I’ve read about that. Valentine’s Day started out for such a sweet cause but it’s really been destroyed now by these major companies that are full of greed.

  6. Happily married for years and I must agree, Valentines Day is over commercialized. I only have one ask for the day…a break from dinner,, which I got. 😊 Happy life in its simplest form.

    Sticking with simplicity, I hope you had a very nice day, Love! 😘

  7. I don’t loath Valentines Day, but I give you credit for writing a rather unsettling poem lol

    Valentines Day is just another day to me. As a kid my mom would give me a gift on Valentines Day but she stopped once I moved out. Valentine’s Day is to be celebrated by everyone, including the children. It’s a special day for everyone, not just couples.

    I wasn’t expecting anything today but my husband surprised me with a Lego Orchid which I’ve been looking for… for months. I’m excited to build it! He also brought home a coffee for me which was really thoughtful πŸ₯°

    1. Lol thanks. Unsettling is my brand πŸ˜‚

      Aw that’s so sweet. I remember you saying you love flowers but you can’t have them in the house cos of the cat. This is a nice solution to that.

  8. I love love, but I don’t go all in on Valentine’s Day. I usually write my girls a note with reasons why they are awesome and loved and get my hubby a card. I do use it as an excuse to order pizza, because love should mean I don’t have to cook. Also, I love how dark this was, like he didn’t even know the girl, he was stalking her. Creepy and brutal.

  9. He was scorned, heartbroken, and hurt. He let his rage he was feeling on the inside dictate the outcome of this fatal tragedy. He couldn’t stand what he saw, so he did what he thought he had to do to make the pain he was feeling subside. This is what I saw in the poem while reading it. Great poem. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, I think all interpretations are different but valid. I wanted to keep this poem open ended so everyone can interpret it in their own way. Thank you so much.

  10. I posted a book review yesterday without realising it was Valentine’s Day. πŸ˜‚
    Loved the poem. Murder is of course the solution πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‚

  11. My wife and I do not really celebrate Valentine’s Day, and I agree with you on the commercialism. We do acknowledge it, and my wife likes to do something special for the kids like getting them chocolates and sometimes something else. I appreciate the irony of the poem on Valentine’s Day.

    1. Yes, I think small celebrations are okay but Valentine’s Day shouldn’t only about gifts and spending money. Yours sounds nice and thanks.

  12. My sweety and I exchange Valentine’s Day cards but don’t do the big commercial thing. To me, every day should be one that you show love, not just February 14.

  13. No, I don’t. Nevertheless, I just watched an Ally McBeal episode that matches your poem. Ally’s firm got the defendant off with a defense of “temporary insanity”. It was really good. I highly recommend the series (1998-2002) on Prime and Hulu. Ally’s a narcissistic, romantic fool. Great soundtrack. Great characters and stories.

  14. I forgot it was Valentine’s day yesterday and I only thought about it today when I had some time in the morning. LOL. And a wonderful horror and mystery piece. Somehow your story reminds me of Freida McFadden, which you introduced me to with your post on “the housemaid”.

  15. Find the solution,
    Start the revolution,
    Burn the place down,
    But don’t touch her crown.
    Royal romance
    Will leave you no chance
    Be there
    Even if they don’t care,
    Just stand and stare
    In the midst of glitz and glare.

  16. The poem was awesome. I love it! As for Valentine’s day, it’s just another day to me but I do like to send out extra I love you’s to the people I care about. Otherwise this year I went grocery shopping and then spent time with my cat.

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