How To Make Your First $1000 Online

How To Make Your First $1000 Online

Making Money Online As many of you may know, I recently started working full-time as a freelancer and it has been an incredible journey. It has also been a very eye-opening journey. I think I've learnt a lot more about what it takes to work online, how to make the best of it and more. [...]

How To Create An Algorithm Friendly Post

How To Create An Algorithm Friendly Post

Disclaimer: This post is for people looking to grow their blog/following/views by making algorithm friendly posts. If you are not currently looking to grow your blog and are blogging for other reasons you really don't need to make your posts algorithm friendly. Keep doing what you're doing and most importantly remember to enjoy yourself! I [...]

Advice For Younger Bloggers

Advice For Younger Bloggers

Introduction To Advice For Young Bloggers A little while ago, I received this comment on one of my posts: I found it very interesting because I usually write advice posts about a number of things but I don't recall writing anything specifically for younger bloggers or bloggers that are not yet adults even though I [...]

Work From Home Woes And How To Overcome Them

Working from home might be normal for some people, but for others, it’s a completely different ballgame and it can be a struggle to cope with it. If you’re like many people, you’ve probably been forced to adapt to work from home conditions because of your employer. Most of us expected that we’d be back [...]

Blogger Recognition Award #7

I want to thank Bunmi for nominating me for this award! She has an amazing post with lifestyle posts, inspirational posts and much more. Be sure to check out her blog by clicking here. What are the award’s rules? 1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. 2. Write [...]

Blogger Recognition Award #4

I want to thank Pinki Jana for nominating me for this award it's always so much fun to do! Do be sure to check out her awesome blog about books, lifestyle and more! About the Blogger Recognition Award The Blogger Recognition Award is an award given in recognition of all the hard work that goes [...]

5 Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

Do your research- I think this is the most important one of all. Google is your best friend when you're shopping online. Before you buy anything make sure to check on multiple sites to find the best price you can. You should also reviews to make sure the product your getting is worth the price. [...]

How To Have The Best Experience In University As An Introvert | Guest Post

Check out the collab post I wrote for Erin’s blog!

The Ecolytical

University can be a very confusing and terrifying time with so much going on and in my opinion it can be even harder when you are an introvert because you are forced into so many new situations and a lot of the time have to make a whole new set of friends. Here are my tips on how to have the best time as an introvert in university

  1. Don’t force yourself to be social- As a university student you may feel pressured to join a lot of clubs, go to parties and make a bunch of friends but that is not for everyone although it may seem like it. Of course it is great to go to parties, join clubs, meet new people and make new friends but don’t do it just for the sake of it until you are absolutely drained. Make sure to make time for yourself and…

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