Please don’t tell me you still love me

Please don’t ask me to forgive you

Please stop saying you’ll change

Please stop trying to win me back

Please let me experience the pain of losing you

Because that’s the only way I’ll ever move on

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56 thoughts on “Please

      1. I know at least a couple of couples, all immigrants, who struggle to stay in the toxic relationship because divorce is too costly if not entirely ruinous to their finances.

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      1. Not really because every victim is different which means they react differently and from what I’ve learnt many abusers do try very hard to stay in the lives of the victim and the victims often feel like they still rely on them or feel helpless because they are unable to start over. Also this poem was about my own personal experience and I don’t expect others to relate or even understand as it is my personal experience and journey. I’m not trying to speak for all victims or anything like that- I’m just trying to express my own feelings.


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