Six Word Story #113

You broke my already desolated heart.

Today’s Word:


1devoid of inhabitants and visitors 
2joyless, disconsolate, and sorrowful through or as if through separation from a loved onedesolate widow
3ashowing the effects of abandonment and neglect 
bBARRENLIFELESS desolate landscape
cdevoid of warmth, comfort, or hope

More about the word. 

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101 thoughts on “Six Word Story #113

      1. I need your help with something sissy
        Yesterday I’ve been trying to catch yo on some of the blogs I follow, reading and commenting. In the morning all was fine until later in the afternoon when I logged and i start to comment on posts it just hits back my comments. In a sense that it will show that the comment is gone but when i try to read the next post, it cancels the comment

        I’m not sure if I make..please help me
        What could be the problem?

        1. Hey! I don’t think the issue is anything serious. It sounds like WP has wrongfully assumed your comments are spam and therefore your comments are not going through. I would recommend not commenting on any posts for a few hours and then trying again. If the issue continues talk to the happiness engineers and they will probably be able to fix it.

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