Quote Of The Day #77

Quote Of The Day #77

Quote Of The Day: Todays quote of the day is by Martin Luther King Jr since it's Martin Luther King Jr day. I've had the privilege of learning a lot about him and other activists from this period of time. If that's something you've never read about I would really recommend rectifying that. What's Up With [...]

Martin Luther King Jr Quotes

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Quotes To Brighten Your Day

I decided to share some quotes to brighten your day as I do every week on Monday. I think quotes are such a great way to start your week out and that's why I like sharing these every Monday. Hope you enjoyed these motivational quotes and I hope you guys have a great week ahead! [...]

Quotes About Peace

Today, I decided to share some Quotes About Peace: I hope you enjoyed these quotes about peace and I hope you have a very peaceful day! Disclaimer: None of the images used above on this post are not owned or are not the property of Lifesfinewhine. Lifesfinewhine does not claim or retain any rights to [...]