Ideal Inspirational Blogger Award

Thank you for the award nomination!

I want to thank Nida Khan for nominating me for this award! She has an awesome blog with book reviews and more. Be sure to check it out by clicking here. 


1. Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog.
2. Answer their questions.
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What do you do to unwind/destress/relax?
Meditate or watch TV.

Who is your favorite artist or what is your favorite artwork?
My favourite artist right now is DestinyBlue– she’s absolutely brilliant.
Do you have a favorite fragrance? What is it?
My favourite is a vegan, cruelty free fragrance from Skylar called Woodsy. You can check out my full review for it by clicking here. 
Are you an early-bird type of person, a night-owl, or somewhere in between?
Night owl for sure.

Do you have a favorite movie character? Who is it and from what movie?
Yes, Han Solo from Star Wars!

My Nominees

If you’re reading this post and feel as though this may be something you want to participate in please consider yourself nominated and use the same questions I did- I would love to read your take on them! And if you don’t want to do an entire post dedicated to it you can leave the answers in the comments below.

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My Favourite Vegan Brands: Skylar

“After many months of working with world-class perfumers and testing our products in real life, we created a collection of perfumes that gave us the answer we were all looking for. Skylar is a brand of natural perfumes that you can feel great about spritzing. The name Skylar was inspired by the qualities of a clear day – airy, natural, and beautiful.”

The other day I was lucky enough to receive some amazing samples from a brand called Skylar. They make perfumes which are vegan, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. Their products are also Paraben free, Sulfate free, Phthalate free, Allergen free and they also have no Synthetic Dyes. Plus since they are certified vegan they have no animal products in their perfumes either. For more on their ingredients click here.

Skylar prefers to use as many natural ingredients as they can and the rest of the ingredients are also tested to make sure they are not harmful to the person using them.

I had been looking for vegan and cruelty free perfumes for a while now when I came across their site. It was actually one of those freak instances where the universe kind of pushes (or usually in my case shoves…) you in the right direction.

They have six perfumes in the sample box and for this part of the blog I will be talking about them individually:

  1. Arrow- “Warm, spicy and seductive.” I really liked the smell of this one. It smells exactly how they describe it. I think this would be perfect if you’re one of those people who loves socialising or going out a lot. I also think this would be the perfect perfume to wear on a date. It has that punk rock aura to it that I absolutely loved.
  2. Capri- “Sparkling, zesty, and sweet.” I really liked this one too. I think this is perfect for spring when the flowers are coming in and you’re no longer freezing to death. If you’re a social person with an extroverted personality this is what I assume your scent would be like.
  3. Coral- “Fruity, floral, and flirty.” This one was my sisters favourite out of all of them. I think this is the perfect scent for summer because it’s so light and fruity- it feels like you just came back from picking fruit. My sister has been using it every day even though it’s winter but I think it still totally works!
  4. Isle– “Clean, dewy, and fresh.” This scent is very reminiscent of the ocean or the beach. This is another perfume that would be absolutely perfect for summer. It kind of reminds me of when you’re a kid and your parents take you to the beach. The perfume really brings back good memories.
  5. Meadow- “Floral, elegant, and beautiful.” This is my second favourite scent out of all six of them. It smells very fresh like you’re sitting in a garden full of flowers. I think this is the perfect perfume for spring and summer especially it you’re an outdoorsy person.
  6. Willow- “Woodsy, lush, and cool.” Although I loved all the samples this was my absolute favourite. I’ve been wearing this every day since I received the samples. It is totally the perfect scent for my personality. It’s earthy and it feels like your sitting in a forest and I just absolutely love it. I love nature and to be able to smell it all day long is just the best feeling ever especially since it’s winter and nothing smells earthy right now.

My Final Thoughts

As I say a lot on this blog I have very sensitive skin and a lot of makeup products and perfumes cause me to get eczema and so I was a little nervous to try out Skylar, a brand I had never used before. However, thankfully my skin was totally fine and there was no reaction from the perfume at all. So if you are very sensitive I would recommend trying out these perfumes.

I think the price is not the most affordable but I do think it’s worth the price. It lasts the whole day for me even though I spray it on in the morning and since it’s hypoallergenic it doesn’t mess up my skin. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty free and better for the environment then other perfumes.

In case you’re confused about which one to buy they have a quiz that will match you with the perfect perfume for you.

If you’re still not sure whether you want to buy the perfumes try out their sample palette. It costs $20 but you earn a $20 credit which you can use to buy a full sized bottle of whichever one you liked the best! And if that’s not enough I was able to get you guys a discount! Use the code POOJA10 (all caps) to get 10% off.

Giving Back

“We contribute a portion of our proceeds and time to Step Up – non-profit organization that provides mentorship for underprivileged high school girls across the country.”

To check out Skylar click here.

For more of my favourite vegan brands click here.

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Tips for Dry Skin

As you guys know I have dry skin and I think these tips are super helpful especially with winter around the corner!


Hello my loves! As December rolls upon us i thought i would delight you guys with some tips and tricks for dry skin. As i have mentioned before in previous blogs, i have suffered from dry hair, oily hair and dry and oily skin throughout my life. So i understand how hard the struggle is.

Here are some things that i did to help my dry skin feel less bothersome.

I found that after taking showers often times made my skin feel worse afterwards. You would think that all you have to do is put on some lotion. FALSE! There are times when not even lotion would help.

Don’t take long showers:

I know how relaxing a good long 30min shower can feel after a long day, but having your skin in the water for that long really isnt good for your skin. Try and limit your showers to 5-10…

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Best 2018 Black Friday Deals For Makeup!

Hope you get some good stuff this Blackfriday!

hope and highlighter

Hey y’all! Black Friday is coming up soon, and though I usually don’t leave my house for this event, I love to online shop and take advantage of all the sweet deals. I’ve had a few people ask me what the best deals are, so I thought I’d compile a few good ones and share them with you! I definitely won’t be buying things from all of these sites, but I might pick a few items up here and there 😉 Also, I definitely haven’t captured every single sale out there, but these are a few from the most popular beauty brands at the moment. Hope you enjoy!



Ulta has soooo many good deals happening in the next week! I will link their website here: . Not only do they have deals for actual Black Friday, but things are on sale before then too! This applies to…

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5 Kat Von D Lipstick Shades You Need This Fall

Kat Von D’s makeup line is known for their Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks because they actually are the closest thing to everlasting that I’ve come across so far! Kat Von D products are cruelty free and vegan. Here are five shades that would be perfect for fall even though I know fall is technically half way through!

Lolita I- This is honestly my favourite shade like ever. I wear it all the time all year around but it looks extra amazing in fall since it’s more brownish and looks perfect with the changing of the leaves and weather. Also this is the perfect shade for people with olive skin looking for a nude lipstick that doesn’t look weird.

Image result for kat von d lolita

Lolita II- Another perfect shade for fall. It’s really beautiful and again since it’s more orange it looks great in fall with the changing leaves.

Image result for kat von d madrid

Madrid- This is more of a warm redwood color and again a really perfect nude lipstick for people with olive skin.

Image result for kat von d bow n arrow lipstick
Bow N Arrow

Bow N Arrow- I never get tired of brown shades and this is another one that is just so warm and perfect for fall.

Image result for kat von d outlaw

Outlaw-  Don’t worry this isn’t another brown shade! This one is a brick red because red always looks classy and elegant especially in fall when some of the trees are all red and pretty!

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How I Saved My Skin

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had pretty dry skin. As a kid I had a little bit of an eczema problem but luckily (fingers crossed!) I’m okay now but I still have really sensitive and dry skin. I try to avoid using a lot of chemicals on my skin and I only rarely do full face makeup. Even though a lot of companies swear that their products work for people with sensitive skin they don’t usually work for me. However, a few months ago I subscribed to Ipsy and got my first Ipsy Bag. I’m not going to lie, it was kind of disappointing and even though the products I got were good they just weren’t what I was looking for at the moment. But, there was one thing that blew my mind away! That was the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. Again, I’m going to be honest and say that I had actually not heard of FAB before this so I did what any normal human would do- I Googled.

Turns out FAB creates all these amazing products for people with sensitive skin. So I began using the lotion and to my surprise it made my skin so much better! It didn’t look all dead and dry anymore and it actually had a healthy glow to it! Plus, the lotion is so light you don’t even feel like you have something on your face which is awesome because a lot of products are heavy and it feels like you have so much product on your face! I use it on a daily basis- once after I take a shower and once before I go to sleep at night. The one I get is travel sized so I can carry it around with me and take it with me when I travel! However, they do have a bigger size in case you’re interested.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this product with you in case you’re suffering from any skin problems and need to find products for sensitive skin. This is just something I found and I thought I would share with you guys!

To check out First Aid Beauty products click here.

To see a list of vegan and cruelty free products from First Aid Beauty click here.

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You NEED the MakeupEraser

Southern Girl Blogging

Hello out there in reader land! Here’s a note to my beauties and those who love makeup and clean skin. Last night, your devoted southern blogger got to sample the MakeUp Eraser, boasted to completely clean allll of your mascara, dark liner, foundation, and even the sweat and crud off without soap. Just wet this special REUSABLE cloth and wipe away! AND it’s REUSABLE for 3-5 years. You can imagine my apprehension and eye roll at this claim. This little pink square sample arrived in the mail all fuzzy (like a scary ‘70s shag carpet) and my eye roll became an eye and neck roll. AS IF this little square was going to clean MY heavy diva makeup face down to clean. So I piled on that mascara, the false lashes (with black glue) and liner, used my waterproof foundation and spritzed with a nice finishing spray to seal the deal…

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Makeup Products I Hated

Maybelline Strobing Stick- I’m a really big fan of Maybelline and I’ve liked almost all their products but this product just fell short. It didn’t have a great glow and it kind of just looked weird because you have to wear so much of it.

Image result for maybelline highlighter stick

E.L.F Highlighter- I’m a big fan of both E.L.F and powder highlighters so I thought this would work out great but I really hated this highlighter. I know some makeup guru’s/bloggers really like it but this just wasn’t for me.  It didn’t have that much glow and it was really flaky and hard to use.

Image result for elf highlighter

E.L.F Lip Primer and Plumper– I didn’t have any particular problem with this product except that I don’t think it works. The primer part is fine but the plumper in my experience just didn’t work. I already have pretty large lips so I didn’t mind that much since it hydrated them really well and since it tingled it made them nice and pink but for someone who has smaller lips and is looking for an actual way to plump their lips this product is just not for you.

Image result for elf primer and plumper

Covergirl Mascara- Compared to other mascaras I’ve used this just doesn’t cut it. It looks okay but it really isn’t anything to brag about. It does make your lashes slightly darker and fuller but if you’re looking for a really full look this is not for you.

Image result for covergirl mascara

Nyx Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation– This actually looked really good when I put it on but it really didn’t stay on well. After a few hours it started to smudge and move around and I ended up looking like a crazy person! I thought maybe the problem was me and I wasn’t using it right so I looked at other reviews and I saw that many people had similar experiences to mine. If you’re looking for a good matte foundation I would recommend Maybelline (not vegan or cruelty free) or ELF (vegan and cruelty free) or Eco Beauty Crew (cruelty free and has vegan options).

Image result for Nyx stay matte not flat foundation

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