Changes- Poetry

As the world around me Changes every second I stay the same Every imperfection on show For the world to see Is there something wrong with me Or with the world around me? "Changes" is a poem that first appeared on Lifesfinewhine. As the reader, I am not sure how long you have been following [...]

Sometimes Life Just Happens

So if you've noticed I haven't been on the blog for a bit or posting it's because life happens. My amazing WiFi decided to stop working. Just randomly decided nope I'm not going to work anymore who cares how inconvenient it will be for everyone. I'm not going to lie, my WiFi does act out [...]

Another Quick Life Update!

I have a life update for you guys. I know I haven't been blogging much or keeping up to date with everyone else's blog. However, I thought I would share a life update about everything that's going on right now (admittedly not a lot...) I have a bunch of assignments due soon (one tomorrow and [...]

Dream Journal!

So today in Psychology we were learning about sleep and dreams and talked about different dreams and how they can be interpreted and it remind me of High School because my friends and I used to discuss the dreams we had that night and we would try to analyse them. It was really a lot [...]

Today Feels Urghhh

Urghhh. So the building I'm renting in has decided we have to fumigate everything which means I will have to basically move all my stuff then clean everything then move in all my things again. It's so inconvenient and I'm not sure how we'll even do that! Like it's just the two of us here! [...]

Quotes About Change 2

I noticed that a number of you really enjoyed the quotes about change that I shared earlier. And so I thought I would share some more today. I hope you enjoy these quotes and I hope they inspire you to make some positive changes to your life and to the world. I hope you enjoy [...]

How To Irritate People

How To Irritate People For some unknown reason I find it weirdly satisfying to make people feel extremely uncomfortable in my presence. At first I did it unintentionally but watching people squirm was just way too much fun. So without further ado, here is how to irritate people around you: Pretend you don’t understand what [...]