Blogger Interview With Yusuf

Blogger Interview With Yusuf
I want to thank Yusuf for being part of this interview today and if you haven’t checked out his blog already I would definitely recommend doing so by clicking the link below because I’m sure you will find it interesting.
1. Thanks so much for being a part of this interview. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your blog is about.

First and foremost, thank you for allowing me to participate in your series. Well, my name is Yusuf but I go by my pen name TheRhymeRula for my published work. I’m a blogger, podcaster, poet, and short-story writer. I’ve been fortunate enough to have my work featured on SpillWords. Onto the purpose of my blog. Real Free – Flowing Words is my platform to share my unfiltered thoughts on anything as the headline says once you go on my site and it comes in two formats, blog entries, and poems. To add levity I include wisdom quotes, film reviews (which I want to get back to doing one day), and photography.

2. When did you start your blog and what made you decide to start blogging?

I started this blog in the Summer of 2017 and I wanted to have a home for all the writing I was doing and completed throughout my years in college. Additionally, I wanted to connect, collaborate (which I’m glad I’ve done), share, and know I have a place to bestow my work to fellow writers who will appreciate my work and I create rapport with. This will thus lead to them being returning visitors and we can encourage each other with every publication.

3. Some of the topics you discuss on your posts are darker- is it more difficult to write those or is it better to get them out there rather than bottling things up?

Not really, the darker topics will cause me to be more meticulous on how I want to structure and get the message across so the reader can comprehend and understand that I’m passionate about the topic I’m writing about at that moment. Furthermore, even if my stance on the topic differs from theirs, I always respect and acknowledge their perspective. So, is it difficult? I’ll rephrase my answer and say no because I believe even though the topics may be dark, I believe they should be addressed and not disregarded no matter how uncomfortable it might make you feel. That statement might seem harsh but with the “Cancel culture” and Political Correct “warriors” rampant nowadays, unfiltered and explicit content is always subject to scrutiny even if my opinions have facts to back them up.

4. Where do you draw inspiration for your posts from?

It’s an amalgamation of things. I can get inspiration from my past, current events, something I’ve read like a quote or a book, Black History, something I’ve learned and want to share that’s going to benefit my readers, and sometimes I get inspired by something I’ve watched.

5. What are some of your long term goals for blogging? 

My long-term goal in blogging is to continue growing this site and brand that is now going beyond the site. I would like to increase my viewers/visitors and engagement that would translate to followers and a retainment of those followers with consistent content publication.

6. What inspires you to write about topics that others may shy away from?

I don’t like censorship and I enjoy this platform for being lenient compared to other platforms where they can stagnate your content and subjugate it to shadow banning or worse account termination. What inspires me to write about topics other writers might shy away from is my hopes to create a conversation no matter how light or heavy the subject matter is, and that will in hopes attract more viewers. Who knows what I write might inspire them to start writing hard-hitting content.

7. What is your favourite food?

That’s a tough question. I don’t want to exclude something or include something I don’t eat often. As of lately I’ve been cooking my meals and have incorporated a lot of vegetables and fruits in my pasta and rice dishes which have been delicious. If I want something quick I’d make a turkey club or chicken salad sandwich, or go to a pizzeria and get some wings or a chicken sandwich with everything except raw onions (I like them sauteed), ketchup (ew), or mustard. My preferences change depending on my mood. So to be honest I don’t have a favorite food.

8. What was your favourite cartoon as a child?

There are too many for me to name to narrow it down, I can name any from Nickelodeon classics cartoons, Marvel, to Disney, but if I were to choose one that I loved watching as a child it would be Arthur. I loved watching all the cable network cartoon shows but once my parents cut our cable in 2000, I gravitated to that series and other programs on PBS. As I grew older and got cable back I started watching adult-oriented cartoons i.e. The Simpsons (Which my mother disapproved of me watching but I still did 😉 , South Park, Family Guy, and many more.

9. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

The superpower I’d like to have would be regeneration like Wolverine from the X – Men because for one I can heal instantly and will be impervious to diseases. Going through the healing process for any injury minor or major is painful and nerve-wracking so I would want to prevent that at all cost.

10. Thanks again and please feel free to add anything you would like to share with the readers.

I welcome you to visit my site and explore the variety of content I post every week. If you enjoy viewing it, other than liking it, leave a comment if you found anything I said insightful to you (don’t worry I take positive and negative comments in stride). In addition, I have two podcasts, a history one titled Black History 365: The Throw Down and a podcast that is an audio version of my blog content here titled Real Free – Flowing Words. You can find them both on Spotify or any platform you get your podcasts on. With that said, once again thank you Pooja G (Lifesfinewhine) for having me on your series. Peace and keep it real.

If you enjoyed this interview don’t forget to stop by Yusuf’s blog by clicking here.

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I’m a little busy at the moment and have quite a few interviews ready to post so please don’t worry if I don’t respond immediately. I will definitely respond as soon as possible.

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Six Word Story #118

Six Word Story #118

Your words are my favourite paean.

Today’s Word:


1. a joyous song or hymn of praise, tribute, thanksgiving, or triumph
2a work that praises or honors its subject 

More about the word. 

Don’t forget to leave your six word reply in the comments because I always love reading them or simply stop by and say hi!

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Getting Old Sucks

Getting Old Sucks

I was kind of preoccupied filming for my Instagram so I didn’t have too much time to come up with a post but I have been listening to this band called Bowling For Soup since I was a teenager and recently they released a song called Getting Old Sucks and it was a little too relatable for this wrinkled, grey haired blogger so I decided to share it with you guys since we always have a lot to talk about when it comes to music.

I know I’m only 24 but I’m already saying things like “kids these days” lol. Should I be concerned? Is this how it starts? Is it downhill from here? I’m still hip I swear! Lol kidding, I love my little greys and I like getting older. I’m okay with that. Let me know what you guys think of the song below and let me know if you’re a fan of BFS like I am!

Disclaimer: May contain explicit content. 

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Life Update #3

Life Update #3

As you probably know if you have read my earlier post, I am trying to go back to blogging regularly like I used to and blogging on a number of topics not just six word stories and interviews. I had taken a break from longer posts because they take a lot more time but I feel ready and excited to get back into it. Why now you may ask? Well, my answer is stop being nosy. Kidding- I just had a fun break but now I have a lot to say that’s all.

I thought I should do a little update post because I haven’t really talked much about what’s been going on with me lately and I thought it would be nice to catch up with everyone and let you know what’s going on in my life.

If you follow me on my Instagram page you probably already know this but I have been spending a lot more time on my Instagram and I am currently trying really hard to grow it. The progress is a lot slower than with WordPress but I don’t mind. At the moment I am just really enjoying the process of creating content. I have been having a lot of fun with the reels feature which allows you to make short 15-60 second videos. I have been making short funny ones but I also want to start making makeup tutorial videos and more stuff to do with makeup because that’s something I am very into right now and I don’t want to post makeup stuff on my blog too often so I think my Instagram would be a good place to post it. Feel free to check out my reels- I would appreciate it!

This is the latest one I posted:

I’ve also been posting reels about blogging which you can check out below if that’s something you would be interested in:

I also recently hurt my chin by mistake so now my face is all bruised up. It’s kind of annoying because I wanted to take pictures and create reels for Instagram but I can’t because of the bruise. Thankfully, I still have some videos and images I had made earlier that I can use but yeah I’m hoping this heals quickly. Also don’t ask what happened- it’s kind of an embarrassing story of my stupidity so I’m going to choose to not share it with the internet for now lol.

I have been making a lot of new foods too which I am excited to share with you on my What I Eat In A Day posts as well as my recipe posts. I have honestly eaten so many interesting things in the last few weeks I have a lot of food content coming up so definitely keep an eye out for that!

I have also been watching A LOT of Grey’s Anatomy which I am so obsessed with now- if there are any other Grey’s fans out there let’s chat in the comments about it!!

I have also been meaning to get back into art recently so I will be sharing my progress with you guys when that happens.

I have been listening to a lot of new music too and I plan to make an entire post about that at some point but for now I thought I would share some tracks I have been listening to lately:

The songs below contain explicit content so if that is something you would like to avoid please do not watch them.

Oh, and the other day my concealer randomly fell down in the middle of the night from my shelf which I keep all my makeup on and disappeared. Like it just disappeared completely. I turned my bedroom upside down looking for it and I still haven’t found it. It’s been more than a month… Am I being haunted? This is definitely one of the weirdest things that have ever happened to me.

That’s pretty much it for me at the moment- I’ll edit stuff in later if I remember more stuff I want to share with you guys lol. Have a great day everyone!

Your Thoughts

What have you been up to lately? Anything exciting or interesting happening in your life? Are you a fan of Grey’s Anatomy? What music are you currently listening to? Let me know in the comments below because I always enjoy chatting with you guys or simply stop by and say hi- I swear I don’t bite anymore 😂

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Blogger Interview With Vincent Smarra

Blogger Interview With Vincent Smarra
I have gotten so many interview requests and I wanted to thank everyone for their interest- I will definitely respond to each email just give me some time as I’m pretty busy with university at the moment. Thanks again!

I hope you enjoy this interview with blogger Vincent Santino Smarra! As always feel free to leave your comments below telling us what you thought about the interview or simply stop by and say hi!

1. Thank you so much for being a part of this interview. Please tell us a little about yourself, your blog and what it is about.
I’m Vincent Santino Smarra, better known as ‘Who?’, or Sonny, to my friends. I always enjoyed language, I’m a prose person that considers writing art. Love it all, except grammar, which I accept like a good-intentioned yet annoying family member. My online platform is my way of sharing my work with the world.

2. When did you start your blog and what made you decide to start blogging?

Sometime in my childhood, this idea popped into my head that I’m meant to be a writer, and never left. So I write because I have to, but my blog, portfolio, whatever the proper term, was another step entirely. I started regularly sharing my work online about 7 years ago when I first felt confident enough that a stranger who might stumble across my writing would enjoy it. I was an idiot for thinking that back then, an overconfident 18 year old – unique, right – but I’m glad I made the decision.

3. I noticed that you blog about multiple topics and have different categories on your blog. What is your favourite topic or category to write about and why?

I never considered how categorically scattered my content is, but now that you’ve pointed it out, I can see you’re right. For me, the main focus is the flow of the writing; I share prose I think has merit, simply because of the way it’s written. The writing style I enjoy the most though, maybe spontaneous prose, Kerouac’s stream of consciousness
style. Sometimes I can post the pieces whole, sometimes I chop them up to use piecemeal, and regardless of their practical use, it’s always cathartic to get it onto the page.

4. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by blogging or like you are running out of ideas? If so, how do you deal with it?

I never feel overwhelmed by writing because no one asked me to do this. It is a weight with undeniable presence but it being there makes me, me. If I run out of ideas, I write about what I see. If I don’t like what I see, I write about nothing; it’s never as pointless as it sounds, though. I think.

5. What is your favourite part of being a blogger?

I put a lot of myself into what I write, and the best part about sharing my work online is knowing I have the chance to communicate my innermost thoughts with complete strangers. Whenever I read good writing my brain absorbs the essence, not an intentional remembrance like when studying, more of a ‘Oh, I already knew that, didn’t I?’ I might not remember the words verbatim but their impact is certain, and the chance to provide that for another person means a lot to me.

6. Who and what are some of your inspirations for writing?

So far as literal writers go, my top 3 inspirations in no order (yes I’m afraid of offending dead men) are Jack Kerouac, Herman Hesse, and Fyodor Dostoevsky. I draw a lot of inspiration from other places too though, especially music: Bob Dylan, Mac Miller, King Fantastic, to name a few.

7. Tell us more about “symphonic prose” and what inspired that.

A couple years back I put my pen down and end up with My Mixtape, stories based on songs split into sections by scrapbook poems made of song lyrics. I put it aside, not knowing what to do with it. A couple weeks later I forgot to do an assignment for a class, and turned it in hoping for the professor’s mercy as it didn’t quite satisfy the project parameters. Fast forward again, I have to meet him during office hours to get it back; he wants to talk. Like a good teacher he let me know it was rough and needed work then passed me with a very generous ‘B’ because he’d never seen anything like it. Proffesor Branscum said he saw potential in the form, and encouraged me to keep developing it. Meant a lot to me. Since then I’ve released 3 additional projects of the same ilk: Jam Session, Ringtones From The Radio, and Music From The Microcosm. The stories, named after songs, are meant to be read before, during, or after listening to the namesake music, and song lyric scrapbook poems serve as thematic breaks, all in the name of communicating the usually impossible to verbalize feeling music can provide. Symphonic Prose is my answer to people’s question of, ‘Why do you like that song?’ And since metatextual games like this are present in almost all other mediums today, I figured, why not literature?

8. What is your favourite food?
Raw onions, garlic, and pickled pepperoncini peppers. Taste and smell.

9. What is the weirdest situation you have ever been in?
One time in the bar some dude made eye contact with me, and I was convinced he was coming to fight, so I made the first move; smashed a plastic cup full of long island across dude’s face. It was a crowded night so the splash hit more than just him. Two guys plus the one I hit start pummeling me and I’m against a wall, I don’t fall but I don’t move either, they just hitting, hitting – I get two black eyes and a busted lip before my friends tackle them off of me. Then, the bouncers come, and decide I was the only person that needed to be kicked out. They were probably right.

10. If you had to live in only one country for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?
It’d be America, which is boring because that’s where I’m from, but if I knew I couldn’t leave I’d make it a point to travel and take the whole thing in. This place is big enough to be a few countries; sometimes it seems like it is.

11. What is one of your favourite memories?
Our high-school graduation was outside, and afterwards, me and a friend snuck into the building. We were on the top floor, looking out on the roof, and we’d always talked about wanting to go out onto it; then we realized we could and no one could say anything. So we did. I smile every time I think about that view.

12. Thanks again and please feel free to share anything you would like to add or share with the readers.
Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, Pooja. These were good questions, I had fun
answering them. If Symphonic Prose piqued anyone’s interest, it’s free to read: 

If you enjoyed this interview don’t forget to stop by Vincent’s blog by clicking here. 
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Musicians I Discovered During My Break From WP

Musicians I Discovered During My Break From WP

As you guys know I had taken a few months off blogging not by choice but because WordPress decided they wanted me off their platform for some reason lol (can you tell I’m still salty about it?)! But I decided to think about it in a positive way and try to do new things to keep myself occupied since I had more free time. During this time I ended up discovering a lot more new (new to me not new in general) music that I was and am still very much into right now.

I know a lot of you really enjoy the posts I make about music because I have gotten a lot of great responses in my older posts I have made about music and I have also gotten a lot of people asking me to make more posts about music so I decided this would be a good time to do it.

I have also for some reason got some pretty negative comments on every one of my music posts so I just wanted to say that some of the songs below contain explicit material. If that offends you than please don’t watch the videos. Since this is my blog I will be posting whatever I enjoy and leaving negative comments isn’t going to change that.

Anyway hope you enjoy these amazing artists!


So I discovered Teamarr at about the same time I made my last post in October. I was feeling kind of down about the whole situation and her music was so funny, quirky, honest and amazing it really helped me feel better! I genuinely feel like me being able to discover her music at that time was a small gift from the Universe because it knew I was going through a lot. What I love about her is how brutally honest she is in her music and it’s so relatable because she keeps it real. She allows herself to be vulnerable which is not easy to do. I also love some of her funnier videos which are still brutally honest but quite funny. Oh and she’s soooo pretty! I really don’t care what musicians look like in general because I’m just here for the music but she is so pretty I was like blown away.

I think you will probably enjoy her music a little more if you’re a millennial or younger but that doesn’t mean you won’t like it if you’re older so give it a try! I’ve added videos to both her more amusing songs and her more serious ones so you can get a feel of what they’re both like.

Willie Nelson

I have heard one Willie Nelson song before which I loved. It’s called Buddy and it’s quite popular so I’m sure a lot of you will have heard it or at least heard of it. I heard it on Parks And Recreation and I was super into it so I listened to it a few times on my own. I never want further than that and really got into Willie’s other music though until recently.

I took a course on Country music last year and although it was amazing I’m mad that we didn’t spend more time on musicians like Willie, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash etc. We talked about them in passing but I feel like they are such a vital part of country music they deserved more time. That being said I get that the course is only a couple of weeks and the professor probably did not have that much time to discuss everyone.

Anyway back to Willie Nelson. For some reason one of his songs was in my recommended on YouTube and I ended up listening to it and loving it and I started to listen to his other songs and now I’m officially a big fan of his music.

I love the energy his music has- he has such a calming voice and presence. He’s also super funny which I appreciate. I also love the activist work he has done. I feel like I not only enjoy his music but his presence and personality too. Hope you enjoy the videos I’ve added below as much as I have over the last few weeks!

The Kinks

I’ve always been a fan of The Kinks but I hadn’t heard a lot of their music. I kind of had been sticking with the few songs I did like. I discovered them back in High School which I hate to admit was a long time ago and I had kind of forgotten about them until I took a course on The Sixties. I started listening to them again after that and I really got into their music again.

Like the others on this list I just really like their vibe and energy and the lead singer has such a unique raspy voice that I love. My favourite song by The Kinks used to be Well Respected Man but now it’s Lola.

Old School Hip Hop

I have always been into Hip Hop and although there are some amazing artists out there that I really enjoy listening to I just have a soft spot for old school Hip Hop. So I ended up listening to a lot of NWA, Wu Tang, Beastie Boys and more. I love country music but at the moment I’m really into Hip Hop too.

Apart from music I have recently also been enjoying spoken word poetry from the 60’s and 70’s because even though it was obviously written during a different time it is still extremely relatable in a lot of ways.

Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni is my favourite right now. The first thing I heard by her was Ego Tripping and as a women and a WOC in particular I was obsessed. It just made me feel so powerful and reminded me how strong and incredible us women are. I love anything that is powerful and uplifting so Ego Tripping really hit the spot. Since I liked Ego Tripping so much I decided to look through some of her other work and I have really enjoyed all of it so far although Ego Tripping definitely remains my favourite.

Langston Hughes

The first thing I heard by Langston Hughes was Freedom Train. I heard it in one of my History classes- it was taught by the same professor who taught the Sixties class- and it really stuck with me. After that I started listening to more things by him and I found myself really enjoying his work.

These days I try to listen to inspiring spoken word poetry before I go to sleep because it calms me down but also inspires me to work harder the next day.


Let me know in the comments below what you thought about the videos if you decided to listen to them. Do you listen to any of the artists I mentioned? I would love to know your thoughts or simply say hi in the comments below because I always love hearing from you!

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60’s/70’s Music I Love

The Sixties And Seventies

This is a post I have been wanting to make for such a long time now- for literally over six months lol! As some of you may know I took a course on the sixties last year/semester at university and I learnt so much amazing stuff in it. One of the things that really stood out to me was the counterculture and the music that was such a huge part of this counterculture.
I love music so much and I’m always willing to give something new a listen especially when it will get me a good grade. Since I have not really made a post about music in a while I thought I would share this one and talk about 6 of my favourite songs from the sixties and seventies.
Also, I know the class was technically supposed to be about the 60’s but we learnt a lot about the 1970’s as most of the 70’s were an extension of the 60’s counterculture and that’s why I decided to add music from both the sixties and the seventies on the list. A lot of what was created in the 70’s stemmed from what began in the 60’s.
It was so difficult to pick just six because to be honest there are so many songs that I still listen to almost daily that I haven’t mentioned on this list. Maybe I’ll write a part two some time. I picked these songs in particular because they really stood out to me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
Disclaimer: For some really weird reason every music post I make gets a bunch of hate comments. If you don’t enjoy this kind of music please feel free to move on with your life and visit the thousands of other blogs out there instead of wasting your time leaving mean comments because I genuinely don’t care whether or not you agree with me. This is my blog and I will write about exactly what I want to. Thanks and have a great day! 

6. Jefferson Airplane- White Rabbit (1967)

This was the first song I learnt about from the sixties- ironically it was in a different American history class that I had taken in the same semester and we had started discussing 60’s music earlier in that class. I don’t know why I am so fascinated by this song or the look on the lead singers face but I just am. I think this song holds a special place in my heart because it was the first song from the sixties that I heard that I really got into.

5. The Beatles- Here Comes The Sun (1969)

I absolutely love this song and it’s probably one of my favourite songs by The Beatles. A little history behind it:

“Here Comes the Sun” was written at the time when Apple was getting like school, where we had to go and be businessmen: ‘Sign this’ and ‘Sign that’. Anyway, it seems as if winter in England goes on forever; by the time spring comes you really deserve it. So one day I decided I was going to slag off Apple and I went over to Eric Clapton’s house. The relief of not having to go and see all those dopey accountants was wonderful, and I walked around the garden with one of Eric’s acoustic guitars and wrote “Here Comes the Sun.”

—George Harrison. Source:
I can truly feel what he means in the song. It’s just so relaxing and calming- like an escape from all your worries and stress. Also Canadian winters aren’t the best so I also totally understand the way he feels about spring although I quite like winter so I can’t complain too much- it just gets a bit too long sometimes.

4. Joan Baez- House Of The Rising Sun (1960)

Joan Baez is a musician I did not know much about until I took a course on American history taught by the same professor who taught me about the sixties. As soon as I heard her voice I was absolutely blown away- she is so talented and can express so much emotion through her music that it really touches your heart.
The reason I picked this song in particular was because the most well known version of this song is by The Animals which I also like but this one just hits different and I definitely love this version.

3. Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze (1970)

I definitely could not leave Jimi Hendrix out of this list. He was such a brilliant musician. I first heard this song as a teenager and I absolutely loved it. However, after taking the class and learning more about him, his music and the background behind this song I love it even more.
A little history behind the song:

“I dream a lot and I put a lot of my dreams down as songs. I wrote one called ‘First Around the Corner’ and another called ‘The Purple Haze’, which was all about a dream I had that I was walking under the sea.”

-Jimi Hendrix. Source:

2. Janis Joplin- Me & Bobby McGee (1971)

Janis Joplin is probably one of my top 5 favourite musicians from the sixties. I love her voice, her music, her look and just everything about her. I actually learnt about her in quite a bit of detail in my sixties class and I found her back story really sad but also quite relatable.
We also read one of the letters she sent to her mum- she kept in touch with her family until she passed away- talking about meeting Paul McCartney and fan girling over George Harrison. It really reminded me that these people aren’t just the musicians we think they are but people too. I don’t know how to explain it but a lot of times we don’t think of famous people as “people” but at the end of the day they’re really just people like us.
The reason I picked this song in particular was because it was the first Janis Joplin song I heard- I was a teenager back then. I had just read On The Road by Jack Kerouac and I was getting into the 60’s counterculture. I thought it was really fascinating but also very inspiring. This is a bit off topic but that book really inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and every time I get anxious about trying something new I think of On The Road. For me, this song will always remind me of that book.

  1. Phil Ochs- I’m Going To Say It Now (1966)

As a university student this song really hit home and spoke to me. I think most students will be able to relate with this song because the frustrations of being a student, being forced to conform, only being taught certain things etc are still very much present in the education system.
I know that things are getting better and I am so happy about that but I don’t think we’re quite there just yet especially when it comes to education in schools- from my experience universities are much more diverse about what they teach compared to high school.
This song is probably one of my favourite songs of all time and it is definitely my favourite song from the sixties just because it’s so incredibly relatable even for a student in 2020- at least it is for me. I absolutely love Phil Ochs in general too and I love his other songs as well.


I know this was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to counterculture music or music from the sixties and seventies. There are so many songs I wish I could have added but I didn’t want the post to get too long. I hope you enjoyed these song and this post.


What kind of music do you like? Are you a fan of music from the 60’s and 70’s? Were you part of the 60’s and 70’s counterculture? If you were what were your experiences in the 60’s and 70’s like? As always let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and today I have a favour to ask- if you are a fan of this kind of music leave me some recommendations in the comments below! Thanks I really appreciate it!

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The Original Outstanding Blogger Award #3

I want to thank Jirah Merizz for nominating me for this award! I talk about her all the time because her blog is so awesome so you probably already know her but in case you don’t she has an awesome multi-niche blog that I love with posts about blogging, lifestyle, art and so much more. Be sure to check out her blog by clicking here.


  1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post. (very important: see why in step 5)
  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Create 7 unique questions.
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This award is created by Colton Beckwith.


What’s your favorite music genre and why?

Hip hop and country- I love them both so much I can’t choose. To be honest I like all genres it just depends on my mood but I tend to listen to country and hip hop more. 

What are some of the things that you have developed this quarantine?

I am learning German, doing a lot of art and working on this blog!

If you could give your ultimate life lesson as of now, what would it be?

Do what you want while you still can- you may not get the chance later on. 

What is your ultimate dream place and why?

Bhutan because it’s beautiful or Europe because of all the history. 

What was the last movie you watched and do you recommend it?

Wrong Missy and not really- it was only just okay. 

How is your typical day like?

You can check out my A Day In My Life post for that!

What are three things you are grateful for today?

Being alive and healthy.

If you could tell something to your future self (max 10 years from now), what would you say?

I’m so sorry for all the junk food I know it’s probably catching up to you by now lol! JK I would say stay strong and keep doing you!

If you could tell something to your past self (max 5 years ago), what would you say?

Stop being such an asshole to everyone. Also don’t be ashamed of who you are because you are perfect just as you are. 

Give an uplifting message for everyone, you never know who might need it!

You are a strong, beautiful, smart and capable person. Keep going!

My Nominees

If you’re reading this post and feel as though this may be something you want to participate in please consider yourself nominated and use the same questions I did- I would love to read your take on them! And if you don’t want to do an entire post dedicated to it you can leave the answers in the comments below.

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Gaslighter By The Chicks (Review)

Gaslighter By The Chicks

The Chicks, formerly known as The Dixie Chicks, recently released their first album in fourteen years. If you have read any of my posts about country music or about music in general you will know that I love The Chicks and they are one of my favourite country bands of all time so you can imagine just how excited I was when I heard they were releasing an album. And this was pre-pandemic times so I was excited about them going on tour because they usually come to Canada and I was hoping I would have the opportunity of seeing them live. Obviously, that’s not going to be happening anytime soon.
I was still super excited by the release of their album and I also knew that it was going to be about Natalie’s divorce so I was kind of excited to get all the tea too- not going to lie lol! Just to give a little background information about that- Natalie Maines, the lead singer of The Chicks, got divorced from her husband Adrian Pasdar and it was quite a bitter divorce to say the least. I am not going to tell you the full story because that’s not what this review is about but if you’re interested feel free to read about it by clicking here. 
Anyway, back to the album. As you can imagine I was super excited and listened to Gaslighter as soon as it was released- the song not the album- and I listened to the album as soon as it was released as well. I had been meaning to do the review as soon as it came out but unfortunately I got a bit busy and was not able to do the review till today but better late than never I guess. I decided to review each song separately first and I will give you my final thoughts on the album as a whole at the end.



They released this song before they released the album and as soon as I heard it I knew the album was going to be brilliant. This song was raw, emotional, unapologetic, honest and so perfect. It was everything The Chicks are and stand for. Even though the lyrics are about Natalie’s experience I think they are quite relatable for most people who have felt manipulated at some point in a relationship, in a friendship or just in general. This is now my go-to song when I’m pissed off and I love it.

Sleep At Night


This song is a lot more specific to what Natalie is going through with her husband and unlike Gaslighter this one is more about her situation right now. Obviously, divorce is a very complicated thing and hers got even more complicated due to the issues between her and her ex husband. This song deals with the effects of these complications and how her life has changed because of everything that happened between them and also how this whole situation has effected their children’s lives. This song is just mainly her anger and disappointment towards her ex-husband and his betrayal. I really appreciated how honest and transparent she was in this song and how she was willing to put her feelings out there like that.

Texas Man


So compared to the last two songs this one is considerably more upbeat. It talks about the kind of guy that Natalie wish she could find now that she’s single again and the things that she looks for in a man. She also points out how since she’s older and more experienced that may not be what a lot of men are looking for. I think this brings up something interesting because women are often judged differently according to their age, if they’ve been married etc whereas men can get away with a lot of these things without it necessarily being seen as “baggage.”

Everybody Loves You


A lot of times when you have loved someone for a long time it’s hard to hate them even when they have acted in a horrible way and you know deep down you should hate them. This song is like an internal conversation that Natalie has with herself. She wants to hate her ex-husband but deep down a part of her still loves him and she hates herself for feeling these conflicted feelings towards him. She tries to justify to herself why she feels this way and why she is unable to hate him even after everything that he has done to her and after everything that has taken place between them. She starts out being angry at herself for feeling that way but by the end she realises why she feels that way and is able to forgive herself and to let go of the anger she feels towards herself and her body.

For Her


This is such an amazing and powerful song about not only standing up against the patriarchy but also about supporting other women. I think sometimes we women tend to be our own worst critique and unfortunately over time due to multiple reasons a lot of women are quick to tear down other women instead of support them. I think this song is the perfect reminder of how important sisterhood is. If we truly want equality we need to love and support one another even if we are different, even if we may not be fighting for the same thing. It’s not about having the same short term goals it’s about the final goal- equality.

March March


This is such an incredible protest anthem and definitely one of my favourite songs in the album. They address issues that have gotten attention this year and they also talk about how they are disappointed that some people in the older generation did not do anything to help solve these issues and instead went in the other direction. But they do also say that they are proud of the younger generation and how they are trying to get involved and bring change.

My Best Friend’s Wedding


At first it seems like Natalie has lost hope of ever finding someone again and she does not seem like she believes that she will ever love someone enough to get married again. However, as she sees how happy her friend, who is getting remarried, is she realises that there is still hope and that her divorce is not the end of her love life but may just be the beginning. Maybe she too can find someone who will make her as happy as her best friends future husband makes her.

Tights On My Boat


“Okay, I hope you die peacefully in your sleep, just kidding, I hope it hurts like you hurt me”

This song is an absolutely brilliant way to tell someone to go screw themselves. Unlike the other songs about Natalie’s marriage/divorce this one is a lot more upbeat and kind of fun- still angry of course just angry in a fun way if that makes any sense. As I mentioned earlier something went down on their boat and clearly it had something to do with him not being a very faithful husband. This song is pretty much what you think about when you break up with someone and you are just so happy to be free but also very pissed at them for being such an awful person. It’s the kind of petty and angry thoughts everyone has had at some point it’s just that we are not as musically talented as The Chicks and can’t make a song out of those thoughts. I will definitely be singing this song every time I break up with someone until the end of time.

Julianna Calm Down


Although the majority of the songs on this album are about Natalie Maines, the lead singer, this one is for the daughters of Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer. The song gives these girls advice about how to deal with men who hurt them in the future. The Chicks admit that it is inevitable that someone will hurt them at some point but they advise to stay strong and keep getting back up.

Young Man


This song is made for Natalie’s sons- they have obviously been through a lot with their parents divorce. In this song she offers them advice and tells them that they should learn from the mistakes that she and her father have made over the years. However, she accepts that they are their own person and that all she can do is offer them this advice but it’s up to them whether or not to listen to her.

Hope It’s Something Good


This song is towards the end of the album for a reason. It’s sort of a final goodbye for Natalie Maines. Although she is bitter about how he threw twenty years of marriage away she does admit that she has learnt how to move on- as difficult as it was- and has been able to move forward with her life in her own way.

Set Me Free


So this final song in the album sort of has two meanings for Natalie. Yes, she absolutely does want to be free of the pain, hate, anger and all the other emotions that accompanied her divorce. It is definitely her way of trying to free herself and start over. However, it is an actual plea from her to her ex-husband to let her go because in 2019, her ex-husband petitioned to stop them from releasing this album/the tracks on the album. She legally needed permission to release these songs and The Chicks are still not legally allowed to mention specifics about the album/tracks. She wants him to set her free both metaphorically and literally. I think this song was a perfect pick to end the album because it shows that Natalie is still not fully healed from her trauma but at the same time she has not given up and is still ready to fight.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, my final thoughts on the album are going to be a little bias considering that I love The Chicks and this is their first album in over a decade. I will say this though- they did not disappoint. They maintained all the things their fans loved about them- their honesty, their ability to keep fighting, their bond with each other and so much more. They knew the expectations for this album would be insane but somehow- at least in my opinion- they delivered.
Although the album is centered around Natalie and the recent events that have taken place in her life over the last couple of years I thought the songs were still quite relatable for most people. You don’t even need to have been through a breakup to really understand and feel the emotions in the songs.
I also loved the way they worked with female visual artists to create the visualizers for each of the songs. A lot of people preach about female solidarity but it’s always refreshing to see people practice what they preach. I have always loved how the three women supported one another throughout the years and it’s awesome that they continue to support one another and other women as well.
Overall, I absolutely loved this album. I know that country is not everyone’s cup of tea but to be honest although the songs do song “country” to an extent they are still more of an band and their sound has evolved from being traditionally country. That’s why I would recommend listening to the album even if you aren’t a huge fan of country.

Your Thoughts

Are you a fan of country music or Do you enjoy music by The Chicks? Have you listened to Gaslighter yet? If so what were your thoughts on it? What was your favourite song from the entire album?

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Female Rappers I Love

Female Rappers That I Am Currently Obsessed With

As you may know I love rap music and it’s probably one of my favourite genres of music. I have had a couple of requests to write a post about female rappers/rappers in general/music that I like and so I finally decided to get to it and write about that. I know it took me forever but better late than never right? I have been listening to hip hop for years now- probably more than a decade- and I am so happy to see so many amazing female rappers coming up. I know that there have always been amazing female rappers but I still feel like it’s always been more male dominated. However, I love seeing how that changing and how all these amazing, talented and beautiful women are doing so well. Anyway, here are the female rappers I am listening to at the moment:
Disclaimer: The videos linked below may contain explicit language. 

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion obviously had to be on this list considering she is one of the best female artists out there right now. I absolutely lover her energy and there is no denying that she is extremely talented at what she does. Recently she released the Savage Remix featuring Beyoncè which reached the Billboard No.1 and was her highest charting song so far. That song is easily one of my favourite songs.

Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia may not be as well known as some of the other rappers on this list but she is definitely a fantastic rapper and she is getting a lot more recognition recently. What I love about her music is that every song hits different and ever album she makes sounds so different and unique. I also love that she’s such an inspiring person online because these days so many people are just so toxic and problematic. It’s nice to see someone who isn’t obsessed with Photoshop and is ready to put her flaws out there. And she is so active when it comes to activism and stuff like that so I just find it really inspiring to see someone use their platform for good.


She is honestly so amazing and you’ve probably heard some of her music even if you haven’t heard all her stuff. I don’t even know what to say except if you don’t listen to her like you need to start. Like immediately. And it’s not just the famous songs that are good but her lesser known music is so incredible too.

Kash Doll

Admittedly, I’ve only started listening to Kash Doll recently but I am loving her music so far. The song that’s linked above is my favourite so far. I know she’s only featured on it but she definitely killed it and I am just seriously obsessed with that song. I look forward to listening to more of her music and perhaps updating this in a few weeks.

City Girls

I was like really obsessed with City Girls a while ago and of course I had to mention them on this list. I used to listen to them like everyday, all the time- it drove my sister crazy lol! I listen to them less often now but they are still definitely in my top 5!


Do you like rap/hip hop? Do you like all the rappers I mentioned above? Did I mention any of your favourites? Who is your favourite female rapper at the moment? Who is your favourite rapper right now in general? Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your thoughts!

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