Six Word Story #113

You broke my already desolated heart.

Today’s Word:


1devoid of inhabitants and visitors 
2joyless, disconsolate, and sorrowful through or as if through separation from a loved onedesolate widow
3ashowing the effects of abandonment and neglect 
bBARRENLIFELESS desolate landscape
cdevoid of warmth, comfort, or hope

More about the word. 

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101 responses to “Six Word Story #113”

  1. Just when I thought you couldn’t.

    1. Heartbreaking addition but I love it!

      1. Read mine too

  2. Healing and restoration must happen now.

    1. That’s the next step!

      1. Absolutely!

  3. Such a sad word to work with:

    The desolate crib heated their tears.

    1. Yup this is definitely one of the sadder new words. Love your addition!

  4. Messing with someone’s life leaves desolation.

    1. Indeed it does.

  5. That’s so true. When one is vulnerable, it is easy to fall into the pitfall of somebody’s pretense, which will lead to another heartbreak. I’ve seen these things happen.

    1. Yeah that definitely happens. I think people tend to become more desperate to find love when they’re vulnerable.

  6. I’ll live and thrive despite you.

    1. Great addition I like that it’s looking towards the future 👍🏼

  7. The apple rotting around desolate seeds.

    1. Great addition!

  8. my desolated heart healed eating cookies.

    love in sugar… not so good but sometimes it does the trick. 🤣❤️

    1. Lol sugar heals everything 😂

    2. I found my voice Avatar
      I found my voice

      This happens to me a lot😝

      1. 💖❤️😝

        1. I found my voice Avatar
          I found my voice


  9. Pain echoes past my desolated memories!

    1. This hurts me for a wound I never had

    2. I found my voice Avatar
      I found my voice

      Love this, so deep💙

      1. Thank you

        1. I found my voice Avatar
          I found my voice

          So welcome🦋

  10. I became desolate without you here.

  11. You’ve made my desolate heart bloom.

    1. I found my voice Avatar
      I found my voice

      This is nice💙

  12. thin path still ahead deteriorated ruthlessly

  13. Ignoring each and every single part

  14. Basically heart can not be desolated as it is either full of sadness or happiness. No space for desolation. Right?

  15. You can’t fix something that’s broken.

  16. “ You broke my already desolated heart.”
    Heartbreak cure? New love’s healing strength! ❤️‍🩹

  17. it was barren from the start…

  18. Crumbling memory of now desolate love.

  19. His desolate expression bespoke 1,000 sorrows.

  20. A lost novel by Emily Bronte?

  21. What’s void can never be broken.

  22. Wow! Deep and touching…

  23. Your heart heals but scars are permanent. Mine’s healing❤️‍🩹

  24. You watched, as I fell apart.

    1. Oh, wow! This is so underrated!

  25. My heart will be restored again! 😊

  26. that’s what desolate people will do

  27. Left me desolate… why? Just why.

    1. I love this one…

      1. Thanks.. !

        1. You’re welcome

  28. Your love will only populate it.

  29. “You came and then desolated me.”

    Well, there are some people who come in our lives with a wish or desire. When that wish is fulfilled, they just disappear in thin air.

    By the way, I also loved this story.

  30. I relive my dark desolated past

    1. I found my voice Avatar
      I found my voice

      Like this 🦋

  31. I found my voice Avatar
    I found my voice

    Desolate by day lovers by night

  32. I want to tell you that yesterday (when you published this post) it happened opposite of your six word story. 🥰🥰

    My answer would be :

    But as always, I care you

    1. Omg haha that’s wonderful!!

  33. Without you, my heart is desolate.

    1. Great addition!

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  35. An empty heart can be filled

    1. It absolutely can.

  36. ❤❤❤ i cant tell how hard it hit!!

  37. My broken heart renewed without you♥️

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  39. But I don’t feel anything anymore

    1. Perfect addition!

  40. Desolate, desolate, desolate, am I so.

  41. Such magnificent word crafting #mywordskraft

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  43. Heartbreaking

  44. I love it.

  45. And you keep doing it repeatedly ☹️

  46. The more desolate my life was the more joyful the world around me became.

    1. Wow love that addition.

  47. You should be ashamed of yourself

      1. I need your help with something sissy
        Yesterday I’ve been trying to catch yo on some of the blogs I follow, reading and commenting. In the morning all was fine until later in the afternoon when I logged and i start to comment on posts it just hits back my comments. In a sense that it will show that the comment is gone but when i try to read the next post, it cancels the comment

        I’m not sure if I make..please help me
        What could be the problem?

        1. Hey! I don’t think the issue is anything serious. It sounds like WP has wrongfully assumed your comments are spam and therefore your comments are not going through. I would recommend not commenting on any posts for a few hours and then trying again. If the issue continues talk to the happiness engineers and they will probably be able to fix it.

          1. Thank you so much dear
            I’ve been off for a while noww. I’ll start commenting tomorrow

            1. Hope it’s working again!

  48. Its Deep and well said 😁

  49. You use a very good brevity.
    I loved this.

  50. Fool me once,twice,thrice…DESOLATION.

  51. My heart will no longer suffer

    1. Love that addition!

  52. Why is a six so important?

    1. No idea…

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