My Favourite Books Of 2015

*Warning: May Contain Spoilers* This year I have tried to do a lot of new things (like start blogging) and so I tried to read more books than I usually do. I tried to read at least one book a week and these are some of my favourite books of 2015 in no particular order. [...]

Book Review: A Game Of Thrones

*Warning: This review contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones* Introduction Recently I began reading George R. R. Martin’s A Game Of Thrones which is the first book from his A Song Of Fire And Ice series. When it comes to the fantasy genre I must admit I am not always a huge fan and I am hardly [...]

Throner Problems

*Warning: Contains Spoilers for Game Of Thrones* An Introduction To Game Of Thrones Game Of Thrones may be the greatest show I have ever watched. When I watched the first episode (and made the mistake of liking Eddard Stark) I was a little taken aback. Believe me there is no one in the world that [...]