Podcasting Profit Secrets Review

Podcasting Profit Secrets Review

Podcasting Background As you guys may remember, podcasting is something I have been trying to get into this year. I started listening to a lot of podcasts last year that I enjoyed and I thought it would be fun to host one of my own with my sister. I talked a little bit about this [...]

Royal Dosa Hut Review

Recently I found out about this place in Niagara called Royal Dosa Hut which is a vegetarian restaurant that offers mostly south Indian food. I was super excited because there aren't a lot of vegetarian/vegan Indian restaurants in the area although there are a few with vegan/vegetarian options. It's pretty far from where I live [...]

The Concord Hotel

This is another place in Nairobi that I really enjoy going to. It's so beautiful and as soon as you walk in you're surrounded by beautiful artwork! Then there are beautiful areas both on the first and second floor where you can have food and drinks. It's all open so you can look at the beautiful [...]


As you guys know I've been back in Nairobi for a while and I thought I would explore a little and go see some new places I've never been to before. This post is actually coming in a little late because we visited the place like 3 weeks ago. Anyway we decided to first check out the [...]