Neob Lavender Experience/Review

Neob Lavender Experience/Review

As you guys know I absolutely love travelling but unfortunately I haven't been able to do a lot of it recently with the pandemic and a lot of places being closed for safety. Now that things have been slowly opening up in Canada, my sister and I are able to have a few more travelling [...]

Addis Ababa Part 1

Since we were in Ethiopia for 2 days we decided to do a little exploring. We asked at the hotel what places we should visit and he gave us a map with the most popular tourist destinations and so we decided to check them out. First we decided to head to Entoto Hill which has [...]

My Crazy Flight

So I'm back in Canada- we arrived yesterday and oh boy do I have a crazy story for you! It was super rainy in Nairobi so our flight got delayed and consequently we missed our flight to Toronto and I was stuck in Ethiopia for 2 days which was a true blessing in disguise because I had the [...]