Interview With Paige

Interview With Paige

Although I no longer do blogger interviews, Paige's story really resonated with me and so I decided to interview her in todays post.

Experiences I Want Post Lockdown

Life During Lockdown A few months ago everything seemed to change for almost everyone. Our regular lifestyle, schedules and lives in general were changed as we went into lockdown. Although the changes have been made for safety reasons there are still things that we really miss that we wish we could still experience. Naveesha, a [...]

The New Take On Silver Eyeshadow

With festive season approaching, it's time to give way to glam makeup looks. The latest makeup trends put all accent on eye makeup, taking inspiration from 90’s makeup styles. Among them, there’s a makeup look that will give absolute attention to your eyes this upcoming party season. With a very effective dramatic finish, this makeup [...]

Easy Last Minute Costume Ideas For Halloween

It is officially almost the most spookiest, scariest day of the year! Now what do we all think of when we think of Halloween? That's right, murderous, killer clowns and how they are probably going to kill us on Halloween. However, that's not what I meant. So what do we think of next? That's right, [...]

My 5 Favourite Halloween Makeup Looks

If you know me, you know I have really been enjoying Halloween and the whole tradition of dressing up for it. I just find the whole experience so much fun. And if you also know me a little better, you will know that one thing I love is makeup. For me, makeup is an art. [...]

e.l.f. BB Cream With SPF 20 Review

e.l.f. BB Cream With SPF 20 Review I have started using the e.l.f. BB Cream for a few weeks now. And I decided to do a little review about it because I was so freaking impressed! Now if you've read any of my other makeup posts you'll know I love e.l.f. It's my favourite vegan [...]

Tumblr Posts About History

I don't know about you guys, but I love reading those little Tumblr posts you see everywhere. There are some really interesting ones out there. Some are quite funny. But some are also really educational. As someone who loves history, I love seeing the Tumblr posts about history. I find them so fascinating and many [...]