Harry Potter Quotes!!

So as you all probably know I am totally obsessed with Harry Potter and decided to share some of my favourite quotes with you today! I read Harry Potter as a teenager and absolutely loved it. Harry Potter is one of those books you can always enjoy no matter what. And it has a really [...]

Book Review: And Baby Makes Two

*Warning: Contains Spoilers For And Baby Makes Two* "Getting what you want is only the beginning." I finally read And Baby Makes Two by Dyan Sheldon. This mildly light hearted yet extremely realistic and hard hitting books is one of my favorites. Dyan Sheldon has a way of connecting with her audience and really being [...]

The Child- Poem

The child waited As her family wept The priest prayed by her bed Her mother held her hand The candle was still burning on the nightstand Her father wiped his face with his handkerchief The room was so bright She couldn’t understand why Her parents tried to console her brother “Her suffering has ended” “She’s [...]