I Still Love You

It still makes me angry to think of you

Sometimes I wonder if you've moved on

Then I remember all the things you did

I can't believe I ever let you into my life

Like an unexpected storm you turned it upside down

Love isn't supposed to hurt like this

Love is supposed to be pure

Or maybe I'm just delusional

Vile words we yelled at each other still haunt me

Every single day and every single night

You broke my heart

One word at a time

Until you turned our love into hate

Did you find my hidden message? Let me know in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi!

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139 thoughts on “I Still Love You

  1. “Forget about loving another, love yourself
    is all you need of love
    when you love yourself only
    you will find yourself living with love
    as oppose to existing without love.”
    _-Van Prince

  2. No didn’t get your hidden message. Love is supposed to hurt because it makes us open to walking along with another and sharing sorrows. It’s also supposed to heal and fill us with joy, hope andredilience. So we know, we are strong enough to bear the loss when it’s time to say goodbye. Strong enough to learn new ways. Heal. And move forward. Lovely writing!

  3. “I still love you”. Sometimes I think we idealize a relationship when looking back. Even remembering the pain isn’t enough to take away what we wished for.

  4. I was reading other comments to see what other people say about the hidden message, but I didn’t see any. You are hiding it too well and I am not getting the implicit message. However I get the explicit message that love does hurt very much. Since I’ve read your writing for a year now, I understand that you like to do a reverse in the second half of your story. For example, in one of your fictions, a man accuses his girlfriend for being heartless, but in the second half it turns out that the man is a stalker and most of the things he said in the first half is just his own imagination.

    1. I think I may have hidden it too well because most people didn’t find it. The first letter of each sentence spell out “I still love you.”
      Yeah I really do like those twists because although my stories are obviously exaggerated I’ve noticed that life has a way of always throwing us unexpected twists and turns.

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