The Laughing Buddha Experience/Review

The Laughing Buddha Experience/Review

A while back, my friend (the only one on literally all my experience posts lol), my sister and I went to a place called The Laughing Buddha which is a cafe that has recently opened in Nairobi. My sister was actually the one who found this place thanks to their Instagram page and it looked [...]


Disclaimer: I recently found out that the "DusitD2" restaurant in Nairobi has permanently shut down. DusitD2 As you guys know I've been back in Nairobi for a while. And I thought I would explore a little and go see some new places I've never been to before. This post is actually coming inΒ a little late [...]

Why I Wasn’t Around Last Week

So before last week I was on the right track and blogging regularly. But on Saturday I started feeling slightly sick. I just ignored it and I was like it'll probably go away. But by Sunday night it got really bad. So I decided to go to the doctor on Monday and get it over [...]

Learning About Kenya And The US

Shay-lon and I have been friends for a while now. She is from Ohio, USA and I live in Kenya and we thought it would be really fun if we made a post asking each other questions about Kenya/US and see what the other country is like. To check out her take on this click [...]