SEO For Dummies #2


SEO For Dummies

I did a post about two weeks ago called SEO For Dummies and I thought it would be beneficial because SEO stuff is hard to understand and if I could put it more simply I could help people who may not be the best at technology or computer stuff. It got really good results and I noticed that a lot of people found it helpful and asked for more tips. Since I have been researching SEO for quite a few months now- pretty much since the lockdown began I have picked up on some simple and quick tricks and tips. So, I decided to share some more with you guys. Hope you find these helpful as well.
I don’t know about you guys but when it comes to SEO and all things SEO I feel like kind of a dummy a lot of times and as someone…

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24 thoughts on “SEO For Dummies #2

      1. lol…its crazy isn’t it…It’s sort of tell me what I need to *actually* know and the rest is blah blah blah….There’s so many things to always learn and not enough time.

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      2. And honestly, even if you learn everything it’s not always practical. Like they say longer posts are the best but my shorter posts always do really well so I don’t think it’s always accurate. More of a guideline I think.

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      3. Apparently something is going on with the Internet and Search Engine algorithms and stuff and everyones numbers are lower than usual. I just read something about that. I don’t remember exactly what because I’m awful at tech stuff but yeah don’t worry your numbers should increase soon!

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  1. I think I didn’t take care any of the points mentioned in your SEO For Dummies and I need to take a look at my Meta description tomorrow. Thanks a lot for the post, reminding again to do more research, but I am seriously having trouble to find some time.

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    1. Yeah research can be time consuming and also difficult sometimes because a lot of the terms are very technical. But unfortunately it does help a lot. When I make posts that are SEO friendly I get literally hundreds of views more than my posts that are not SEO friendly.


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