5 Ways To Beat Your Anxiety

Relaxation techniques– Learning relaxation techniques that work for your is important when it comes to anxiety. Not going to lie not everything that works for others will work for you but some things will so keep trying and you’ll eventually find out what works for you.
Don’t overwhelm yourself– Make sure not to overwhelm yourself because it’s easy to do that sometimes. Take some “me” time and spend some time relaxing so that you don’t end up burning out.
Be prepared- Anxiety sometimes strikes you when you least expect it and it’s good to be prepared. Like I said earlier having a relaxation technique that works for you helps. Knowing your triggers also helps to be better prepared. Reading through inspirational quotes and listening to calming music also helps a lot of people.
Don’t let it stop you– Make sure you don’t let anxiety get the best of you, don’t let it control your life. I know it’s easier said then done but I’ve learnt that working on it everyday and taking baby steps out of your comfort zone really helps eventually take bigger steps.
Seek help– If you feel like you are struggling and need help make sure you get help from a professional. There is nothing wrong with needing help and your mental health should be a priority.

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17 thoughts on “5 Ways To Beat Your Anxiety

  1. What works for me is to also visualize it and think about it like a friend gone wild. May be crazy and doesn’t work ALL THE TIME but I feel like our anxiety is there to protect us from the world, to keep us safe. When it starts to overwhelm, it’s like it’s getting its own anxiety and starts to confuse the good with the bad and starts acting wild and overprotective. That reminds me that actually I am in control and my mind may just be having a moment in trying to care for me.
    Again, this does NOT always work nor it is something to do instead of getting help, but at points it may be of use 🙂

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  2. I definitely agree with taking breaks I hear so many people say “ I have to stay busy to get through the panic” & that may work for them but for me to sit back and take a moment to regroup, breathe & focus my energy in a calm place always calms me down. Not letting it control you is also so important! You made some very great points here


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