5 Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

5 Ways To Save Money Shopping Online Here are 5 ways to save money shopping online: Do your research I think this is the most important one of all. Google is your best friend when you're shopping online. Before you buy anything make sure to check on multiple sites to find the best price you [...]

Tips For Your Transition To Veganism

Here are some tips for your transition to veganism whether you're doing Veganuary or thinking of a permanent lifestyle/diet change. Hope they help! Wait a while before trying substitutes Your taste buds get really used to the taste of non-vegan food if you have, like most people, been eating them your whole life. However, your [...]

Writer Survival 101 (Guest Post)

Writer Survival 101 By Lisa Reynolds The life of a writer is one of hard work and trying to get your work noticed. In such a highly populated field so many works are passed over simply because readers can only read so much at any given time. But if you keep going, you never know [...]

Tips On How To Deal With Anxiety Pt 2

I had done the first part of "Tips On How To Deal With Anxiety" a while back and since then I have learnt some more things that help me with my anxiety that I wanted to share with you guys! For the first part please click here. Identify your triggers Most people have different triggers and [...]

Tips On How To Deal With Depression

I have dealt with depression for quite a few years. That's why I wanted to share some tips on how to deal with depression. Actually I have had symptoms of depression since I was 11/12. It was really hard at first especially because I didn’t know what was happening- I was just always sad or [...]