Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you!

I want to thank Krisha for nominating me for this award all the way back in June- I am so sorry it took me forever to get to it! This is the first time I have been nominated for this award and I am truly honoured. Krisha has a really great blog with book reviews, interviews, discussions and more. Do take a minute to go over and check it out by clicking here. 


1.    Link to the blogger who has nominated you.
2.    List 7 random facts about you.
3.    Nominate 7 creative, beautiful bloggers and let them know about about the nomination.

Random Facts About Me

  • I cry really easily
  • I love history
  • I love all things food
  • I’m terrified of ghosts and paranormal stuff
  • I hate carrots
  • I love makeup/nails/beauty stuff
  • I secretly- not really secretly lol- love Twilight 

My Nominees

I want to nominate these seven bloggers linked below because I truly feel that they are beautiful inside and out and that’s why they deserve this award. I think they are all doing such a good job spreading positivity in the WordPress community and I have been lucky enough to interact with them and I can truly say that they are really amazing people to talk to. There is of course no pressure on anyone I nominated to participate- if you wish to do so that would be awesome and if not that’s totally okay too!







The last person I want to nominate everyone reading this who feels like this would be something they would be interested in doing. I think we are all beautiful inside and out and it would not be fair for me to just nominate seven people because there are so many of you out there that deserve the nomination. I would love it if as many people as possible accept this nomination but of course again there is absolutely no pressure. 

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Experiences I Want Post Lockdown

Life During Lockdown

A few months ago everything seemed to change for almost everyone. Our regular lifestyle, schedules and lives in general were changed as we went into lockdown. Although the changes have been made for safety reasons there are still things that we really miss that we wish we could still experience. Naveesha, a fellow blogger and I were talking about this and decided to collaborate on a post about what we miss most and what we are excited to experience after this lockdown/pandemic is over. The first four are hers and the last four are mine. We hope you enjoy reading the post as much as we did writing it!

Pub Dates

Underrated but I miss cheap and cheerful pub dates where you meet up with friends and get a pint (overpriced if you’re in London, of course) and talk and anything and everything. Bonus point if there’s a pub garden because who doesn’t love a bit of Sun and Sangria. Pub culture is just easy, laid back and chilled which is needed after a long stint of lockdown

Beauty Treatments

There’s a strong chance my eyebrow lady will not recognise me the next time I see her. Or she’ll be speechless when she realises that lockdown pressure culminated in me trying to do my own eyebrows which resulted in a slight disaster. Suffice to say, give me the works (after it is safe, of course). A Mani, Pedi and a facial. Stat.

Food, Glorious, Food

My eyes are definitely going to be bigger than my stomach when all the restaurants open up again. Lockdown has reminded me that I need to be expanding my culinary bucket list and there is are variety of feasts that any foodie can appreciate.


International travel is going to be difficult in the foreseeable future as borders will likely stay closed until it is safe to travel. I definitely want to explore more of the UK and see gems like Cornwall and even partake in a road trip to Scotland.


I am not someone who is super into hugging or really showing a lot of affection in general but as they say- you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. I can’t wait to hug my friends and family and just be around them without worrying about wearing a mask, washing my hands or anything like that.


I am really looking forward to travelling a lot more as soon as all this is over and it is safe to travel to other countries again. I even have an entire list of all the places I want to see ready!

Just Chilling

I cannot wait to be able to go out to just relax. Whether it’s to a restaurant, movie, coffee shop or just walking around downtown. I know that I can do that right now but I can’t wait till I can do that without having to put on a mask and avoid other people and keep a distance. Just being able to relax is something I am definitely looking forward to.

Taking the bus

I know a lot of people have a problem with taking the bus or don’t particularly enjoy the experience of taking the bus. I always did though- I thought it was peaceful and I particularly enjoyed longer bus rides because they gave me time to think and reflect. I haven’t taken the bus since the pandemic and honestly I kind of miss it.
This was such a fun collaboration and if you enjoyed this post do take a minute to go over to Naveesha’s blog, Twitter, and Instagram. She is a really great blogger and a lovely person to collaborate with. I know you won’t regret going over and checking out her posts.
What is something you are excited to do once this whole situation is over? Are there some things you really miss doing right now? What is one thing you realised you’ve been taking for granted all this time? Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your thoughts.

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The New Take On Silver Eyeshadow

With festive season approaching, it’s time to give way to glam makeup looks. The latest makeup trends put all accent on eye makeup, taking inspiration from 90’s makeup styles. Among them, there’s a makeup look that will give absolute attention to your eyes this upcoming party season.

Emma Stone

With a very effective dramatic finish, this makeup trend makes use of bright metallic silver eye shadows with highly pigmented full coverage formulas. A new take on the subtle classic silver eye shadow.

Cara Delavigne

Applying the eye shadow is an easy job. Making use of the  monochrome technique, apply the eye shadow to the entire eyelid – even under the lower eyelash line – with thick eyeliner for a high impact look and without it for a more classic take on the trend.

Selena Gomez

The hue you should use is a high intensity silver with a super glittery or even metallic finish. Translucent, satin or matte finish eye shadows will not achieve the high impact effect of this makeup trend.


This eye shadow shade is incredibly versatile. The silver hue somewhere in between icy white and pearl gray is universally flattering and fits all skin tones, eye colors and hair hues.

Beauty tip: for a winner look, match the silver eye shadow with a glossy or satin finish cold hue light pink lipstick.

Kristen Stewart

This party season make most of this beauty trend for a sophisticated and glamorous makeup look that will transform your eyes from beautiful to mesmerizing.

REVLON Colorstay Crème Eyeshadow – Earl Grey

ALIMA PURE Pearluster Eyeshadow – Breathless

URBAN DECAY Moondust Eyeshadow – Moonspoon

MAC Dazzleshadow – It’s All About Shine

CLARINS Ombre Iridiscente – Silver Gray

DIOR Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow – Techno

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I Need Some Advice

So I was thinking about getting some hair extensions and I was wondering if you guys wear extensions and if you buy them online would you leave a link to them in the comments. Also any tips to do with hair extensions would be helpful!

I appreciate it thank you!

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So Much Undone – A Poem

Life is so short it’s important to live it to the fullest!

Opher's World

So Much Undone


So short a time to get everything done.

So much undone.

No matter how hard we try

There’s always more.

We leave it unseen,

Unfinished and unknown.


Life is so frustrating.

Even the things we tasted

Will be forgotten.

It is so utterly

Pointlessly crucial.


Could it be that

To know one thing

Is to know it all?

And could that

Be enough?


To not know anything

Is the greatest sin.

An unforgiveable waste

Of the most precious

Thing of all –

A glimpse of infinity.


Opher 29.11.2018



Life is so full and passes so quickly. There is always so much more to do, see and experience. It is never enough.

Yet to experience it is what life is about; to know it is there and to relish it with all your heart.

Life rages.

We have to do, be…

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Tips for Dry Skin

As you guys know I have dry skin and I think these tips are super helpful especially with winter around the corner!


Hello my loves! As December rolls upon us i thought i would delight you guys with some tips and tricks for dry skin. As i have mentioned before in previous blogs, i have suffered from dry hair, oily hair and dry and oily skin throughout my life. So i understand how hard the struggle is.

Here are some things that i did to help my dry skin feel less bothersome.

I found that after taking showers often times made my skin feel worse afterwards. You would think that all you have to do is put on some lotion. FALSE! There are times when not even lotion would help.

Don’t take long showers:

I know how relaxing a good long 30min shower can feel after a long day, but having your skin in the water for that long really isnt good for your skin. Try and limit your showers to 5-10…

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Best 2018 Black Friday Deals For Makeup!

Hope you get some good stuff this Blackfriday!

hope and highlighter

Hey y’all! Black Friday is coming up soon, and though I usually don’t leave my house for this event, I love to online shop and take advantage of all the sweet deals. I’ve had a few people ask me what the best deals are, so I thought I’d compile a few good ones and share them with you! I definitely won’t be buying things from all of these sites, but I might pick a few items up here and there 😉 Also, I definitely haven’t captured every single sale out there, but these are a few from the most popular beauty brands at the moment. Hope you enjoy!



Ulta has soooo many good deals happening in the next week! I will link their website here: . Not only do they have deals for actual Black Friday, but things are on sale before then too! This applies to…

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