English Dialects

Over the last few weeks I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating on this post. We had a lot of fun discussing our thoughts and experiences concerning English dialects. I would love it if you guys took a minute to check out the post using the link below:


How To Keep A Positive Mindset

This is a collaboration post between Onome and I. I did a post for her blog a while back and she kindly wrote this amazing post for mine. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did and don’t forget to go over and check out her amazing blog in which she writes about mental health, books, lifestyle and much more. The link to it can be found below.

By Onome Erikewe
Maintaining a positive mindset can be difficult to achieve even when all efforts are made. It can seem like an endless battle to hold on to positive thoughts. You might have even experienced feelings of nausea because you feel it is impossible to stay in a place of complete peace
If you are in that situation, then be ready to get your mind right with these tips.

  1. Allow space and time to work the magic – Give yourself the opportunity to stay calm. Don’t try to force the feeling of positivity. It will work naturally. Once your mind is in a place of stability, you will find it easy to focus on the right things.
  2. Listen to your gut- You always have a voice inside of you that tells you exactly how you are feeling. It can either be negative or positive. However, look for those areas that are positive and dwell on them.
  3. Develop a habit of positive self-talk – While it is easy to get stuck with negative thoughts, you should train your mind to think positively. How do you do that? It is a simple trick of becoming self-aware. Your mind works with your brain, so if you can make your brain believe positive things, that will also reflect on how your mind retains information. So quick exercise, try to think of something about yourself that makes you incredibly happy. Then, imagine that you are having that same experience now. How do you feel? Great I guess. Now, train your mind to say that thing out. That is how you master the art of positive self-talk. It comes with consistent practice. So keep practicing until you get better at it.
  4. Fix your mind on the present- It can be a hassle to stay focused on the present. However, fixing your mind on the ‘now’ rather than the ‘next’ could really save you the stress of thinking about the future especially in difficult times. Being anxious does not solve anything, it only amplifies the problem. You can check my page on ways to deal with anxiety where Pooja graciously gave tips on how to overcome anxiety in difficult times.
  5. Have a circle of positive people- This is a vital part of developing a positive mindset. Your network and the people you surround yourself with have a lot to do with your mindset. Make a deliberate effort to be in the circle of people who will encourage you and uplift you.

Did you enjoy this post? Please head on to my blog at https://onomespeaks.wordpress.com/ to enjoy more tips on personal development. I want to say a big thank you to Pooja for this opportunity to write for her blog. Thank you all and I hope you start taking action on these steps.
Cheering for you.
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The Cave Of Mysteries (Collaboration)

This post is in collaboration with Jude! He has a really incredible blog with lots more amazing writing which I would really recommend you take a minute to check out by clicking here. We have actually collaborated before which we both really enjoyed and we felt it turned out so great we couldn’t resist collaborating once more on this piece. To check our first collaboration click here.
The parts in bold Italics are mine and the ones in regular italics are his. Hope you enjoy our post!
Skull Cave
They quickly ran into the cave
Time wanes, the only way is the wrong way
Off that yellow brick road they must go
For it runs too wide for too long
And the solstice waits for no one
The cave of mysteries
Shortcut or the end
What will they find
A cure lost
Or evil
They don’t know where they are headed
All they know is that they must keep running
There is no other way out
Will they succeed
Or succumb like the others before them
All rush by
As the light fades
Darkness closes in
The elixir gleams ahead
But first the road winds deeper
Nothing’s real, all’s a mental test
Each one must brave fears to see the end
The world needs them, it needs its elixir
Without the elixir we are nothing
Down the narrow path, up the winding stair, and finally the prize is in their hands
It looks more beautiful than imagined
Then the earth shudders and stalactites cascade from above. A sacrifice they owe, a life they must pay
And so their true challenge begins
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Stalker (Collaboration)

This post was done in collaboration with Jude from wordeologist. He enjoyed my six word stories and I really enjoyed his poetry especially the horror themed ones so we decided to put the two together! The italicized part is written by me and the rest is written by him. I hope you enjoy the post! Also be sure to check out his blog which has some amazing poetry on it by clicking here! He is an amazing writer and incredible person and his blog is definitely worth following!

Walking home alone, unknowingly being stalked.
Beth clings to the lingering scent of James perfume
Lost in blissful reminisces of the magical hour spent in his arms
Savoring the fading taste of him on her lips
That reckless euphoria blinds her to an insipid shadow that creeps along in her wake
But her gut instincts cannot ignore the insidious chill that tugs at her skin, ripping her from her walking fantasy

Slowly she becomes more aware
Something is different
She is no longer walking alone 
She can feel something creeping behind her
Something silent but dangerous
She begins walking faster constantly looking over her shoulder
In her haste, she misses a step, trips and tumbles onto the asphalt
Quick as a flash something scurries from the shadows and pins her, facedown to the ground
Foul drool slurps allover her neck and squelches into her hair
But its grip loosens and she wriggles free, adrenaline springing her to her feet and to freedom
But the predator lives for the chase and she’s unwittingly herded into its lair
There is nowhere left to run.
Still omniscient night
Giving joy, hiding terror
Beware the shadows.
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What I’ve Learnt About Blogging

By Thoughts By Fiddler
Blogging…..people think when you start blogging that you just write about stuff and boom it is post to the internet. Boy was I wrong about that! There is definitely more to blogging than just making a post. One of the first things I learned when I decided I wanted to blog was that you need a niche. Coming up with ideas for blog post does take time. The way I came up with my niche was I needed to write about topics that I love and I do in my everyday life. Getting my blog noticed is another challenge that is harder than you think. Networking with other bloggers and reading their blogs is smart thing to do before you start blogging. You can see how the layout of their site is and how they write their blog post.
How did I get started blogging? A little over 2 years ago I was involved in a work accident. I had 3 surgeries done due to the accident. I was a custodial supervisor when the accident happened. With time I had being laid up I was looking to get in a different kind of a profession. I wanted a job that I could do from home. Working from home would be a really good fit for my family and I wanted to something that was less stress on my body. I always was interested in blogging, but just did not know where to start. I started researching about blogging and what was involved. I seen that people do actually make a good living blogging. I thought why not let’s give this a try. My wife was very supportive of my idea to give this profession a try. I first did think “this can’t be that hard to do”, but as I stated earlier, it is more involved than I first thought. I did know that I was not going to just start a blog site and post a bunch of stuff and boom money would start coming in. It does take time to get your blog site noticed. As I came up with my niche and what topics I wanted to talk about, I really enjoyed writing blog post. I would love to be able to make blogging my full time job.
I am still learning new things everyday. Not only just ideas, but learning how to get my blog in search engines and getting people interested in what I am writing. I looked to see how do people make a living blogging. One of the things I learned was that there are affiliate programs that companies use to advertise on your blog site. When readers see these ads and click and a purchase with one of these companies you will get paid a commission. I started applying to these affiliate program and was rejected a lot at the beginning. These companies just do not accept anyone, there is criteria that a site has to meet. I started posting more blog post and as I started getting more traffic I reapplied and finally got a few to accept my blog site. I am in my 5th month of blogging and I have not really made any money yet, and yes it very frustrating because I really would love this to my full time job, but I have not given up.
I really do feel like I found something I love to do. I love when I get feedback from other fellow bloggers and when you see insight of how many people visited your site for the day. It makes me feel really good that people are liking what I am writing and are interested. There is still a lot to learn yet and there will be more bumps in the road with blogging. But I am still very motivated and if anyone wants to start blogging, go for it! Yes it is hard and it does take time. Blogging has been very rewarding and a great experience.
For more from the writer check out his blog, his Facebook and Twitter. 
To check out the post I did for his blog click here.
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Traveling On Your Fitness Journey

By FitnessFrank

This can be difficult for many of us out there. Between going site seeing and trying new culture food. However, there are some healthy habits that can help you overcome these obstacles.

  • No gym, no weights, no problem! Here are a few basic bodyweight exercises that will help you stay on task with workouts: squats, pushups, lunges and planks.
  • As far as healthy eating while away, while at a restaurant customize your meal with healthy options. Just because you’re trying to stay healthy doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself on the awesome food. The keyword is moderation. Don’t over eat but instead sample your vacation treats.
  • Treat a Day- how do you deny yourself tacos in Mexico or fish n chips in England and even a tasty croissant in France? Simple, you don’t. Just limit yourself to 1 treat a day. Substitute sauces or condiments with something healthier.
  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! Traveling can dehydrate you if you’re going to be in the sun more often than usual. Keep water with you everywhere.
  • Something that is difficult for a lot of us on a day to day basis is eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Don’t let the whole “I’m on vacation” mindset ruin your progress.

I have collaborated on this post with Pooja! Check out our posts on each other’s website. Check out the post I wrote for his blog by clicking here. Check out his Twitter by clicking here.

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What I’m Learning… (Guest Post)

So this post is a part of the collaboration I did and it would be awesome if you check out the post I did for Linda’s blog by clicking here.

The blog I started in December of last year was about Social Media Marketing.  At that time I didn’t know what a huge subject that would turn out to be.  There are so many platforms for Social Media.  I had never know that most of them existed.  As a result my focus had to be narrowed down. So, I thought it was best to stick with the main ones I used and understood.  And I added Instagram.

Well, as many of you know,  That can even be a big undertaking.  And in the middle of this, I started another business.  My first business was why I started wanting to learn about e-commerce.

This has all helped to narrow down the information so I could decide on the most important things.  My second blog was about my first business.  But my heart wasn’t into it as much as I hoped.  And that was a surprise.

My current blog is about my Shopify business and the things I’m learning about e-commerce.  Here is the link https://lindaraesramblings.com/ .

Thank you “lifesfinewine” for allowing me to share this post with your wonderful readers and I look forward to what you will share.

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How To Have The Best Experience In University As An Introvert | Guest Post

Check out the collab post I wrote for Erin’s blog!

Cath Jane Blog

University can be a very confusing and terrifying time with so much going on and in my opinion it can be even harder when you are an introvert because you are forced into so many new situations and a lot of the time have to make a whole new set of friends. Here are my tips on how to have the best time as an introvert in university

  1. Don’t force yourself to be social- As a university student you may feel pressured to join a lot of clubs, go to parties and make a bunch of friends but that is not for everyone although it may seem like it. Of course it is great to go to parties, join clubs, meet new people and make new friends but don’t do it just for the sake of it until you are absolutely drained. Make sure to make time for yourself and…

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My Experience Of Being An Introvert

The terms introvert and extrovert haven’t been used in my life up until about two months ago. I stumbled across a couple of blogs talking about introversion and decided that I wanted to find a definition. All it says on Google is this
Image result for introvert definition
and for an extrovert it says this
Image result for extrovert definition
I’m not shy, but I’m neither socially confident. This could mean that I am an ambivert (a mix of the two) but in the grand scale of things I’m closer to the introvert’s end of the scale and miles away from the extrovert’s.
Looking into unimportant definitions of peoples – from all of my overthinking – I found that I must be more of an introvert. To me, the definition is a broad term for someone who enjoys being around certain people but finds it awkward to build conversation or firmer relationships with people they have only just been introduced to. It takes a long time to a build a friendship, but when thrown into at a stage in life that you are comfortable at, it’s harder. At school you are told to grow and make friends. You may not be aware at your age about who you are going to be, and when you become an introvert it’s harder to make friends later in life (for me, but I’m not socially awkward. I’m a little bit shy and very unconfident but that’s not a definition of an introvert – that’s just me).
What I just described is a stereotype, and people will be different. If you are more confident to open up or to make conversations when thrown into a new situation, you are more of a extrovert. When I, an introvert, is thrown into these conversations I rely on someone else to start the conversation and I make little statements when I think I need to (or I just wont at all, and I’ll hide).
Introversion isn’t a fear to share your opinion. You may, but in a different medium (like written down words or images, rather than speaking loudly), and I try to use disclaimers so that I don’t try to hurt other people. The word is subtle.
An introvert isn’t perfect. Introverts aren’t good. We are not a different species, we are humans. It’s a way of describing yourself.
Introversion is the opposite of extroversion. Neither are wrong. One is not better than the other. You may not think of these adjectives often, or have identified yourself with either, but it’s something to consider and think about.
One of my greatest regrets is being outspoken, or not thinking before I blurt. It hasn’t hurt anyone but myself.
I want to embrace my introvert and not try to be someone I’m not, as an extrovert. This post is directed more at introversion because that is what I know of better. I know it’s late but Happy New Year! I hope you’ve embraced whatever ‘trovert’ you are.
*subtley slurps tea*
I have written this post in collaboration with Pooja! We have both written separate posts to put on each other’s blogs. If you wouldn’t mind checking out my blog to see Pooja’s post about How To Have The Best Experience In University as an Introvert!
Erin is such a great blogger and I had such a great experience working with her for this collaboration. I really hope you take some time to check out her amazing blog because I can assure you it’s going to be amazing.

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My Favourite Quotes!

So this post is actually a collaboration post with the amazing David who runs one of my favourite blogs! He also writes a lot of posts with inspirational quotes and we thought it would be super fun to share our favourite quotes with you guys!! Also if you enjoy inspirational posts or are into fitness check out his blog here! It’s definitely worth following!! And don’t forget to check out his version of this post here!

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a huge fan of Mark Twain and even though I never learnt much about him in school I did my own research and the more I read about him the more I admired him not just as a writer but as a human being. He was one of the most intelligent people I have ever read about and I could really relate to what he talked about. So here are two quotes that I have always deeply agreed with and understood.

I feel like a lot of what we learn in school is censored or has very little value in our lives in the future. If you’re really interested in something don’t rely on your school or teachers to teach you about it. Do your own research and learn about it yourself!

Image result for mark twain quotes majority

I couldn’t agree more with this quote. Just because the majority supported something doesn’t mean it is the right thing. Do what YOU believe is right and live your life as you want to.

CHECK OUT DAVID’S POST HERE. It is awesome (and I’m not just saying that because he said nie things about me… okay maybe a little!) 😂

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