The Writers Dilemma (Guest Post)

By Gwen


How could anyone kill their darlings when they birthed them?

My darlings are the great thoughts, the succinct quotes, the magical insights, the metaphors, similes that light up my writing and make it sparkle like sunshine on rippling water. How can I kill them? Well, I can’t. To kill them would be to kill me.

There are options other than suicide for me and my darlings. One is to delete them, consigning them to the bin. Secondly, they can be filed away for use in another writing project. Thirdly, I categorised them so they can be found quickly and easily when needed.

My darlings can be adjusted to add life to the story or project. Improvement does not mean death it means recycling. Giving another life to my darlings. Killing is destroying, removing, cutting away. To kill off my darlings is to run the risk of killing that ‘something’ that makes my story unique and readable.

I take courage and prepare, comb, mentor my darlings. I do not commit author’s genocide. I take them refining the quote, rephrasing the sentence, smoothing and tightening the paragraph for that great moment when that great idea, that magical scene, the well-drawn character takes centre stage.


When your romantic scene doesn’t work anymore what do you do?

The darlings must go if they no longer fit.

Here is a checklist to determine whether to kill, cut or coach our darlings.
• Do they fit with the flow of the story?
• Do the darlings make the story stronger enhance the atmosphere of the novel?
• Do they add clarity to the scene, the story, the chapter?
• Does removing the scene harm the flow or clarity of the story?
• By removing that psychological insight, the suffering and hard work; will the characters be altered to their detriment or enhancement?
• Why do I like this scene, this character or this phrase? Does it harm the story? If it doesn’t harm the story…it stays.


My darlings must make my story magical.

Nursing a story through the birth pangs and rearing it to adulthood takes thought and hard work.

Why kill my darlings? Why not salvage them, reprocess them, give them a makeover.

Change brings growth – it turns good books into great books.

Good writers are turned into great writers when they are brave enough to take their darlings and groom them for centre stage.

Cutting out the darlings to trim down the story and improve it can take away the sparkle, the mystery, the subtle innuendo.

If a scene doesn’t work find out why and make changes to improve the weak sections turning the book into a great book.

Make stars out of your darlings. If you consign them to the bin they cannot strut their stuff across the pages of your book.

There is always the possibility that the darlings will flop, time then, Annie to get your gun and kill them off.

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Get Over Your Ex (Book Review)

About The Author

She is an indie author. Her native language is Croatian. She started with a blog where she described life situations like satire stories. Then she made a collection of 4 self-help books. After this, she decided to write short stories based on real events. She is between romance, drama, and thriller.

Amazon Summary

This is a book for women who passed through breakups. Find how to get over your failed relationship. Men might be interested how to face it with illusions about their ex-lovers. The previous relationship is sometimes the obstacle for a new romance.

Goodreads Summary

This book is written for women who passed through a hard break-up. You can enjoy in real stories with a dose of sarcasm. I wanted to inspire you to stand up and smile after your personal defeat. This book reveals both sides, how to handle a break-up and the pressure after you leave your partner.
It is not the same to be abandoned or to get out from a relationship. Here are examples and stories about couples who learn their lesson in a harder way.

My Thoughts

As you guys know I love supporting WordPress writers and Kristina is one of my favourites We have been friends for quite a while now and I always enjoy reading new books from her. It’s really inspiring and impressive how well she writes considering English isn’t her first language. I have been lucky enough to see her writing grow and evolve and this book was one of my favourite book from her so far.

This book is written to help women struggling with getting over their ex or moving on from a relationship. It is witty, sometimes anecdotal and amusing but underneath it all there is actually some solid advice on how to move on from a relationship because obviously this isn’t always an easy thing to do. It analysis different situations and gives advice on them and how to better deal with them.

I would definitely recommend checking out this book and all of Kristina’s other books too because she is quite a fascinating writer!

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My Classes And Joining A Club

Philosophy– Okay so this is my new favourite subject!! It’s so deep and interesting and it’s the only subjecting where having multiple existential crisis actually helps you get good marks! And the cherry on top? My professor is absolutely hilarious and looks like George Lucas!

Psychology- So we’re basically learning stuff I’ve learnt in High School again which is awesome because it means I don’t have to work excessively hard and I already understand what the professor is talking about!

Sociology- It’s REALLY interesting!! I am going to learn about Karl Marx soon which I’m really looking forward to!

Earth Science- Okay I’m not going to lie it’s a lot more difficult than I thought it was but it’s also really interesting! Minus when we learn about rocks. That’s kind of boring to me.

History- Okay again I’m not going to lie the course I’m taking right now is boring. It’s not horrible it’s just a bit boring. I mean how much can you know about The British Isles? Apparently a lot.

And the club I joined was of course *drum roll* CREATIVE WRITERS CLUB!! The boy who’s in charge of it looks a bit like Augustus from The Fault In Our Stars 😂 I really hope he doesn’t read this post…

Image result for augustus the fault in our stars GIF

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College Romance (Guest Post)

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The Writers Woes

I’m afraid

That I’ve run out of things to write

I’m afraid

That I’ll never be good enough

I’m afraid

That no one will ever read my work

I’m afraid

That I’ll have to give up writing

I’m afraid

That my work will never be appreciated

I’m afraid

That I’ll have nothing to write about

I’m afraid

That my dreams will fall apart

I’m afraid

That I’ll have nothing left to write

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