Grasping Onto Nothing

Grasping Onto Nothing

Grasping onto nothing I can no longer hold on My grip loosens Every time you open your mouth Grasping onto nothing I have no more reason To hold on To this life Grasping on to nothing I can no longer remember The last time I had hope My SEO plugin is telling me to write [...]

The New “Fashion Trend” That Is Terrifying To Me

I rarely talk about fashion trends and celebrities because the truth is I don't care. And I don't "stan" any celebs although I like some. I try to keep stuff like that off my blog because that's not what Lifesfinewhine is about. However, there is a new "fashion trend" going around that is terrifying me. [...]

The Girl With The Butterfly Tattoo

She stood there looking bored The first thing I noticed about her Was the butterfly tattoo on her wrist Right below her scars She looked so consumed by pain And yet so radiant with life I wanted to reach out But didn't know how I wish I could tell her she was not alone That [...]