Technical Difficulties

So as you guys know I recently updated my site to the Premium Plan and I liked it so much I decided to upgrade further to the Business Plan and this is the point where everything went to hell. I hated the Business Plan and it clearly did not work well for me in any [...]

Quotes About Anxiety

Today, I decided to share some Quotes About Anxiety. As you may or may not know depending on how long you have been following this blog, I suffer from anxiety. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder as a teenager. And to be honest it hasn't been easy. Some days are harder than others. But [...]

How To Have Fun As An Introvert!

How To Have Fun As An Introvert Today, I thought I would share some ideas for how to have fun as introvert: PlanĀ  As an introvert I get a lot of anxiety about stuff like hanging out or going somewhere and to decrease your anxiety and have more fun you should try to plan our [...]