Tales Of A Broken Heart

Tales Of A Broken Heart

When it comes to love No one gets out unscathed And yet we never stop chasing it Looking for the one Perhaps we are just masochists Looking to be hurt Or maybe we are unrealistic optimists Hoping this time will be better than the last But it never is It never gets better The wounds [...]

Love In Love In Love – This Love (Guest Post)

I was sent on a mission to earth to find out someone or something that would complete me. I wandered everywhere, following every ray of hope, every soul that I believed would quench my thirst, give me the answer. Everyday was the same until I met you. I never thought you could be possible, it [...]

Pen Over People (Guest Post)

She prefers the pen in her hand, over the company of the people. The pen never yells or screams, Instead it leads to wonderful worlds. It unleashes her creativity. It is her weapon and they better beware. Leona Petrovic (aka inkgirlwords) really does prefer the company of a pen over people. Her blog (https://inkgirlandwords.wordpress.com/) is [...]