We Were On A Break

We Were On A Break

Don't worry I'm not breaking up with you! I don't have anything to post today because I decided to take a little break for the day and concentrate on just doing some fun things I enjoy apart from blogging- a lot of it involved food lol! I'll share a What I Eat post soon so [...]

Her- A Short Story

I usually write blogging advice but as you probably know if you read yesterdays post I accidentally burnt my fingers and hand while cooking so I can't type a lot right now and my blogging advice posts are quite detailed so they tend to be much longer. So, instead of writing a blogging advice post [...]

4 Ways To Beat Writers Block

As a writer you Will encounter Writers Block. Anyone that says they haven't is ultimately a liar. What Exactly Is Writers Block? Well writers block is when a Writer is Stuck. It's when they can't form the words in their heads, or come up with topics to write about. If your a freelancer it may [...]

Creating A Game Blog In 4 Steps

The fact remains that most people play games, and most people want to make money doing so. But YouTube--the most common outlet--takes 40% of your earnings Not to mention the fact that hundreds of hours of streams are uploaded every minute. Your videos, your reviews, all that just gets washed down the drain. On a [...]

7 Ways To Get An Idea For A Blog Post

Awhile ago I did an Article on Correcting Writers block, now I thought I'd delve deeper into the subject by presenting you other Ways to get ideas when writers block persists. Click Here To Read 7 Ways To An Idea For A Blog Post, Because Half Of Writing Is Simply Ideas