Blogger Interview With Wayne

Blogger Interview With Wayne

I would like to thank Wayne for stopping by lifesfinewhine- he has one of the best travel blogs I've had the pleasure of reading so be sure to stop by his blog which will be linked below! 1. Thanks so much for being a part of this interview. Tell us a little bit about yourself [...]

How I Deal With My Travel Pet Peeves

My Travel Pet Peeves As you guys know I absolutely love to travel and see new places, experience new things and learn about other places. But just like most people that travel I also have a couple of travel pet peeves that can kind of ruin the whole experience of travelling. Recently, I took a [...]

Eating Vegan/Vegetarian When Traveling

As a vegan who loves to travel I know just how hard it is to find places that offer vegan options and therefore when triptipedia asked if I wanted to share my tip about how to find vegan/vegetarian food when travelling I was quick to say yes and share this tip! To read the tip [...]

5 Things To Always Have In Your Carry-On

I've been travelling a lot lately and I've noticed that there are some things that you just absolutely need to carry with you- and no I learned the hard way that these do not include all 7 Harry Potter books... 1. Hand sanitizer and tissues- Let's be honest, travelling isn't the most hygienic thing ever [...]