The Laughing Buddha Experience/Review

The Laughing Buddha Experience/Review

A while back, my friend (the only one on literally all my experience posts lol), my sister and I went to a place called The Laughing Buddha which is a cafe that has recently opened in Nairobi. My sister was actually the one who found this place thanks to their Instagram page and it looked [...]

The Blue Door (Experience And Review)

So recently we had the amazing experience of going to the Blue Door and it was absolutely amazing! In case you were wondering why it's called the Blue Door it's because they have this adorable blue door! They had this amazing retro vibe and had vinyl record everywhere which we totally adored. And the staff [...]

Honey And Dough- Experience And Review

So a few weeks back- like two...- we had the amazing experience of going to a place called Honey And Dough. We had seen it on Instagram and saw how absolutely beautiful the place was and decided we had to go. It was my sisters birthday too so it was the perfect timing. This is [...]