The Widow At The Window

The Widow At The Window

As it rained outside the window There stood a crying widow With each drop that rained down Along fell a tear on her black gown Even with so much sadness in her eyes And her face stained from silent cries She was a breathtaking sight to see Surely no one could deny her beauty With [...]

Six Word Story #3

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The Unborns- Poetry

The Unborns She was expecting a baby And she was going to paint her room pink She would have been her little princess Until she was born dead   The world was still The tears were dry It didn’t matter anymore Because she was born dead   She stopped crying at the park Where little [...]

I Am Lost- Poetry

I am lost in the world of my thoughts Thinking of anything and nothing It’s a mess up there And I don’t know how to sort it out   People say I am very quiet They don’t understand the noise in my head It’s a storm clashing with ships It’s a hatching of an egg [...]