Quotes About Change 2

I noticed that a number of you really enjoyed the quotes about change that I shared earlier. And so I thought I would share some more today. I hope you enjoy these quotes and I hope they inspire you to make some positive changes to your life and to the world. I hope you enjoy [...]

3 Day Quote Challenge- Day 2!

I really want to give a big shoutout to both mike7sedona and Rekha as they both nominated me for the 3 Day Quote Challenge! Mike’s and Rekha’s blogs are incredibly uplifting and inspiring. If you like inspirational blogs and poetry please take some time to stop over and give these blogs a visit! Rules to [...]

George Bernard Shaw Quotes

George Bernard Shaw was an amazing man and so I decided to share some of his inspirational quotes with you today! I find him so fascinating. And these quotes are so extremely inspiring. I love starting the week with inspiring quotes by brilliant people like him. I hope you enjoy these George Bernard Shaw quotes [...]

Inspirational Quotes About Change

As you probably know I am almost done with high school now and am going to be going to university soon which is really exciting. As you can imagine, there are quite a few major changes happening in my life. Things seem to be changing very fast right now. I am very excited for the [...]

The Quote Challenge

So this is the last day for the Quote Challenge I was nominated for by theorangutanlibrarian! So the rules are: Thank the person who nominated you Post a quote for three consecutive days Nominate three new bloggers each day Here's one of the best quotes that I love: My nominees for today are: fitness9555 jyoteeblog [...]