Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I don’t know if you guys will be able to see this but I really missed you and wanted to get back into blogging but I kept having an issue with my domain which is taking forever to solve so I was like screw it I’ll use another account till it’s fixed. If you guys can actually see this I’ll explain everything tomorrow. Anyway I hope 2021 brings us more joy and happiness than 2020 and I hope you are all well. This is PoojaG from Lifesfinewhine by the way! Miss you guys like crazy!

Ask Me Something #2

What Is This?

In March, I did my first “ASK ME SOMETHING” post and it was so much fun. A lot of my readers told me they had enjoyed it and wanted me to do another one and I honestly had such a great time answering your very interesting questions so I wanted to do another one as well. I had been meaning to do another one again for so long but stuff kept coming up and I could not find the right time to schedule another post like that. However, I decided to do one today since I have a bit more free time next week.

So, How Does This Work?

In case you hadn’t participated in the last Ask Me Something post or have forgotten how it works I thought I would leave the instructions here again. So, I got the idea for this from how people have that “ask me anything” box on Instagram and thought it would be a lot of fun to do on WordPress too because I have a larger following here and people are a lot more interested in connecting with one another rather than just playing the following/unfollowing. And on that note follow me on Instagram by clicking here- I promise I won’t follow/unfollow you! 😂
I thought it would be particularly fun as some of us are stuck at home and don’t have a lot going on (I’m some of us…). I thought this would be a fun way to connect, start some fun conversations, get to know one another better and just have a nice little virtual get together in the comments section!
Okay so back to how it works. All you have to do is leave a question/questions in the comments section.


After about a week I will publish a post tagging you along with your question and will give an answer to the question on the post.


In case that was confusing to understand because I am the worst at explaining stuff please go see my last Ask Me Something post and Your Questions Answered post to get a better idea of exactly how it will work.

Thank you!

I want to thank everyone in advance for your comment and for being a part of this! Honestly, it’s just so great that we have this awesome platform on which we can connect with each other. I think I may have gone crazy stuck at home if it hadn’t been for this blog. So again, thank you in advance!!

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Cancel Culture- My Thoughts

What Is Cancel Culture?

Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming.
– Source: https://www.dictionary.com/e/pop-culture/cancel-culture/

My Thoughts

Before I give my opinion on cancel culture I just wanted to have a little introduction. The reason I decided to discuss this topic today was because cancel culture is something you can’t get away from right now especially if you use social media. I had been meaning to write this post for a while now but to be honest I had been hoping it goes away and I wouldn’t have to write about it. Unfortunately, it seems that it’s still very much here. I also haven’t done a post where I share my opinions about something for a while and you guys seem to like those kind of posts so I decided to write this post today.
So, I am pretty much going to try and dissect cancel culture and sort of try and break it down into smaller parts and discuss those instead of just talking about it as a whole. I will discuss it as a whole towards the end of the post though because I think that’s also necessary.


The first part of cancel culture is generally calling out a person, people or a company for something they may have done in the past or are still doing. This is the part I agree with because a lot of people/companies have done questionable things and are still continuing to do so. I think when you see an injustice being committed it is your job to call it out and try to bring awareness to it.
What I disagree with is how people are being called out. Yes, some people and companies are being called out as there is solid proof about what they have done, however, due to the way social media works a lot of times you see people being called out for doing/saying something when in reality there may not be any truth to it or what they have said/done may be taken out of context completely. I think if you are going to accuse someone of something the least you can do is find actual evidence of what they have done.
Another problem with these call-outs is that it gives trolls the power to exploit cancel-culture. There are times when someone will go out of their way to fabricate stuff about someone to make it seem like they did/said something horrible when they actually haven’t. And because everyone tends to blindly jump on the bandwagon they end up getting “cancelled” when they actually haven’t even done anything.

2. The Cancellation

Now once someone gets called out people usually use like a hashtag or something to get more peoples attention and eventually the person gets “cancelled.” This is the part I have a pretty big problem with.
I may sound like a bit too much of an optimist when I say this but truth be told I believe that the majority of people out there are good. They may not be fully good but I think most people have at least some good in them. I know that I am definitely not the best person ever and I know that most people have their negatives and their positives. No one is perfect- we have all done bad things and we have all done good things.
I don’t think “cancelling” people is the solution. To be frank I don’t think it’s even solution. I think it does help bring awareness to certain things such as unethical company practices, racist things people/companies have done, misogynistic things people/companies have done but at the same time it only highlights these things instead of coming up with an actual solution to address them.

3. The Results

This is probably the biggest problem I have with cancel culture. They keep calling people out- often quite randomly without any real research- and when the hashtag stops trending people completely forget about what happened. Usually the person/company puts out a- very obviously made by their PR- apology, people criticize the apology, the person/company lays low for a few days and everything goes back to normal.
If you are going to call someone out for their behaviour or actions its also your job to come up with a way to make sure that this behaviour/action does not happen again and that the person or company that is being called out both takes responsibilities and action to rectify their behaviour.
If someone is called out and then completely ignored what’s the point of calling them out. The whole point should be to bring change and to do that you need to keep checking up on that person/company and make sure that they are behaving in a more ethical way. You can’t forget stuff as soon as it stops trending or people stop talking about it.

My Overall Thoughts On Cancel Culture

I don’t want to totally come after gen Z or millennials- being one myself I do understand where their frustration comes from. We are lucky enough to be able to get higher education. access to so much information both online and offline, access to news from around the world and so much more. It’s a privilege but it can also be extremely overwhelming.
When you see everything that’s wrong with the world these days, when you see all the injustices that exist it really makes your blood boil and it does make you want to do something about it and one way we know how to do this is through the internet. And there are some phenomenal people online making a difference by fighting for equality and more.
Unfortunately, there is also a downside to fighting for things online or online activism. A lot of people these days don’t have great attention spans and shock value sells. People need to shock people to really get their attention and I feel like cancel culture is a part of this. It builds outrage for a little while and then people lose their concentration and move on to something different.
Before you blame this on phones, social media, younger generations etc. I would like to point out that this isn’t the only time people have started a movement and then lost their focus. As a history major I know that this happens all the time. Just one example is the 60’s counterculture. What started off as an amazing cause to bring change over the next few years became increasingly fractioned and eventually a lot of it became concentrated on drug use and other things. Many lost sight of what they were fighting for in the beginning. This isn’t the exact same obviously but I’m just trying to bring out a comparison.
One of the main problems I see with cancel culture is that it does a lot more harm than good. Yes, it calls out people but at the same time since there is little actual evidence it sometimes destroys the life of innocent people. Furthermore, it also gives the majority too much power and this power can- and is- being used for evil. A lot of times people call out other people for revenge or because they hate them rather than because they want to make the world a better place.
Even the people who are rightfully called out often don’t face any real life consequences. I admit that some do and that’s fine but a lot of times like I mentioned earlier they make a half-assed apology and then move on with their lives doing exactly what they want to do.
It also encourages uniformity which I hate. It encourages people to follow others or go with the trends but the trends/other people are not always right. You need to do your own research, make your own decisions and do what you think is the right thing to do not what everyone on social media tells you to do.
It also tends to take attention away from real problems that are occurring in the real world. Remember Karmageddon that happened on YouTube? It called out a bunch of people but did it really make that much of a difference? Jeffree Star is still out there living his best life, Tati is still making money off her pills, Shane is laying low but I just know he’ll be back soon and no one will care. A lot of times the things that are called out are real life problems and therefore there need to be real life solutions not an online cancellation.
I also want to mention that cancel culture very often tends to see everything in black and white. People are either good or evil. There is no grey area. However, this is very far from the truth. In reality almost everything in the world is grey. There is always good AND bad with every situation and looking at something/someone in just one light is very damaging.
For example, let’s talk about big companies paying their workers abroad really badly. When you look at it at first you obviously think that’s so unethical and awful- and you would be right if you’re thinking this. It’s awful- people are treated inhumanely and paid barely anything for their hard work.
However, when I studied it in one of my sociology classes I was able to think about it a bit more. A lot of people boycott these companies and therefore the company produces less products which means that the workers who were barely making anything to begin with get completely laid off or in some cases get paid even less than before. In the end these companies are going to do whatever they have to to make a profit- often times these measures are very unethical. As for the workers- they come from very poor backgrounds, many are women and children who absolutely need that- awful and super unethical- wage to survive. When you boycott the company and these people get laid off they lose this income which as small as it seems was very vital to their survival.
I’m not trying to criticise anyone with this example- if you choose to but ethically sourced and made products that is truly amazing and I really respect that. I’m just trying to show that things aren’t always in black and white- in fact they rarely are. Things are a lot more complicated than they seem. What we sometimes hear about and react to without doing our research is often just the tip of the iceberg.
In conclusion, I’ll say that I do understand where the cancel culture stems from and I do understand wanting to be part of the change but truth be told cancelling someone is just not it. We need to find a more realistic way to address things. I am also someone who believes that change is possible and that if we believe in something we should use our words to explain why we believe in that instead of blindly cancelling people. Explain to them why you believe they are wrong in a rational way.
I hope you found this post interesting. I tried to stay unbias and look at both the positives and negatives on cancel culture instead of just fixating on either the negatives or positives.
What are your thoughts on cancel culture? Do you think it’s a good thing? Do you think it’s a bad thing? As always let me know what you think in the comments below. Also let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts where I try to talk about something in depth. It’s really fun for me because this is kind of what I do with my research papers anyway so it’s great practice but I’m not sure if you guys enjoy these kind of posts. So please let me know- your feedback is super helpful!

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How To Feel At Peace With The Way You Look

Perfections And Imperfections

woman holding red flower
(Unsplash CC0)
Self-esteem and body image sometimes go together.
When we’re not happy with the way we look, we can lose confidence, and hide away from others. On the flip side, when we do feel happy about our appearance, we can act confidently and feel better within ourselves. This is something you might identify with.
Of course, your appearance shouldn’t define the way you feel about yourself. None of us are perfect, so you shouldn’t let any so-called imperfections get you down.
I know it can be a struggle to accept your imperfections and to love your body the way it is- it has definitely been a struggle for me. It does help a lot that there is so much more love for plus sized bodies but I still feel like we’re not quite there when it comes to loving all body types.
If you- like most of us- are struggling with what you look like at the moment, if you do need a boost in your self-confidence, and if you do want to feel at peace about the way you look, consider the following suggestions. 

#1: Don’t accept the media’s definition of beauty

Many of our insecurities come from the media’s definition of beauty. When we scroll through fashion magazines or browse websites that feature our favorite celebs and reality TV stars, we can start to feel less-than. We start to compare ourselves unfavorably to the way they look, with their super-slim bodies, expensive fashion tastes, and bright, white smiles. We focus on our flaws and lose confidence because we feel that we aren’t as attractive as they are.
But here’s the thing. If you ever feel like this, skip overthinking. Yes, the people you see on the page or screen might be attractive but doesn’t mean they are more beautiful than you. And besides, many images are photoshopped to eliminate signs of any flaws, so what you see might not be reality anyway. The celebs you adore also have make-up artists and fashion designers working for them, so of course they look good. The way they look without any enhancements might tell the real truth.
Instead of comparing yourself, create your own definition of beauty. Consider the aspects of your face and body that you enjoy, and embrace what is good about you. And look at the people you meet every day and consider those aspects that make them radiate beauty. It could be the way they smile at you or the way they rock an outfit that others might consider unfashionable. Beauty is multi-faceted, so don’t get hung up on the way the media portrays it. 

#2: Make changes where you need to

If making a change will make you feel at peace with yourself, then fine. If you think a brand new outfit from the store will give you the confidence you crave, buy it! If fixing your smile with cosmetic dentistry will improve the way you feel, then by all means, book that appointment with a dentist. And if your hairstyle doesn’t fit the way you want to think about yourself, go and see a stylist.
By doing something rather than nothing about your looks, you can make improvements where you feel they are needed. Again, you shouldn’t define yourself on the way you look, but if you know you will feel better about yourself after making a change here and there, then do what needs to be done.
I know that a lot of people will say love yourself as you are and I agree that you definitely should do that. However, in my opinion if something about your self really bothers you to an extent where you need to change it and can afford to do so I think you should go for it. Sometimes little changes like changing your makeup, hairstyle etc. can be a huge confidence booster. I know that I got a lot more confident after I learnt how to do makeup and wear my hair properly.

#3: Wear what you want to wear

woman spreading arms near body of water
(Unsplash CC0)
You don’t have to buy the outfits that are on-trend, as they might not suit your body or your tastes. And you don’t have to dress to impress your friends, as they should love you, no matter what you choose to wear. 
In all of your buying choices, buy those outfits that you know you will look good in. And focus on those pieces that are fitted to your body size. When you look good and feel good, you will feel more at peace with yourself, regardless of the opinion of others. 
A lot of times, companies try to sell the same style to everyone but everyone is unique. On the one hand what looks great on someone may not be for you and on the other hand what looks great on you may not look good on someone else. We all have our own unique style and we need to embrace them instead of embracing uniformity.
So, with all of your choices, learn to dress your truth. Embrace the styles and colors that are pleasing to you and choose those that match your personality. When you wear what you want to wear, you will discover a more confident you. 
And don’t feel pressured not to wear something because you feel like people will judge you for it. If someone is shallow enough to judge you by how you look or what you wear you really don’t want someone like that in your life anyway.

#4: Focus your attention on your best bits

For the bits of yourself that you’re not happy with, do what you can to change them if you want to. But instead of dwelling on them, focus on your best bits instead. Show gratitude for them, be positive, and remind yourself of your best features whenever you’re feeling down about your looks.
Then do what you can to draw attention to your favorite features. If you love your lips, learn how to apply lipstick properly, and choose those colors that will make your lips stand out. if you love your eyes, choose the eyeshadows that will complement your eye color. And if you love your cheeks, play around with a highlighter and a good contour to emphasize them even more.
It’s not easy to love every inch of your body but you can start by loving the small things about yourself that you do like and then move on to the parts of you that may not be your favourite. 
So, today, be happy with who you are, and stop comparing yourself to others. Dress the way you want to if it will make you feel good. You are beautiful, so remember that, and be kinder to yourself today.


What are some of the ways through which you love yourself and your body? How do you feel at peace with the way you look? As always let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you.

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5 Random Things About Me

About Me

Today, I thought I would share some random things about myself. I thought this would be a fun post and since I haven’t done something like this in a long time I thought that it would be a fun way for you guys to get to know me a little better and for me to also get to know you guys a little better.
In order for me to get to know you guys a bit better I am hoping that you guys will leave some random facts about you as well- if you feel comfortable enough to share them there is not pressure to do so of course!
Anyway, here are five random things about me that you may or may not know. I have mentioned some of them before so a lot of you guys may already know a couple of these but I tried to also add some really random ones too that I don’t think I have talked about before on the blog.
To check out my official about me page you can click here.

I have a really bad temper

This one comes as a surprise to many people who don’t know me personally or in real life. But yes, I do have a pretty bad temper. If I see red and you happen to be the reason why you may want to stay away from me for a day or two… I have always had trouble with my temper and it got worse as a teenager. I think it stemmed from my inability to properly express myself due to my anxiety. I have always been someone who represses my feelings but what that often leads to is all your negative emotions boiling up until you snap- which is what I would do.
However, over the last few years with the help of alternative medications such as CBD oil I have been able to get a much better control over my emotions and I have also learnt to express myself in a more positive and healthy manner. Of course, I still get angry sometimes and snap at people but it’s way less often now and much less hurtful.

I used to have a blog before this one

Yup, it’s true you guys- I had a blog before lifesfinewhine but it wasn’t on WordPress. It’s honestly kind of hazy because I had no idea what I was doing but I started a blog on Bloglovin’ (I think I’m really not sure) and the energy just did not feel right to me for some reason and it just felt too complicated and forced. That’s why I ended up creating another blog on WordPress which was the best decision ever.
In retrospect I get that the other blog feeling off was probably just the universes way of pushing me in the right direction- towards WordPress of course. I’m very glad I ended up here because the WordPress community for the most part has been so kind, accepting and supportive and I’m very thankful for that.
For those of you guys who were on other platform or are currently on other blogging platforms as well apart from WordPress I’m curious. Do you prefer WordPress or the other platform and why?

I’m a pretty sensitive person

I’ve always been a sensitive person. I get my feelings hurt pretty easily and I do tend to be more emotional about stuff. The thing is I always saw this as a weakness and tried really hard to suppress my feelings because I did not want people to see me crying or acting emotional. That was obviously a really stupid idea because there’s nothing wrong with being emotional. If anything it’s a really good idea to express yourself and just let it out.
Over the last few years I have been trying really hard to be more expressive and to let people in because I do tend to be cold and shut people out. It’s definitely something I still need to work on but I think at the same time I am doing better than I was before because I have been open to more experiences and I have been working on expressing myself better.
Now if I feel something, negative or positive, I just let myself feel it. Yes, the negative stuff hurts a lot sometimes but I would rather process my feelings in a healthy way than have to repress them and have them all come out at random times.

I’m terrified of the dark/ghosts

I have always been scared of the dark and of anything paranormal. I’m not sure when all of this began because like even in my earliest memories I can remember being scared of the dark and having to sleep with some sort of light switched on.
I also don’t know why I’m so scared of the dark or paranormal stuff- watching The Sixth Sense when I was super young did not help the situation. Or any of the other horror movies I watched even though I knew they would come back to haunt me (no pun intended…). Now that I think of it I have seen so much stuff about ghosts, paranormal activity and bad things happening in the dark for someone who is terrified of all that stuff- why do we humans like to torture ourselves??
Anyway, back to the point- paranormal stuff scares the crap out of me and now I tend to just make sure I don’t watch anything with paranormal stuff in it. I also like having a nightlight switched on because I still can’t sleep in the dark.

I have Trypophobia

Trypophobia is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. It is not officially recognized as a mental disorder, but may be diagnosed as a specific phobia if excessive fear and distress occur. Source: Wikipedia.
I’m not scared of holes but they do disgust me. They disgust me a lot. When I look at holes I feel super uncomfortable, sometimes nauseous and sometimes it kind of makes me want to scratch my skin off. I don’t know why I feel this way but apparently it’s pretty common. A close friend of mine has it too and it’s just nice to know I’m not alone. I just thought I was weird but I guess there are lots of us weirdos out there lol!


I hope you enjoyed these facts about me and I hope you learnt something new about me!
Did you already know this about me or were you surprised by of the things I mentioned? What fact about me were you surprised most by? Could you relate to any of the things I mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below because I love talking to you guys and feel free to leave random things about yourself below in the comments as well!

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I Won- Thank You!!

Omg you guys I actually won something that I REALLY wanted to win so badly!! A while ago I was reading Jirah Merizz’s blog and I noticed she had just hit 2k which is obviously amazing. Of course I wanted to congratulate her on the followers and then I realised she was also doing a giveaway.
In case you are not familiar with her or her blog- in which case I would recommend checking it out immediately by clicking here– she is an amazing artist and does graphic artwork. She has quite a few pre-made ones ones on sale that you can check out here. She also makes specific designs if you want something specific. I have been obsessed with her work for a while now and when I saw that one of the prizes was a custom digital illustration I knew that I had to apply.
Of course, I kind of forgot about it and did not expect to win just because I never really win stuff in general but I actually won! I was so excited when she informed me that I had won and I sent her an image that I wanted her to make for me. This is one of my favourite images from one of my favourite outings and I thought it would look really cool as graphic art:

And being the amazing person that she is not only did she make that one but she made in three different styles which is just so generous of her. As someone who is dipping their feet into digital art I can imagine just how much time this took and how hard it must be to make just one let alone three with different backgrounds.
I LOVE how they turned out and I honestly can’t pick a favourite because they’re all so cute!!

I want to thank Jirah once more from the bottom of my heart and I also really want to congratulate her again on the well deserved followers!
She is an absolutely amazing artist and if you or someone you know would be interested in graphic art I would highly recommend her. You can check out her Instagram for more of her designs by clicking here. You can check out her pre-made designs by clicking here. You can check out her blog by clicking here. You can also see her other amazing artwork on her blog by clicking here. I would love it if you guys would support her because she is an amazing artist and it’s always awesome when bloggers support each other!
Let me know which of the three images she made are your favourite or if you’re like me and like all three!

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How Moving Abroad Changed My Life

Moving Abroad

A few years ago I moved from Kenya to Canada to study abroad and get my undergraduate degree. As you can imagine this was a huge change in my life and a lot changed after I moved. I have been in Canada for about three years now and a lot has changed in my life in those three years. 

A while ago I asked you guys what you wanted to see on lifesfinewhine and one of the suggestions was a post about how my life has changed after moving abroad. I thought this would be super interesting to share with you guys because as I mentioned so much has changed in the last few years. 

More Independence

Moving abroad gave me a lot more independence than before. When you live abroad there are certain things you can do that you just can’t do back home- mostly because everyone knows you lol… But seriously, I finally started to feel like a real adult and it was also a lot of fun pushing boundaries, trying new things, discovering more about myself and basically just doing stuff I have always wanted to do. 

Adulting Is Hard

Independence and feeling like an adult is all well and good until you have to take responsibility and do stuff on your own. Then it’s a total nightmare. Back home I was pretty used to relying on my parents, other family members or friends for assistance with stuff. Now I have to do everything on my own and as fun as that can be sometimes it can also be awful other times. 

I mean you have to pay the bills (did you know you have to do that every month??), book appointments (why are those still a thing??), go grocery shopping (this one is actually kind of fun!) and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  

New Experiences

One of the best things about moving abroad is that you get to have all these amazing experiences. One major way that my life changed after moving abroad was that I became a different person. No, I did not turn into Winder Woman unfortunately but I did become someone who explores a lot more. 

Back home I was pretty anxious and did not go out or do stuff as much. However, after coming to Canada I decided that I want to get out of my comfort zone and make as many memories as possible so whenever I could I would travel, go somewhere new, try a new place to eat or just do something new in general. 

I was also able to meet new people which was super fun!

I Was Forced To Grow Up

To an extent- I still think cartoons are awesome and pjs should be ugly, old and comfy af. But it did force me to mature and to think of things in a more mature way. Instead of freaking out about every small thing I learnt how to deal with my problems. 

I also learnt how to take better charge of my life, take control of things and to also be more comfortable with fighting for myself. I learnt leadership skills at school which I have found helpful in life too. I also realised that adults really don’t know what they’re doing as much as we think they do- we’re lost and confused almost all the time too! 


I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a little more about the ways in which my life has changed after moving abroad. 

Have you ever lived abroad? If so, how did it change your life? If not, would you ever want to live abroad? Are you currently living abroad? Have you studied abroad? If so, could you relate to any of the things I mentioned on this post? Let me know in the comments below or if you don’t want to answer the questions simply stop by and say hi!


No, not the band… I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes/blooper story about this post. So, I finished writing this post and made the cover image for it which took forever because I had to make it HD and stuff. And finally I was done and added it to the post and that’s when I realised it said “Changes” instead of “Changed” and I had to do everything all over again 🤦‍♀️

Original cover image:

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Hi- Lets Chat!

So my laptop decided to take hours to update (it’s super old- I’ve had it for like 8 years) and since I don’t like writing/editing posts on my phone I decided I don’t want to post something specific today.

Instead I thought I would take some time to catch up with you guys! Let me know your answers to the questions below in the comments and you don’t have to answer all the questions you can answer the ones you like or just say hi!

  1. How are you doing?
  2. What is your favourite hobby at the moment?
  3. Coffee or hot chocolate?
  4. Are you a people person?
  5. What’s your favourite TV show?

The last time I did a Q&A someone suggested I answer the questions as well and I thought that was a good idea so I’ll give you guys my answers below:

  1. I’m okay- a little sleepy…
  2. I am really into drawing and painting right now. 
  3. Hot chocolate because I can’t drink caffeine anymore because of my anxiety. But I do prefer coffee. 
  4. Sometimes depending on my mood. 
  5. At the moment it’s The Simpsons

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How To Manage Your Blog While Having A Busy Life

Managing Your Blog While Having A Busy Life

I took a survey/poll a while back and asked what you guys wanted to see on lifesfinewhine or if there were any specific blogging topics you guys wanted to see me write about and one of the suggestions I got was to write on how I maintain by blog while having a busy life.

I am a full time student at university at the moment and as a history major you can image how busy I can get sometimes with all the reading and writing that comes along with history. I also get super busy with blogging because over the last few years my blog has grown quite a bit and it takes a lot more time to respond to everyone and maintain my blog- not that I’m complaining because I truly do love blogging!

Here are some of the tricks I use to manage my blog and my life:

Schedules Are Your Friend

When you have a busy life your schedule becomes your best friend. It’s very important to maintain a balance in your life but without a schedule it becomes easy to become more preoccupied with one thing and ignore the other aspects of your life. In order to avoid this it’s a good idea to create a schedule- it would be best to create daily schedules but if you are unable to do this try coming up with weekly schedules- as this can help you maintain a balance in your life.

If you read my posts on my blogging journey you probably know that maintaining my blog while being a full time student was extremely difficult for me and if was one of the biggest struggles I faced. However, what really helped me with this was scheduling a certain amount of time every day for blogging. This helped me make sure that my blog was not neglected even when I did end up getting more busy with school and life in general and that I was posting on a regular basis.

It may be a bit difficult at first and as a professional procrastinator I was very tempted to take a break or put off blogging but I forced myself to not procrastinate and eventually blogging became a part of my life and now it’s just become a habit to spend a certain amount of time every day on my blog.

Be Proactive

We all have days when we are more busy. If you are a student the days when you have tests, exams or assignments due are the days when you are probably more busy. For people who are not students you may have busier days at work sometimes, if you don’t work at the moment you may have certain days when you have errands to run etc. For days like these it is better to be prepared because things don’t always go as planned and you may be forced to change your schedule a little bit due to circumstances.

What I like to do is keep some posts written in advance and ready to publish for days when I am super busy and may not have time to work on a post. When my fall and winter semester are going on I try to write as many posts as I can over the weekend so that I just have to edit and post them on the weekdays when I have classes and don’t have as much free time.

I would also totally recommend writing shorter posts when you are busy as those don’t take as long and saving the longer posts for when you have more time. I know that my lifestyle posts and my blogging advice posts are usually 1500-2000 words and therefore I like to publish those on days when I don’t have other things going on as I know I will need a certain amount of time to work on them. On the other hand, I know that my six word stories and poetry posts are much shorter so I usually end up doing these when I don’t have as much time to blog.

It’s Okay To Mess Up

Schedules are great, being proactive is great but messing up once in a while is also totally okay. Sometimes life gets busy, sometimes a pandemic occurs and life gets crazy. A lot of things can’t be planned in advance and a lot of times things occur that we may not have expected or foreseen and therefore as great as having a schedule is we may not always be able to stick with our schedule. If something does happen and you are unable to post for whatever reason or you are unable to put as much time into your blog as you had hoped to don’t beat yourself up about it. These things happen to everyone.

I would also recommend taking some time off every week to relax and do nothing because if you force yourself to blog you will end up taking all the fun out of it and feeling really burnt out. You may also end up with writers block. That’s why it’s important to take some to just relax and do nothing for a bit. It could be a few minutes each day, an hour or even one day every week. Just make sure not to force yourself to a point where it starts effecting you negatively or taking a toll on your mental health.

Ask For Help

If you are feeling overwhelmed or if you feel like you need some help with the whole blogging thing make sure to ask for help. This makes your life a lot easier and will save you lots of time. I’ll give you a few examples of what I’ve personally been through to help you get a better understanding of what I mean.

As a blogger you are expected to come up with ideas for blog posts on a regular basis but if you are busy with school or work or just life in general this may not always be possible. However, this is where the asking for help comes in. You can take a poll or a survey and ask your audience what they want to see on your blog and ask for topics they want you to write about. I think it is sort of a win-win for everyone- your readers get to read specific posts on your blog that they want you to write about and you get new ideas for blog posts and save your time and energy by getting ideas for blog posts from your readers. I recently took a survey like this to get some topic ideas and to better figure out what my audience wanted to read on my blog and this blog post was actually one of the ideas!

You can also do Q and A’s, challenges, tags etc which are shorter/easier to write and less time consuming. Plus, it’s a great way to interact with your readers and fellow bloggers.

Sharing Is Caring

This is something I used to do a lot in my first three years of blogging because I did not have a proper schedule yet and I was also extremely busy with school and then first year of university so I did not have enough time to come up with blog posts every day or every other day or once a week. What I would do was I would try to stay active even if I could not post on a regular basis because when it comes to blogging staying active is very important if you want to grow your blog.

I would read other blogs and I would find some blogs that I found particularly interesting or sometimes helpful and I would reblog those. I think this is a really great way to stay active when you don’t have time to write posts of your own and again it’s really a win-win for everyone. The person who’s blog post you shared gets a free backlink and a larger audience since you shared the post with your readers and you get to stay active and post on your blog without having to write an entire blog post of your own. It is a really great way to support other bloggers as well as keep your blog active when you are short on time.

Your Thoughts

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it beneficial. What are some of the ways you manage your blog while maintaining a balance life? Do you find it difficult to juggle blogging and life? Do you have a schedule or do you blog more randomly? How long have you been blogging? Let me know in the comments below because you know I always love getting comments from you guys.

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imPRESS Nails Review

imPRESS Nails

If you know me you probably know that my nails are a very important part of my life. I love my nails- they always used to be long and manicured. However, with everything going on at the moment I haven’t been able to get manicures and I also have not been keeping them long because I have to wash my hands much more frequently now which makes the nails weaker and break easily. I don’t like seeing my fingers without long nails and I also wanted to pamper myself one last time before school starts so I decided to do some research and found imPRESS nails. What drew me to them to begin with was that they were very easy to use- it’s literally just three steps which I will talk about in more detail below.

How I Picked The Nails

imPRESS Nails 2
I decided to try out five boxes- they each contain 30 regular nails and 12/6 accents. I tried to pick different sizes because as you may or may not be able to tell from the pictures I have pretty small hands and nails and I was not sure what would fit me. I also tried to pick some simpler designs that you could wear on a daily basis and some more fancy ones that you could wear on occasions.
To pick the nails all you have to do is go to their site, go to shop all, pick whichever ones you like and add them to your cart. Once you have picked the nails you can checkout and add your information.  The ones I picked were “imPRESS Press-on Manicure Couture Collection, Supreme, Almond Shape“, “imPRESS Press-on Manicure Couture Collection, Lavish,Short Length“, “Rebecca Minkoff X imPRESS Press-on Manicure, Ibiza Nights“, “imPRESS Press-on Manicure, Medium Nails, He’s With Me”, “imPRESS Petite Nails, My Smile is Beamin.” The site was quite easy to navigate and selecting and checking out the items was also quite simple to do. All the nails were between $7.99-$10.99.

How To

I wanted to share the process of how I put on the nails. It was honestly so simple I was kind of amazed.

Step 1

imPRESS Nails
This one is a bit obvious. You open up the box and take out everything. Since the box comes with thirty nails you can pick out the ten that you want to use and put the rest back.

Step 2

imPRESS Nails 4
Wash your hands and make sure they are clean as the oils/dirt on your fingers may touch the glue. The box will contain a prep pad- use this to wipe your real nails properly and prepare them for the imPRESS nails. I thought the prep pad was really cool because right now we really need to be extra careful and hygienic. Plus, it helps the nails stay on much longer since the glue doesn’t wear off.

Step 3

Take of the see through covering at the bottom of the nail and press them on to your real nails. Make sure to press it on properly under your cuticles. Press them very firmly for a few seconds till you are sure the glue has stuck to your nail. Repeat this for all the nails.
imPRESS Nails 6

  • Press the nails firmly on the both sides and the center so that they don’t come lose.
  • File your real nails before applying these.
  • Put them on slowly and precisely so you don’t have to keep adjusting them as this wears off the glue.

My Final Thoughts On The Nails

imPRESS Nails 3
I looked through the site and went through all the nails they offer and I was pretty impressed (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist the pun!) by the designs they offered. I really liked that they had a large variety of designs. If you’re a professional or maybe you just don’t like having really fancy/loud nails they had a lot of more simple designs that would be perfect for everyday wear. On the other hand, if you’re like me and like to keep it simple with just a dash of extra they also had designs that were not too fancy but not completely simple either. And for special occasions when you want your nails to stand out they also had some really beautiful and quite fancy nails.
I particularly liked the two that I got in black because I think those would be perfect with a LBD or a long skirt/dress. I also liked that they had press on toe nails too so your feet don’t feel left out- I mean if you’re going to make your finger nails look pretty you may as well make your toe nails look cute too. Especially in summer when most people wear footwear that show your toes.
I think they also had a good variety of colours. They had some simple colours, some that were a bit simple and a bit loud and some that were really bright and beautiful which would be perfect for summer/spring. They also had French tips which took me back because I my mum/sister used to do my nails for me when I was young and I would always want to do French tips because I saw older women in movies with nails like that and I wanted to look all elegant like them. I really appreciate that they had nails in petite, medium and large that were actually petite, medium and large.
As someone with tiny nails/hands I find it extremely difficult to find stuff in my size- not just nails but rings, bracelets and pretty much everything. These, however, fit perfectly due to the size and the gel-like consistency which made them flexible/bendy so they kind of take the shape of your real nails perfectly. The nails were all not too long which is perfect for me but if you are looking for those super extra really long nails you may not get those here at the moment but fingers crossed they will have them soon! I also would want more of the bright coloured ones- they definitely had quite a few but I would love it if they had more like neon colours or just very bright colours with nail art on them.
They also offer both almond and square shaped tips which is cool! I always have almond ones for some reason- maybe I just love almonds too much lol- but I am excited to try the square ones too because my sister always has those and I feel like they look super cute.
I have tried using press on nails before but they came with a glue and it was quite a mess process. I think the fact that you have to stick these on and that there are not a lot of steps to putting them on makes them the best press on nails I’ve ever tried. They are super easy to put on- it literally took me about six minutes. If you are someone who loves long nails/press on nails but are trying to avoid the fuss I would definitely recommend these.
I thought these nails were very affordable compared to getting acrylic nails put on in a salon and I thought these were also a great alternative if you are trying to avoid going to salon’s at the moment or if there are no nail places open in your area. The prices were very affordable for the amount of nails you got and quality of the product you receive.
As for the glue- now this is what I was most worried about. As you guys know I love to cook, I type for like two hours a day, I clean with my hands etc. Basically, my life revolves around using my hands and I was scared that these would fall off in like a day. That was my biggest fear. Surprisingly, the glue is very strong. I have had them on for almost a week now and they haven’t budged. They have even moved a little which to me makes the products definitely worth it.
When I looked through their site I realised that they also have holographic nails which I am obsessed with right now. I didn’t want to get them with this batch because I didn’t know whether I would like the product or not but now that I know that I love the nails I want to try the 3D Nails Curious Mind  and Rebecca Minkoff X imPRESS Press-on Manicure Blue Haze- the shade of blue for these nails is just breathtaking.
If you are interested in checking out these nails for yourself you can check out their website by clicking here.

Are you a nails person? What is your go-to when it comes to nails- are you extra or do you like to keep it simple? Have you ever tried press on nails? Do you regularly wear press on nails? Have you ever tried imPRESS press on’s? Do you want to see more reviews of products I use? Do you want to see more infographics on my posts? Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your thoughts!
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