Finally Done With Exams!

I'm finally done with my exams and this semester! I am so looking forward to doing a bunch of stuff I couldn't because I was revising like watching the new GoT!! Also do you guys know any good TV shows or movies I can check out now that I have a bunch of free time [...]

5 Must-Watch TV Series This Summer

Seeing as most of the action has been taken off the big screen and into our TV devices, it’s only natural that there are so many great shows out there to watch. So, instead of spending your summer checking what famous people on Snapchat are doing every day, why not binge-watch one (or more) of [...]

Versatile Blogger Award! #2

I would like to thank girlenters for nominating me for the " Versatile Blogger Award"! She is super awesome and has a really great blog so please do check it out! And I'm so sorry it took me forever to do this! Rules For The "Versatile Blogger Award": Thank the blogger who nominated you and [...]

That Awkward Moment When…

.As a human we are all designed to make awkward and embarrassing mistakes. Unfortunately, this happens to me more often than I would like to admit. Here are some awkward situations that happen to the best of us: When you say “hi” to someone Okay saying “hi” to someone isn’t awkward. Unless, it’s one of [...]

Throner Problems

*Warning: Contains Spoilers for Game Of Thrones* An Introduction To Game Of Thrones Game Of Thrones may be the greatest show I have ever watched. When I watched the first episode (and made the mistake of liking Eddard Stark) I was a little taken aback. Believe me there is no one in the world that [...]

Things All Introverts Want You To Know

Being An Introvert Being an introvert can sometimes be very difficult. You never know what to say, or how to handle new situations and people. Sometimes regular things that most people don’t even need to think about can make you freak out. Here are some things that will hopefully help you understand introverts better: We’re [...]