How To Increase Traffic Via Links

Using Links To Increase Your Traffic Using links is a great way to increase your traffic and to refer readers to other pages in your blog. If used well links can quickly generate more traffic to your page and can help you build a loyal audience. This can help change your readers from one time [...]

Time To Upgrade Your Plan?

Are You Thinking Of Upgrading Your WordPress Plan? A lot of people have asked me about whether they should upgrade their plan and whether it's even necessary to upgrade to a paid plan. A lot of times deciding whether or not to upgrade your plan can get a bit complicated and it is difficult to [...]

16K WordPress Followers

I want to thank every one of my followers for helping lifesfinewhine get to 16k. I am truly honoured that you picked to follow this blog and I truly appreciate your support. It honestly feels like just yesterday I was at 15k and it's crazy to me how fast this blog has grown over the [...]

Why Your Traffic Has Decreased

Why Your Traffic Has Decreased

A small decrease in views once in a while is totally normal however if you notice a consistence decrease in views you may be making some of the following mistakes which luckily are very easily fixable! Not responding to comments-  A large number of bloggers really enjoy communicating with one another and socializing with everyone. Commenting [...]