5 Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

Do your research- I think this is the most important one of all. Google is your best friend when you’re shopping online. Before you buy anything make sure to check on multiple sites to find the best price you can. You should also reviews to make sure the product your getting is worth the price. Some online stores also have student discounts and other such discounts so make sure to do all your research and find out about these.

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Sleep on it- I don’t know about you guys but when I start adding things to the cart I tend to go a little crazy with it and add a bunch of stuff I don’t need as well. To avoid wasting money on unnecessary items let the items stay in your cart for a day or two and really think about whether you need them or not. Then go back and remove anything unnecessary. Another perk of waiting a day or two to check out is that some sites see that you haven’t checked out yet and send you a promo code for a discount to give you extra incentive to check out.

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Wait for discounts- Always find out when the site you’re using has discounts. Most sites have Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals as well as discounts at the end of each season so if you can wait it out you definitely should.

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Birthday deals- A lot of sites also offer you a discount or free products on your birthday so if you can wait until then you may end up getting a better price.

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Always check the shipping cost- A lot of times when something sounds too good to be true it usually is. If something is being sold super they may be charging a lot for shipping. Shipping is often how they get you so always make sure to check how much shipping costs before you actually buy something.

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