Things You Should Unlearn As An Adult

Things You Should Unlearn As An Adult

Full-time Adulting Now that I've been subscribed to the full-time package for adulting for almost a decade I feel like I can part some wisdom on you younger bloggers out there. I'm not sure why I said that but it sounded cool in my head so I will be leaving it in. Back in my [...]

Life Update #2

Just thought I would update everyone on what's going on with my life at the moment and what I've been doing at home. I've gone back to learning German. I don't know if you guys remember but yeah I had been learning German earlier but I had stopped when I started university because it got [...]

Owl Legs- Why??

So I didn't really have time to come up with a proper post today since I've been busy with school and stuff but here's a picture of what owl's legs actually look like when they're not covered by feathers. I saw this a while back and thought it was so random and adorable and funny [...]

My Scary Experience

So today I had this presentation for my piracy class which was super scary! I know it does not exactly sound like a big deal but for someone with anxiety, it can be. Like I was literally pretty anxious about it. I really like the class but I just really hate presentations. I have anxiety [...]